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EA Review: Forex Robotron

Forex Robotron is a new EA that considers itself “the ultimate automated forex trading system.” The robot runs on the 5 minute time frame and is currently being sold for $499.

Today we will be analyzing this robot in full detail so that the Forex community understands how it works and if it should be trusted.


Forex Robotron Review

The Forex Robotron software is built to work with the Metatrader4 platform trading 4 pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURCHF and EURGBP) with a 20 pip stop loss. According to the sales page the robot is the result of a long period of programming, testing and trading experience. The web-site was registered in 2013 but it doesn’t look like it was used or being regularly promoted until 2016. So this is in-line with the story that it took them years to developer the trading system.

Trading Results

The most important part of this review is obviously the trading history of the Forex Robotron EA. Yet, for some odd reason the “Myfxbook Verified Results” section of the sales page isn’t providing us with links to the accounts. You can see for yourself, if you try and click on the results nothing happens. Without being able to click on these accounts we have to assume that they have been margin-called.

In doing a Google search we found many different Myfxbook accounts but almost every single one of them had been deleted. The only account that isn’t deleted is a EURUSD account that ran from June 17th to July 15th 2016. So, less than a month.

It’s quite clear that the developers of this EA need to reestablish their dedication to trading results if they want to be considered for our best Forex robot ranking system. Screenshots of my FX book accounts without allowing us access only draws suspicion. If you or anyone else can clear up why this is the case then please feel free to leave a comment below with your reasoning.

2022 Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $499
  • Strategy: Scalper
  • Timeframe: M5

At $499, the Forex Robotron software is priced above most premium services in this market. With their package they provide unlimited demo licenses, lifetime support, and access to free updates. They offer a premium package as well which goes for $999 and comes with 5 live account licenses, as well as JForex platform access. The Gold package comes with just 1 live license and MT4 platform access.

2022 Robotron Update

I will be launching more tests on live trading accounts for the Robotron software in the next few weeks as I organize my new home trading server.

Please keep an eye out for these going forward as I continue to provide more and more in-depth reviews of all the top ranked automated robots in this market.

Seemingly very little has changed since our initial review of the Forex Robotron EA. In analyzing their website once again, it is apparent that many of our initial conclusions were rock solid.

While the vendor shows very impressive trading results, they are always tied to ambiguity and deception. They still rely on screen shots of Myfxbook accounts that they can’t prove exist, and the accounts that do exist are quite odd.

For example, their main account is listed as “GOB Trade 2,” a trading account that seems to be owned by a trader with no association to the Robotron team. This account shows a gain of nearly 3000% with a very small drawdown. Another issue with this account, and many of the other associated Robotron accounts is that they are run on the Knit FX broker. This is an unregulated Forex broker located in Thailand that barely has a foot print anywhere online, outside of a couple 1 star reviews from the Forex community.

The vendor needs to provide updated trading results using their software, with a regulated broker. They need to stop using unregulated brokers, and associating their services with shady firms. This will go a long way in developing trust and confidence in their expert advisor.

Our determination remains the same as it did in the past. We aren’t ready to make a recommendation. Yet, if they make the required adjustments to their marketing materials/trading results, then we will certainly reconsider our position.


At this point in time we won’t be able to recommend Forex Robotron due to the trading results. It would not be a smart decision for anyone to spend $500 on a trading robot that can only provide one month of trades from half a year ago on a demo account. Hopefully the people behind this robot will continue to push forward and find ways to provide us with the amount of results we require.

Thanks for stopping by Forex Robot Nation and feel free to browse the rest of the website to see what you can learn from our established community. Currently the number one rated robot is Forex Fury as it continues to win over 90% of its trades. Have a great day guys.

Forex Robotron $499
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Forex Robotron is an MT4 scalping robot that’s been on the market for many years.

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Scalping strategy Lifetime support & updates MT4 compatible


Inconsistent results Expensive

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Expecting more

    The installation process is okay, but the software seems somewhat old.

    I don’t seem to be able to get the same trading result as the vendor either.

    Does anyone have a SETTINGS file that I could use?

  2. has anyone be able to check if on bdswiss broker works well ?

  3. Since I’ve seen a lot of comments praising the EA but not actually showing any results I thought I would share my Myfxbook link here. Do note that it is only a demo account, so take from that what you will, but the performance seems pretty reasonable to me!

    Note: I am most assuredly not affiliated with them in any way!

