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News Action Trader Review (MT4/MT5)

News Action Trader is a new Forex expert advisor that promises the potential of “up to 150% profit a year.” The system is built to analyze news events, and then take advantage of the volatility by opening accurate trades especially when the market is spiking. Today we will be providing a review to let you know if trading the news is possible with an automated tool. In the past, systems like these failed because the news is very hard to predict due to nuance that artificial intelligence struggles with. Hopefully, this time is different, and this robot can truly take advantage of trending market conditions.

The program is developed by Mikhail Zaprudin, a former engineer who feels confident in trading news events more than any other strategy in the Forex market. Zaprudin is located in Russia, and seems to be the latest partner of the LeapFX production team. It’s become quite apparent that the group at LeapFX regularly scouts the MQL5 market for new talented traders, and then puts together a deal to release a system as a team, sharing profits. Similar projects include their Arbitron EA and Star Trader EA. We see no issue with this arrangement, and are generally just happy that there is growing interest in the automated trading market.

Founded in 2012, the LeapFX team is definitely growing and can be contacted via


News Action Trader Review

The selling points of the News Action Trader are that it has to use an account proof, a low risk trading strategy, and that it works on 6 different currency pairs. For the most part, the website is quite professional, although the copywriting content is a little bit fluffy when it comes to our taste. Generally, we prefer marketing approach is that are little more forward, concise and providing real detail about the overall methodology.

This shouldn’t hurt their goal at becoming a best Forex robot, but further elaboration never hurts.


The concept behind the News Action Trader is quite interesting because news is generally the enemy to Forex expert advisors an automated trading in general. Yet, in this case Mikhail claims to have put together a trading system that can predict the impact specific news events will have on the markets, in order to profit from the events. Massive spikes seen in events like “Non-Farm Payroll and Fed Announcements” are actually ideal for this trading program, and the system is built to “make a ton of money” doing just that.

According to the sales page the robot has an advanced designed with breakthrough technology and speed that “utilizes real-time economic information from a reliable news source and automatically opens, manages, and close trades for you.” Essentially, the software is built to know what’s going to happen, and react to it very quickly to win your trades.

They provide a little more detail about it, talking about leverage, timing and spreads but nothing completely details about the strategy at this time just yet. That being said, they provide more information than most other providers, as you can see in our most recent reviews of the Forex Gold Investor, and Forex Diamond.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $397
  • Strategy: News Trading
  • Timeframe: M5

There are 2 plans for traders interested in purchasing the News Action Trader. The one time payment plan $397, or a two monthly payment plan at $247 per month. With the one time payment plan you save $97. Both of these plans come with a single lifetime license, lifetime updates, lifetime support, built-in trading settings and a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

There is no mention of demo licenses, so we have to assume that the vendor provides only be single license of the software, which will make it very difficult to test multiple settings.

Client Feedback

At this point in time it’s too early for client feedback, but we hope that you will leave your experiences below the article as more information about the system is revealed.

Trading Results

Currently, the vendor is providing a single News Action Trader trading account. This is a real trading account with the Pepperstone brokerage showing a gain of 240%, with a drawdown of just 20%. The account started in October 2017, and has taken just over 1000 trades to secure a daily gain of .17%, and a monthly gain of 5.27%. Each trade lasts an average of 2 minutes in length, with the average win coming in at 32 pips, and the average loss coming in at -16 pips, for a solid risk reward ratio.

In looking at the trading history it’s clear that the system requires extremely fast latency in order for them to be successful. Many of the trades are just 1 to 2 seconds long, which means if you don’t have an extremely fast connection from your computer to your broker, you will not have the same results as these. So, make sure if you sign up with this service, that you have the exact same set they are utilizing so that you have the same results. Anything other than the same server and a broker, and we wouldn’t expect close to the same results.

The vendor has a second trading account which shows some sort of automated system gain 15,000% in a single month on demo. We believe that this account is unrelated, but it is a very strange account and looks like there could be some sort of trading result manipulation with it.


From what we see so far, we have a positive outlook for the News Action Trader. The website is professional, the strategy is missing some pieces but pretty well put together and the trading account is showing an impressive gain over the past couple of years. Are only concern is about the speed of the trades, and whether or not real clients will be able to see the same type of results moving forward.

If you have anything you like to add to the review, please leave your questions and comments below the article now.

News Action Trader $397
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News Action Trader is a Forex robot that runs on 6 pairs.

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Myfxbook account
6 pairs
30 day moneyback guarantee


Vague strategy insight
High price

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