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More New Forex Robots Available

More New Forex Robots Available

There have been a bunch of releases lately.  I have been having a difficult time keeping track of all of them so this post will help me remember exactly which forex robots I need to provide results for.

So lets just get to it and start discussing some of the new forex robots coming out or just released getting attention.

Currency Strength Robot

This system is by Henry Liu.  Some of our users are already extremely excited about this product.  Apparently Henry has a pretty good hold on the forex market and understands all the concepts very well.  I am not 100% sure on the release of this one but it really looks like it will be a top of the line product.

Forex Bill Killer

This is a new product, sold through clickbank.  There is a video when you enter the page that is about 2 and a half minutes long it tells you exactly how the system trades, so check that out if you are interested in this forex robot.  They seem to provide some trade examples via screen shot in their sales letter but there really doesn’t seem to be any live results so I guess I will have to find some results on this one for you guys.

Wall Street Forex Robot

This one has a pretty heavy price tag at $500.00 but people seem to be buying in and that is probably because this developer is providing a lot of results.  Go ahead and check this one out, seems to be a very strong contender.

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