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How to Find a Winning Forex Robot that makes you RICH.

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IMPORTANT: If you do not have a brokerage and have never set up MetaTrader4 Trading Terminal Scroll Down for Lesson 0.5!

forex lesson1

Step1: Download Robot Files: Free Forex Robot (Click Here)  (You may have to right click save link as or save target as to download)

Step2: Follow along with Video

Step3: In the next email (Lesson 2) I will introduce Settings, what they are, how to find out which are best for the Forex Robot Nation Free StraddleRobot and how they make all the difference in making any Forex Robot a real winner. I’m working on it now so I’ll try to e-mail you in the next day or two!

Step1: Recommended Broker: FXopen (Click Here)



  1. Can’t these bots both the free and the premium be installed in mobile? I’m really finding it difficult to do and this video above only explained that of computer installation.

  2. good day 🙂 or 🙁

    why does my indicator screen have a frown and why does it not show ea in the frame anywhere?

    please kindly advise…

  3. Best straddle Robot setting so far with Eur/Usd:

    TradeHour 8
    StraddleSpace 16
    Usemoneymanagement 1
    lot 2
    tp 5
    risk 2
    magic# 1
    slippage 3

  4. Hi,

    Please, I purchased forex steam but I need an assistance. I am using window 10 pro.


  5. Mthembeni Vilakazi

    Hallow Admin,

    I hope that this email will find you well. I would like to find out as to where can I get video tutorial no.2 for freestraddlebot that I have already donwloaded. And I would like to hope that the tutorial also shows how to perform the straddle after the robot has been added on the chart.

    Best regards

  6. Hi! is the steam strictly for eurusd pair only?

  7. On forex stream can I start with 25 usd

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