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MG Pro EA is a new automated trading system, developed by SinryAdvice. The developers feel that this is the “most profitable Forex robot with live result.” They are relative newcomers to the expert advisor marketplace, so we will be providing a full review and letting you know everything you need to know.

SinryAdvice just launched March 13th, 2020 so at the time of this review, they’ve only been producing products for approximately 5 months. During this time, the team has some how created 5 expert advisors and 2 indicators, all available for sale. This seems like over-development, and we feel that they should focus on just a couple of systems, instead of launching this many projects just 5 months into business. Creators that build out too many systems usually provide poor support, and struggle to deal with updating each system to meet market conditions. We aren’t saying that this is the case in this scenario, but it’s certainly something we have to consider due to past experiences.

There is no location provided for their headquarters, and no specific details about the author. To get in touch with the vendor, traders can email or call +905363316029.


MG Pro EA Review

While the SinryAdvice development group provides multiple systems, our review today is focused on their MG Pro EA, which we see being advertised on Facebook regularly. We chose to review this EA over any of the others because it has an active ad campaign, and they claim that it’s their “most profitable EA.” So, from all that, they believe that this system qualifies for best Forex robot status.

The main features of the software are that they provide live trading results, easy to use default settings, 2 licenses and a strategy built on 12 indicators. They also make note that the software opens and closes all trades on autopilot without any human intervention.

There is a 14 day money back guarantee, and a profit expectation of 4%-10% per week with a 74% win rate.

Trading Strategy

The SinryAdvice team tell us that their MG Pro Expert Advisor uses “inner smart indicators which analyse the market in many aspect and place trades.” They feel that these indicators, in conjunction with their strategy will ensure that the robot processes more data than a human can, without any emotional decisions. This is all they really tell us about their strategy, which isn’t enough.

They do provide some recommendations, telling potential clients that the software works best on the 5 minute timeframe, and a handful of pairs. Traders can start on default settings, but should start with a small lot size of .01, until they “learn how it works for 1000 usd account.”

We would like to see more information on their overall methodology, as they do not provide any real detail about their approach. This is common in the robot marketplace as you can see in our reviews of Forex Cyborg, Bounce Trader and Wallstreet Forex Robot. That being said, we have high expectations, and if the strategy isn’t explained, then the vendor will not get a high rating for this category.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $288
  • Strategy: Momentum, price action and key levels
  • Timeframe: M5

For traders interested in the MG Pro EA, it’s currently being sold for $288. They process payments with PayPal, and offer two licenses per order. Once the order is placed, traders will get an email that “will contain a link to download the file immediately as well as instructions on how to install it.”

The SinryAdvice team also provide a short installation process in their sales page which is easy to follow as it’s only 3 steps.

Trading Results

SinryAdvice currently provide a single live Myfxbook account showing the MG Pro EA in action. This account started on August 12th, 2020, and in it’s first few weeks is showing a gain of 30.8% with a drawdown of 17.58%. Many of the items are hidden which we don’t like to see, as the point of providing a Myfxbook account is to offer transparency.

In the first few weeks, the software has placed 131 trades with an average trade length of 1 day. The risk reward ratio is 1:1 with the average win coming in at 19.88 pips and the average loss at -18.81 pips.

So far, the results are impressive but the sample size is really too short to know much as the software hasn’t even traded a single month.


We are always happy to see new vendors like SinryAdvice entering the Forex robot marketplace, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to throw them soft ball exclusively. We like what we see from the MG Pro EA in some areas, but in other areas we need more information. It’s clear that the vendor needs to provide more details about who they are, and what their strategy is. Other than that, we really just need to see how their Myfxbook progresses over time.

If you have anything else you want to say, please leave a comment below. Here at Forex Robot Nation the community drives our reviews.

MG Pro EA $288
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MG Pro EA is a Forex robot by SinryAdvice using a 12 indicator-based trading approach.

Comments Rating 2.5 (2 reviews)


2 licenses 12 indicator strategy Myfxbook account


New company Limited strategy insight Lacking transparency

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  1. Recommended

    I’ve been using it for a few months now…started with Demo, and now using it with Live account.Account. Demo acc was a $100k; started on Aug-15-2022 with 2.50 fixed lot per pair, but drawdown was too big. Lower it to 1.50, and now account is at $138,926.56, with -$560 on running trades. My smaller demo Account started with $3000 (Aug-31-2022) and now is at $8484.69, using 0.1 fixed lot. My Live Account, started with $1000 on Aug-31-2022, is now at $2787.93, using 0.05 fixed lot. I’m running 5 pairs: EURUSD, CADCHF, USDCAD, AUDCAD, NZDCAD. Is just a matter of controlling number of pairs and lot size, specially if using for Funded Accounts, in which drawdown control is a priority. At least in my case I have had very good results with the EA.