  4. Robotron is NOT a scam.
    It is a very reliable EA. Been using it for 3 months now. It easily delivers a 10% monthly return.
    The best is that if trades overnight (if you live in EU). I have never lost my sleep on Robotron and it is so lovely to wake up to closed profirable trades.

  5. Hi,
    I bought Robotron a couple of months ago, for 2 weeks I was testing it in demo in Pepperstone and Icmarkets, the results with default settings were amazing, the day I won less was 4% and some days more than 17% only in 1 day. For me it was like finding the lost treasure. When I decide to go from demo to real account, I had a very bad week with losses. I wrote to support and they told me it was a very difficult week in forex. I addition to go to real account, much less trades were opened then in demo account. The following week the same, opened 1 or 2 trades a day, some days did not open any one (that is explained on their website). I despaired and uninstalled it. I started trying other EAs in demo account, if I saw that is worked in demo, then I used in real, most of the EAs are rubbish, it´s reality. I found one that started to give me good results although it generated a lot of stress and it opened too many trades, 3 of each pair at the same time, but at the end of the day, they were on profits. In my 2 real accounts I generated an average of 22% profits in 2 weeks, suddenly, the magic is over and I lost profits and a little more, so I unistalled it and keep looking. I have also tried several indicators and templates to do manual trades, most of them are rubbish too.
    3 days ago I dicided to reinstall Robotron in my real accounts with default settings, but in aggressive mode. I started with lots of 0.08 and ended with lots of 0.50, on average it gave me 1.5% of daily profit, opened 4 trades per day and only 1 trade in loss of more than 20 trades, so I have decided to continue with Robotron since after so much searching and testing, until now, it has been the most stable, some trades remain lost for some time but I don´t know how, but at the end they finish in profit. For me, this EA works very well with Pepperstone and ICMarkets.
    I hope my review is useful to you.
    Best Regards!

    • Hi Andres, can you provide us with the Myfxbook link to your trading results?

    • I would also like to see the results.

      I have seen many accounts from the producers of the robot, but never get to see any client accounts. Before I spend $500 I want to make sure that this is working for real traders.

  6. Interesting reads about robots,
    I would like to know more.
    Please email me ,
    Many thanks

  7. -5% this month even the accounts on their page show the same

  8. its a scam, tried the free demo and all ive had so far is 7 trades closed in negative

  9. I saw 2 or 3 accounts on Myfxbook with robotron. And they all get the same trades with the default settings i think.
    But i think there a way to make it more profitable. And it can work on all pairs. I do research and find people applying it on all currencies. And some of them was active the sell positions.

    • Hello Mostafa, I was testing Robotron in other time, within 23-24 hrs GMT, backtesting is much better than 22-23 hrs. Would you please share your thoughts and send me where I can find more people applying different settings.

  10. It does not even open any position. A real scam and I bought the premium which is usd 999. I bet there have been a lot of victims like me

    • It opens and closes at least two positions every trading day. What you need is low spreads. I used several brokers until I found a broker that works. I now use pepperstone and so far this month I have a 5% return. I have 180% return since April Last year

  11. What a year it has been and it just ended for me on a positive note. The last trade was not big but still a winner. I have turned off all my EA’s and they are looking pretty glum on the MT4 terminals but they are off until the 6th of January. The broad analysis for trading is all accounts have been positive. The first account I set up in April has returned 179.94% so far. The second set up in May returned 103.17% and the last set up in July returned 55.96%. Every month has had a gain in income, NO LOSS Months. This has been a remarkable year for trading for me and all good. I am looking forward to trading next year with Robotron Version 25. The best EA yet.

  12. Using Paxforex, I have been able to achieve success with Robotron. It is not a scam. One has to find the right broker, run a demo for a month before going live. Robotron thus far has now been profitable. There is a live account on fx book – search Robotron v 25.

  13. I am running 4 Accounts with Robotron version 25 three of which you can find at
    Look for the Version 25 Robotron
    All have been profitable since April this year. I keep an Excel personal file and trading on each of my accounts so far this month 14 November 2019 has been 6.06% FXCM and 4.34%, 4.36% an 4.37% on Pepperstone. A good Result and well worth the cost of the licence.

    • Are you the owner of this software? As this is the owner Myfxbook account.

      • Hi,
        I am a client and gave the developer permission to share my myfxbook accounts on the website. I provided my investor passwords and the developer loaded the accounts. Happy to give you the investor passwords if you would like them.
        Just one more thing. I have made 10 times my initial outlay on the cost of the license to date. If you wish to contact me by email I am happy to send you my Excel worksheets from April this year. I think you do the Robotron a disservice in your critique of this EA.

