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EA Review: LCF Theta Vector

LCF Theta Vector is a new Forex expert advisor based on a custom variation of the popular RSI indicator. The system is starting to generate interest within the MQL5 community and is viewed by a small segment of the community as a potential rising star. The software was first published on December 28, 2017 and is now on version 9.5 with the last update coming just over a week ago. It is notable that the developer is continuing to update their software regularly.

The software is owned and developed by Artur Brud, an MT4 developer located in Poland. Artur has 3 other products available in the MQL5 market, which include the Kappa Trender, Parabolic Oscillator, and the Parabolic Switch (free). In order to get in touch with support, traders can message Artur directly via his MQL5 profile.


LCF Theta Vector Review

The explanation of the LCF Theta Vector strategy is convoluted, and not exactly in plain English for the community. Artur tells us that the robot is “based on custom variation of RSI indicator in assistance of vector algorithm and built-in AUTO_OPTIMIZER module that allows for dynamic adaptation to current market conditions.” Despite having years of trading in the Forex market, I really can’t break this down into simple English.

Artur doesn’t really provide us with in-depth strategy information, as the explanations provided are quite vague. In one case he claims that the results is “chosen on the basis of several different coefficients.” Which sounds good, but essentially he isn’t willing to provide us much information about the product.

We are told that the software can be used on different symbols and time frames, but for the best possible outcome, it’s recommended that the traders use the default settings that come with the robot. This is ideal, because it means the developer has spent adequate time building the strategy and approach he wants to see in the market. Robots that have already tested settings are rare to find, as you can see in my recent reviews of Odin Forex Robot, Dara Trade and Broker Profit EA.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $450.60
  • Strategy: RSI
  • Timeframe: H1

In order to access the LCF Theta Vector EA, traders have a few different payment options. The software can be purchased outright for $450, or rented at $119 for 3 months, $179 for 6 months, and $280 for a single year. Traders also have the option to test the software on demo, which is always my recommendation to get a better feel for any Forex trading strategy or automated software.

Trading Results

There are no Myfxbook or FX Blue accounts running the LCF Theta Vector robot, but they do provide an MQL5 signal page which is a reliable third party source. On this page, the robot is showing a 55% gain on their ICMarkets demo account, over an 11 week span. During this time, the robot is winning at a 73.2% rate, with a maximum drawdown of just over 6%.

The robot holds trades open for approximately 7 days on average, with 15 trades per week. At their current rate of growth, they are showing a monthly gain of nearly 30%. So far, over this small sample size the numbers are impressive.

The only concern I have with the trading results, is the fact that they’ve only been running for 11 weeks. Considering the robot was first released in December 2017, we should be seeing trading results encompassing a time period much more similar to a year. This makes me wonder if the other trading accounts they’ve provided in the past went bust. With this in mind, it remains my recommendation for traders to test the software on demo first to ensure that the latest version doesn’t have a high level of risk.

Client Feedback

There are 14 reviews on MQL5, and all of them are providing 5 star reviews. While this isn’t a lot of reviews when it comes to the MQL5 market, it is still impressive that the client feedback is this positive. Here is the latest review for your perusal:


The LCF Theta Vector robot is showing some promise, so I’m not surprised that it’s starting to get some attention in the MQL5 market. That being said, I don’t believe that traders should be diving in full speed and trading this on a live account right out of the gate. It’s my recommendation, that traders who are interested in this robot test it on demo for a couple of months to see how it performs before using real money.

If you have anything else you would like to add to the review please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

LCF Theta Vector $450.60
  • Price - 20%
  • Strategy - 60%
  • Trading Results - 80%
  • Client Feedback - 80%
  • Customer Support - 70%


Impressive results
Tested settings
Happy clients


No long term performance
No Myfxbook
Vague strategy

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