  2. Stefanos Ioannou

    They are the worse. Lost more than 18% in a month and advertise 3-5% on other months. They don’t keep their promise of refund in 14 days trial. Don’t waste your time and money. Anyone interested I have evidence on my claims

  3. All Honesty right Here, and speaking from 2-Years now Past Experience as a customer from Sinry Advice.

    I first Purchased their Swing Trader EA, which is now been updated to Swing VIP 3.11. The time I ran the EA before the Update I was not impressed at all, but after the Update things Took off for that EA and been good every since.

    I recently Purchased this MG PRO EA, and of course I always do backtesting of my own before placement on a chart no matter what the instructions say,, cuz depending on your Broker, Timeframe Placement, execution speed, etc every broker and every person has different results seems like. MG PRO EA has definitely held its end up so far in the deal but I’m only a few weeks in with this EA, but going on 2-Years with their other one.

    Overall as A Company, Their Customer Service guy can be kinda rude honestly, but he does his job just whenever he is ready to do it not on your time.

    They Recently Launched an AFFILIATE Promotion as well helping their EA users make Extra money from Hustling their Services, and it pays out 5-Levels DEEP as well.

    So Truth Be Told this company is not a Scam, they are very real and outside of their Customer Service guy of course, I truly Applaud what they are doing.

    Not only are you able to use their EA systems and make Profits, you can now get paid generous amounts of cash to pay-Pal as well just for referring others, and once you build it to that level they don’t stop paying you they are trying to make something happen and every year they seem to get better.

    So anyone Judging them from when they first started, Try them again because in my opinion it gets better as time passes.

    Their EAs are definitely not something really special in the Algorithm Trading bots, but they do put out gains just like as promised so they give you what they tell you and that’s all we can expect from any REAL company.

  4. Nibbles like a mouse, dumps on you like an elephant.
    Have this on demo. Many small profits, but huge($2,000+) open position losses. Av loss over $200, av profit $20. No way would i let this go live.

  5. The idea that they refuse to provide a backtest is a red flag so avoid buying fishy products online, also the support isn’t super as they claim. I really don’t recommend it at all, please spread the word. thanks

  6. This EA is only keep doing 1 directional trade. So If the market is going against you, you will blown your acc. And yes A. B is right. they won’t do refund.. This is total SCAM.. I learned my Lesson.. I hope I can help others not to fall into their trap. They will just blame you.

  7. DO NOT get this bot! I tried to get a refund because I found that the bot was using risky strategies, but the company wouldn’t allow it, even though I had 14 days to do so and I showed proof of losing trades.
    I tried writing this review on the Sinry Advice website for the Mg pro ea bot, but it never went through legitimately, and was instead turned into a positive 5 star review 🤣. Also, they claim to show their live results on myfxbook, but last time I checked, there was a substantial drop that resulted in a more than 50% loss in profit. They covered it up by disabling anyone to view those losing trades and creating a new fxbook account for the bot. On top of that, they disabled people from commenting on their instagram posts, so they’re trying to cover it all up.

    • I’m sorry to hear that this is your experience AB. Hopefully some other clients will come here and comment as well so we can see if there are more sides to the story. Thanks for sharing.

    • A B Sorry to here that i have 4 of these robots running and on av per week 750 profit per robot

    • one poster here is corrext: siny posts fake myfxbook and their robots dont work.

      I had a robot fail to obey settings: it opened more trades than max settings, went past max risk settings and kept trades open longer than the max setting.

      i contacted sinryadvice and was told the installation mat be an issue so it was reinstalled and verified by sinryadvice by them logging into my server.

      same results happen. after 2.5 months robot goes crazy and blows account. after the secone time sinry mentioned it may be a conflict with another advisor. while its total bs , i installed it on a totally sep server. again same result.

      20k lost. sent proof of everything to sinryadvice. they refuse to refund and stopped comnunications. crappy robots. do NOT BUY PROMAX GOLD

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