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In this lesson you will learn the following:

How to Change Settings

How to Find the Best Settings

An outline of the strategy and how it works:

Here it is…

At any hour (your choice) on any pair (your choice), it will draw a line at the close price. Straddle the line with 2 lines, 1 at (straddle space input your choice) Pips above and 1 at (straddle space input your choice) Pips below. It will wait for a breakout above or below the straddling lines and enter a trade. The middle line is used as a StopLoss automatically. If you don’t understand that’s fine, watch the video and it will show you how to get the best settings for you and the straddlebot.

Step1: Follow along with the video step by step!

Step2: In the next email (Lesson 3) I will teach you how to trade without using your computer so you don’t have to worry about it shutting off and your trades LOSING!


  1. Are you running the strategy tester on all commercial products that you’re using? On your robot ranking page, some appear to be doing quite poorly, but could this be simply because the settings are not optimised?

  2. I would be nice if I could watch the video in full screen can not see settings or important features?

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