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Robot Review: Titan Scalper EA

Titan Scalper 2.9 is a Forex EA developed with the intention of providing both excitement and profitability. Excitement generally isn’t something we are looking for in our Forex robots, because we prefer systems we can forget about for months on end without any concern. Yet, the developers of this project believe that traders should look for entertainment value in their trading, which is something that they hope to offer the community, that other automated trading systems cannot.

It is unclear who the developers of the system are, or where their head offices are located. They do provide a multitude of options for support, via Skype, live chat, telegram and email This team should still provide more information about their company, and their experience in the Forex marketplace. This information would go a long way in helping us determine the viability of their product.


Titan Scalper Review

The development team believes that their Titan Scalper EA is “a unique trading system that combines sophisticated automated trading with user discretion.” On top of this, they claim that it’s the most advanced scalping system they’ve ever developed for the Forex marketplace.

The team provides a handful of key benefits, but no real information about the underlying strategy utilized by this Forex scalper. Some of the key benefits include that it’s low risk, stable, highly profitable, comes with free updates, works around the clock and includes an advanced account protection system.

All of these aspects sound fantastic, but they are presented in a vague way because it’s not associated with any sort of strategy. This type of marketing is common in the Forex marketplace, and in line with many of our recent reviews including the PipHiker EA, and RoFX.

Trading Features

While they give very little information about the system itself, they do provide a handful of reasons why traders should choose the Titan Scalper over other expert advisors. They claim that their expert advisor has a built-in market scanner that finds the best market conditions, and this works in conjunction with their special profit boosting features. The software comes with lifetime support, and is compatible with various platforms including MT4, MT5 and binary options.

They make promises about utilizing regulated brokers, powerful management tools and keeping the software cost effective at all times. We will revisit the regulated broker promise in the trading results section of this review, does there is a fair bit of discussion and negativity revolving around this aspect.

Robot Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $599.99-$799.99
  • Strategy: Scalper
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

The Titan Scalper EA is priced high, at $599-$799 for lifetime access. All 3 of the plans provide the exact same system, with the additional cost coming for more licenses. The basic account gives traders one demo account and one real account for $599. The standard account provides 3 demo accounts and 3 real accounts for $699. The Pro account provides 5 demo accounts and 5 real accounts for $799.

No matter how you cut it, this is one expensive Forex robot, much more expensive than the majority of the best Forex robots you can find on our testing page.

Performance Results

The performance page is simple and straightforward, containing a single Myfxbook account. This account is showing a 575% gain with a drawdown of 17%, since December 14, 2017. The average to trade length is 1 hour, 17 minutes, any risk reward ratio is 2 to 1, with winds coming in at 4.64 pips and losses coming in at -8.30 pips. This system has 172% of Long’s, and 79% of shorts, for a grand total of just over 1400 pips over 962 trades.

These results are impressive, but they don’t come without some doubt, as results that look too good to be true, frequently are. In this case, the concern being raised by the community is that the AAFX broker being utilized to show these results is a scam brokerage. In fact, FPA has determined the broker is a complete scam, which is a major concern.

In order to take this expert advisor seriously, we would need to see some trading results from the community on more reputable brokerages.


At this point, there are both positives and negatives regarding the Titan Scalper EA. In order to come to a recommendation, we would need more information about the developer, the strategy of their software and see some real client trading results. Ideally, the vendor should also consider reducing the price in order to come down to more of a market standard.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments below the article now.

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