    • Hi Michael! Are you using the default settings of the EA? I want to buy it but I don’t know what setup is profitable.
      From what I gather, you’re using Pepperstone MT4 right? I’m new to EAs, and I would appreciate your guidance.

    • Hi Michael, thank you so much for posting your myfxbook link….sorry to see the big drawdown since the end of 2021…hope it improves for you soon.

  14. I have not had any real success with Robotron sadly.

    DOes anyone have any settings that I could try?

    I would like to make this work if possible.


    • I used the OOB settings. You have to find the right broker – for some reason, many brokers I tested, the EA would not trade. Currently, I use PaxForex. Am making profit now. It is very time specific. The support is excellent – they recently advised to not trade 2 pairs because they were patchy.

    • I use Robotron version 25 with 6 currency pairs EURUSD EURCAD EURCHF EURGBP USDCAD EURUSD. I have the most success with Pepperstone (low spreads). My lot sizes are set to give me margins of 1000% or greater and I trade on Sundays.

  15. I bought the EA about 2 months ago. The support is good. I ran multiple demo accounts – Oanda,, IC markets and Paxforex. Oanda and had no trades in a month. Paxforex had more winning trades than IC markets. I am now trying a live account on Paxforex -the iniitial results are not matching the demo results. There are 2 wins for and 8 losses for 10 trades. For some this EA does work, but you first have to find a broker where it works and then you have to tweak things. The developer shared with me the results with Pepperstione which is not available to the US clients – results were really spectacular. So, I think this is a highly variable product. I keep you updated about the trading results on the live account.

  16. Hi ,
    How can I bu robotron Ea ?

  17. The myFXbook link on their site does work. So what’s the problem?

  18. Hi, can i test your robot in demo account for some time befor use it in real account?
    And my next question:
    Can i invest my money in your broker under you IB, instead of buying the robot?

    I would appreciate it, if you contact me through Telegram or Whatsapp

    BR . Saeed

  19. hello Admin,

    is forexrobotron profitable today?

  20. George as you say finpro has tight spreads – I just registered there – they have ecn account with a levaredge 200, is that the one you choose ? Or any other good settings of a broker you see works the best with Robotron?

  21. Support is via email and I hope it could be a livechat etc to make the whole process faster.

    Just started the EA on IC Markets demo account. The vendor has 30 day money back guarantee so it convinced me to purchase it and see how is the result. The myfxbook results showing fantastic results but it is with a rather unregulated/suspicious broker called KnitFX.

    It would be helpful for George and others who have been using this EA to share the settings 🙂
    By the way, the EA is on version 1.5 now.

  22. I have used this EA for the past few months in demo. I demo’d this EA on five different brokers. Amazing difference between brokers in regards to spreads and slippage. You need a broker with very fast ECN option and low spreads. If you don’t have a good fast broker, NO EA WILL WORK PROPERLY!.

    I now switched to live on three different accounts and make 20% consistently every day. Yes, this sounds too good to be true but it is.

    I for one will go WAY OUT OF MY WAY, to make sure Forex Robotron gets all the recognition it deserves because this EA is legit and works.

    • What deposit and lot size do you use in your real account when you got 20% per day? Also which broker?

      • First let me explain that I have a VERY HIGH RISK TOLERANCE. Since the funds I set aside are essentially already written off in my mind. With that said, I risk a lot and when the trades reverse, I have lost a lot as well. I ran in demo for a long period and found that demo is not the same as live when it comes to brokers. They can be very similar but not the same.

        I created 3 live accounts each with 2,500. I currently use FinPro Trading @ 1:400 and Traders Way @ 1:1000. Each account ran 4 charts. Each chart traded 1 lot per trade. The EA would open 1 trade per currency. Thats 12 lots at the same time. The stakes are high. I do NOT recommend these settings.

        The hard pill to swallow is that I like playing around with the settings. I altered the settings drastically and learned my lesson. Now I stick to the developers default settings.

        The biggest issue with making a profit is NOT this EA. The market will shift, and when it does you will lose. You can try any EA you like but they cannot predict the future and neither can you. This EA however has been the only one I have tested that can open and close an order in profit. When I say open and close please understand that I have tried in access of 50+ EA’s and sure they can all open a trade, but how do they close the trade is where it counts and this EA can close trades.

