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Bounce Trader Review (LeapFX EA)

Bounce Trader is a new expert advisor developed or acquired by the LeapFX team. They believe that this robot is one of the “few trading systems” that “can make over 900% profit in just a few months.” Their goal is to bring successful Forex trading techniques to the masses, and feel they’ve accomplished this feat with this new bot. Today we will be providing a review, and letting the community know if this is a truly viable investment opportunity.

The creators of the robot are LeapFX, a popular robot developer that’s been producing systems since 2012. Though, while they started out as developers, they now seem to spend more of their efforts in acquiring or re-branding products that are already available. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but we have found in other systems they’ve released that we could have got them cheaper from the original vendor. Since we found this out though, we’ve been unable to find the original vendor’s as LeapFX has done a better job at concealing the product.

To get in touch with support, traders can email


Bounce Trader Review

The Bounce Trader website is well put together with strategy information, trading results, screen shots and some marketing jargon but not too much. As a whole, the majority of the content is straight forward and avoids over-writing, which is something that often drives us crazy when reading Forex sales pages.

They list a handful of features they feel sets their robot apart from their competitors. The list includes a low starting deposit of $100, a beginner friendly approach, compatibility with most leverages and avoiding high risk strategies like grid, martingale or hedge trading. These are generally features we see in all of the best Forex robots, so it’s nothing special, but it’s to be expected.

Trading Strategy

We are quite impressed with the Bounce Trader strategy explanation. Most vendors in this market fail to provide any detail about their trade approach, but LeapFX did a great job. They let us know what they are looking for, with specifics, and show example images.

The robot uses momentum, price action, and key levels in conjunction to determine viable trading opportunities. They feel that using “multiple components in a strategy is important because independently they are not as accurate, but when combined accuracy increases creating a more reliable, consistent, and profitable result.”

They use the momentum indicator to determine over sold/overbought levels, they use price action to examine candlesticks, and key levels to monitor different support/resistance levels. The explanations aren’t complicated, so they are simple enough for anyone to understand, and gives us a baseline on what fundamentals the software is built around. We don’t often see explanations like these, as you can see in our critiques of WallStreet Forex Robot, Forex Robotron and Forex Gump.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $597
  • Strategy: Momentum, price action and key levels
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: GBPUSD

For traders interested in the Bounce Trader EA by LeapFX, it is currently going for $597. At this price, traders get lifetime access to the software, automated updates, hands on support and a 30 day money back guarantee. There is another option which is $347 for yearly access, but this doesn’t seem like a great option, as two years would cost you more than just buying the software outright in the first place.

Trading Results

The LeapFX team currently provide a single live trading account verified by Myfxbook, showing the Bounce Trader performance results. This account is quite effective, showing a gain of around 1000% with a drawdown of 22.93%. The account started at $500, and is now around the $5000 mark. This is a significant gain, but it’s quite apparent that the developer was using a very high risk trade approach to achieve these numbers. They did keep the drawdown low which is impressive, but they traded large lot sizes risking huge chunks of their account for each trade.

If you go into the trade history, you will see gains of nearly 50% in a single trade for just 60 pips. Which means, if the trade went down just 120 pips, the entire account would have been lost. So, while the results are impressive, they were incredibly high risk at an early date, which is also shown by their monthly gain. As almost all of their earnings came in the first two months, and now in August, the system is showing a gain of just 12.76% over the last 26 days. There is nothing wrong with their approach, but it isn’t realistic for most traders to take on such a high level of risk without having a high level of experience and expertise with the robot.

There is another area of the website where the vendor shows screenshots of other trading accounts, with very short sample sizes, but none of these accounts are available in Myfxbook. We are unsure if they crashed, or why the LeapFX team is not providing access to these.


The Bounce Trader by LeapFX is a slow, and deliberate trading software. The strategy is well explained, and they do provide live trading results, which is a plus. Yet, at this time, the software has only placed 26 trades over the course over 4 months, so we don’t have a great handle on how it will perform in the long term. We would like to get our hands on a demo version, and potentially see how this thing works for real traders.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your comments below the article now.

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Bounce Trader is a Forex expert advisor claiming to be able to make 900% profit in a few months time.

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Myfxbook account
Good strategy insight


Small sample size
High price

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  1. hello there Patrick, thanks for putting up the detailed review of this EA fx bot.. As a newbie into Forex I got email from them to join one forex broker named blaze markets in order for them to give me the bounce trader EA for free so i searched for the review of it and I stumbled on your review.
    Moreover, looking at the comment section am not 100% convinced this EA will provide the 100% Profits gain they claim so can you pls recommend the best EA FX Robot for me start trading with..?


  2. Hi everyone, I’ve just realised there were some questions in regards to the Bounce EA directed at me, I did use this EA in demo for 30 days but it did not produce a profit so I got a refund.

    That’s not to say that this wont make profit over time, but it did finished in a slight drawdown and Leap FX seem to stop the MyfxBook updates while any of there trading systems go into a draw-down, as I tend to watch a few of there systems.

    I’ve only taken another look at the Bounce EA results today as LeapFX have emailed me about another EA Trading system so I thought I would take a look t how the Bounce EA has performed.

    What’s interesting is that LeapFX have the Bounce EA showing profit pretty much every month since May/June 2020.

    September shows a profit of 19.22% where my account was down 6-7% until 25th September, so unless the EA made 25+% in the last 3-4 days of the month then I don’t know how to explain there trading results.

    There was also another web site that ran a demo of this EA for the same period as I did and their trading results mirrored mine.

  3. I purchased it yesterday, no trades yet and also like to point out that you don’t actually get the Bounce Trader EA, what you get is a Trade Copier that copies the trades into your account.
    Thats a little deceiving but if it can make a good profit in the next month I will still consider keeping the subscription.

    • Thanks for letting us know Dino. We thought it was an expert advisor as well based on the marketing. There’s a few vendors doing this lately, I believe they think there is more of a market for robots than trade copiers, so they label it as one.

    • I’m very interested in this software or something like. Any recommendations, and or would you recommend this?

    • Dino would love to get your thoughts and how you’re traveling with this software buddy. Obviously it would be beneficial to the rest of us considering purchasing the software. Let us know, please.

    • Dino the team from support advised me that it is a trading software basically an EA and it’s published on their website obviously and the EA software works with their servers and check for set ups adapt and update etc I’m not sure why you’re saying that they’re deceitful because it’s not true from where I stand and they also install the software like they say on the website. Just jump on their website and besides there’s 30 money back guarantee if we don’t like the software so I was wondering if there’s anything wrong going on that tge rest of us don’t know of but you still haven’t got back to me? I’m really not sure as I’m also a little confused why you’d put a legit service like LeapFX as most users seem to be saying they’re legit like on FPA have you checked it or what am I missing? Let me know please Cheers.

      • Is there any latest news on this EA? The myfxbook link hasnt been updated since September 10th and theres been no results for October thus far. Is this because there hasnt been sufficient criteria to trade on GBPUSD in 5 weeks or something more sinister like getting people to signup based on past results, pay a membership then no trades are made?! I hope it’s not the latter..

    • Any latest on this? There doesnt seem have been any trades on this EA since 10th september looking at the myfxbook link?!

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