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Currency Strength Robot | Forex Trading Reviews

Currency Strength Robot | Forex Trading Reviews

Today we are looking at a newcomer to the forex market.  This is Henry Liu, this is the first product he has released to our knowledge, it goes by Currency Strength Robot.

It doesn’t follow the same marketing strategies that most forex products do, so it is an EA I am interested in.

While Henry Liu is somewhat of a well-known forex guru to some, but to our knowledge this currency strength robot is the first he has put out.  He is an expert reporter for many different large forex web sites and there are a lot of users already expressing their opinions about Henry.

Lets take a look at some of the currency strength robot key features.

  • There is a Grid Average Recovery rule which is what this forex trading system is based on.  It opens orders and reduces the opportunity for losing trades.  This strategy has increased the % of winning by 20.
  • The currency strength robot also uses the bank of international settlement report in its strategy.  It weighs the pairs according to the forex market share.
  • This is also a trend based system that uses various time filters depending on news releases and market cycles.

This is all the information available in the currency strength robot review for now.  Everybody is pretty close lipped about this project but there is reason to strike up some anticipation and excitement.  It doesn’t look like Henry is the type of forex developer to have a marketing first attitude.

If you have any information about the currency strength robot that you would like to add then feel free to leave a message below and join in on the conversation.  Thanks for checking out our review and make sure that you come back soon.

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  1. I made the mistake of trading this robot/service of Henry Lui. It is a total pile of dog squeeze but unlike stepping in dog squeeze this thing will loose of lot of your money. At last dog squeeze can simple be cleaned up. I lost about $2K because I believed Henry. Henry is a con artist in my opinion. He can’t trade christtmas cards, forget FOREX. He just sells crap; he is the FOREX GURU [he calls himself that] of selling dog squeeze.

  2. This is a total SCAM… I started using the CSR the day it was released and the first few trades were positive and I thought great, but every trade since has been negative. I have 5 open trades for over two weeks now that started out negative and still are negative. Also, I can prove that Henry does not post true replies, as he has taken part of my email to him and word-smithed it with parts of other emails to make it read like he wants. Do Not buy this Robot. You WILL regret it!

  3. Agree with all above. In drawdown for over two weeks now, sometimes as high as 22%. Thirteen trades still open at the moment, many AUDUSD shorts. Have received assuring emails from Henry but I am extremely uncomfortable with this.

  4. I used his robot for 2 weeks, and EVERY WEEK AND EVERY DAY IT WAS IN THE RED.. Not happy at all with this tool, I STOPPED USING IT, and requested a refund! Sad part was that those 2 weeks were great trading weeks, and in my other persoanlly managed accounts I did very well,

  5. I also went with Henry and his credibility. This EA is total junk! Over -700 pips in red, he uses ridiculous stops and $130 month is a complete joke. He has now become a marketer! Well done Henry

  6. well, i did take plunge with CSR …. not too happy with initial results …. will continue for another week or until have $100 loss (using 10 cent pip) if do , will have to cancel and get refund.

  7. I don’t know anything about the robot, but I follow Henry online and have found a lot of success following his reports. I have his page bookmarked. Definitely has credibility. I will be waiting for this one.

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