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Robot Review: Broker Profit EA

Broker Profit is a new Forex EA that promises to generate consistent income regardless of the current market conditions. They believe that they are smart Forex trading product is the perfect solution for traders that are interested in automated trading robots that want to maximize their earnings with minimal effort. The website is poorly put together, and not very aesthetically pleasing, which is a drawback, but not a total condemnation.

The vendor provides no information about their history in the Forex market, or their location. The only thing we are given is an email address to contact support, which is It’s my recommendation, that interested parties email this address and ask them about their company and any other pertinent question to ensure that this is a legitimate service.


Broker Profit EA Review

The vendor has done a very lackluster job at assembling the Broker Profit EA website. There is very little information on the front page, and the largest paragraph they do provide is actually stolen from the website word for word. In fact, the paragraph even states “that you can see exactly what smart Forex trading is doing for our trading accounts.” So, the vendor stole this content, and didn’t even spend the time to modify it with their product name. While this may seem as an arbitrary aspect to some, to me it’s extremely unprofessional and shows that there is a real lack of care and attention to detail being exhibited by this development group.

The how it works section is also the exact same as the Smart Forex Trading website. Unlike most EA’s where you get direct access to the expert advisor, this service provides traders with a trade copier which is meant to mirror the trades of their trading account.

There are quite a few cardinal mistakes being made on this website, that’s clear. What isn’t clear, is what type of trading strategy they are utilizing and how they approach the markets. This lack of foresight is common in the Forex robot marketplace, as you can see in my most recent reviews of Dara Trade, Forex Black Robot and FX Street Robot.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $297
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Any

Going for $297, the Broker Profit robot provides traders with a detailed manual, 24/7 support, lifetime access and a single license for live/demo accounts.

The product box is labeled “2017 FX trading solution,” which is another misstep by the developer, as this shows that the developer hasn’t made basic updates to their website in over a year. The vendor doesn’t seem to care about the Forex robot they have released, so I don’t see why we should spend nearly $300 for it.

Trading Results

The Broker Profit EA team provides us with a single FX Blue account to promote their trading performance. The first thing I notice is that their trading results have been running for 71 days. This is a short sample size, and it’s a little concerning because the product was released in 2017, and there are no results from that time. This likely means that their old accounts crashed at some point in time.

This current account is showing a 164% gain in just over 2 months, with 15.2 trades per day and a 70% win rate. These numbers are very impressive, but this is clearly an aggressive approach with such a fast gain, which would tie into my theory of old, busted trading accounts.

The results look good at first blush, but that doesn’t mean the system is viable. We need to see a much longer term sample size before the performance numbers can be trusted.


The vendor doesn’t show the amount of effort and care required in order to prove the worth of their Broker Profit EA. They need to severely update their website, and take care of all the important aesthetic and informational elements to prove that they are committed to this trading product. Until this is done, I will not be recommending the product to any of the Forex Robot Nation readers.

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