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Robot Review: Quatron EA

Quatron is a hedging Forex robot uses a unique algorithm to analyze price data properly and find the best parameters in all market conditions. The software is going for an exorbitant rate of $1280 per license, so it’s important that we provide a full review for the community. Generally, products priced at this rate are overpriced, and that’s one of the things we will be looking at closely today in our analysis.

The expert advisor is created, modified and owned by Marek Kvarda. A trader, and MQL5 coder located in the Czech Republic. Marek owns 5 other products in the MQL5 market including, Triton, Forebot, Zitron, Spunky and Multi Manager. These products are not very popular within the marketplace, as the majority of them have little to no activity. In order to get in touch with support, traders can message Marek directly via his MQL5 profile page.


Quatron Review

The Quatron hedging EA is designed to work with all of the major currency pairs, while trading multiple different strategies. The software analyzes both daily and monthly charts for the last 10 periods in order to determine market direction and provide safe entries. Despite telling us that the software utilizes an algorithm, there is no real in-depth information about the strategy or this algorithm itself. Considering the product is being sold for over $1000, I find it extremely discouraging that the vendor is an providing us with any detail about how the software works. This is certainly not the approach vendors should take, especially if they want to be considered in the realm of best Forex robots.

The robot comes with many different parameters including trailing stop, take profit, time restrictions and a handful of other settings built to make the robot profitable.

The vendor also claims that the robot is susceptible to causing drawdowns because it can “open multiple trades in one direction on one pair.” At this price point, the vendor should be providing much more information about their trading approach and overall methodology. This portion of the review is important because it lets the community understand how the product works, and why they should be able to trust what the vendor is selling. These aspects are not fulfilled, which is common with products in the MQL5 market, like LCF Theta Vector for example.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $1280
  • Strategy: Hedging
  • Timeframe: M30

First released on October 6, 2018, the Quatron EA is now on version 5.0, with the latest update coming on November 25, 2018. This means that we are dealing with a very new trading product.

In terms of price, the robot is being sold for $1280. This price point is much too high for any expert advisor as far as I’m concerned. This market is filled with viable trading product being sold in the $200 range, which makes products priced over $1000 essentially obsolete. I’m unsure why any vendor would intentionally price themselves out of the marketplace, but that’s essentially what’s happening here. Obviously, if you have interest in the software, make sure that you take full advantage of the free demo account for an extended period of time.

Trading Results

So far, the strategy disappointed, the price disappointed, and the results are following suit, as the Quatron team fail to provide verified trading results.

Marek provides us with 3 different back tests, showing that the software is profitable from 2010 to 2018 on all 3 pairs. Yet, back testing isn’t an overly reliable method when it comes to expert advisor testing in 2018. While back tests can still be helpful, they should never be relied upon as the main method of testing, especially when the product being sold is going for nearly $1300.

I won’t even consider this trading product, until I see some actual verified trading results. It would be in the vendor’s best interest to prove to the public that they can make over $1200 with their own trading software, both for charging the community over $1200 to purchase it.


at this point in time, I see no reason to sign up with the Quatron Forex robot. While the 5 reviews they received are all very positive, it’s just too early for us to know if this is actually a viable investment. The lack of strategy, lack of verified results and exorbitant price tag all add up to a program that doesn’t make a good first impression.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to this review, please leave your reviews and remarks below the article now.

Quatron $1280
  • Price - 10%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Trading Results - 30%
  • Client Feedback - 90%
  • Customer Support - 75%


Good backtests
Free updates
Full settings


No strategy insight
No verified results
Priced too high

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