        Sorry for the long-winded response but I wish someone would explain this to me when I needed to know.

        • Thank you for a detailed and rich reply :))) Can you say from your observation which of those brokers you use give better result? Ans also please tell how good are you so far with this high risk aggressive trading style?

          • FinPro has tighter spreads and fast ECN service. This will allow the EA to be more precise entering and exiting trades. FinPro also has less fees.

            So, I made 2,000 in 3 days one week and lost 1,200 in 1 day the following week. How you may ask, I mess around with trading times and lot sizes frequently. The thing is, I am finding my system the hard way. The mistake I made is being greedy and pushing the limit.

            The setting I am running now is setting the EA to risk mode where it has money management feature, default timeframe, Normal value to open trades instead of aggressive. I’m leaving it there because I trust the EA will do it’s job without me worrying about it. When Robotron support emails me the latest version, I’ll update but for the most part I leave alone. I’m now focused more on manual trading forex which is fun.

        • How is the EA working with Tradersway?

        • Hi George,
          Is Forex Robotron still the best EA at this time? If not, do you have any to recommend?


    • Hi George,

      do you recommend it to use on ICMarkets ECN account ?


      • I honestly don’t know about IC Markets. I’m in the US and I cannot demo them. I tried every broker that I was allowed to sign up with from the US.

        You should email Forexrobotron and ask them. The developer is super friendly and responds.

  23. Hi,
    i use ea on pairs eurgbp and don´ßt trade on friday.
    So i user many profit.
    ICM Market and Pepperstone ECN

    Bye Sven

  24. Hi there, I use this EA for the last 10 months. First four months have been ok. From July until Oct last year the EA made not profit anymore. I contacted the vendor asking if he trades with a newer version than I do. And indeed that vendor used newer version. He sent me the latest version which I applied onto MT4. One and half months later the EA made still no profits so I changed the broker (from GBE to Fx Open). On the Fx Open account the EA made a loss of 10% withing just 6 weeks so I changed the broker again. Now I trade with Pepperstone from 20th Dec 2017. I funded the account with 500 € and at present the account is on 493€. Interesting, at the same time vendors EA at Broker KnitFx made a profit of 30% in Jan and 30% in Feb 2018. In my eyes the EA is very, very Broker sensitive. I used the EA with three different brokers but never, never achieved the results of the vendor. So I opened an account with KnitFX. But now I have to wait until it is possible to fund the KnitFx account via credit card. At present you can only fund the account via a bank transfer.
    If you look on the account statement then you see that the EA makes a lot of pips with trades starting on a Monday morning at 00.01. But the start trading time of many brokers is Monday morning 00.05. This is actually for me the main reason to try the KnitFx Broker. Then let`s see if I a achieve the same results as the vendor.

    • Never open trades near end of day or start, the spread is excessive, sometimes 10x, So any ea or trader opening and making wins within short space of time from new day is a con. Second, there should be no need to test and change broker, this ea and most are not looking for 1 pip target, again this is sign of a con, since results are poor and not as advertised, changing broker is not the key, most ea’s dont work, or will return that of their worth

  25. Hello! Purchased the EA (8 months ago) works very well and the seller is responding to all e-mails and is very helpful! It is definitely not a scam.

  26. Hi, i don’t understand why you guys are contradicting each other. Whether you like the ea or not won’t change anything. Why don’t you simply share a link from myfxbook or fx blue live. We can then judge ourselves whether it’s really working or not by your proof not your opinion.

  27. Hi everybody,
    I bought this ea too ,using it for about a week.Not making huge money but is not loosing either.Globally it wins more than losses.We all know the market conditions are difficult for a month or two ,so i would say it’s not that bad even if it makes little money.definitely not for those wanting to become millionaire in a night.Lots of Ea’s have been blown recently so it’s a good point.It trades from 20 to 22 gmt.
    The developper is really nice answers quickly and is really open minded to any idea that could make his Ea evolve positively …I really don’t think it’s a scam.Trading is winning but not always….If someone knows an always winning ea without sleepless nights and stress,please share….
    Patrick thanks for the good job….
    If you have a coupon code for fx shutter stock,i’m interessed…

  28. I use this ea 6 months and ea is profitable. So for me it is not scam.

  29. scamm!! don`t buy

  30. doesnt work . all backtests are fake

  31. I was silly enough to buy it, but it is not working as advertised! It is another scam!!!!

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