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Max Scalper Review

max-scalperMax Scalper is a new Forex robot by Doug Price. Doug Price is a late arrival to the expert advisor game and has released quite a few different trading systems. He’s behind Scalp Trader Pro, Swing Trader Pro, Pivot Trader Pro and Rev Trader Pro. I’m sure there’s a few that I’ve missed on this list but you get the general idea.

Today I’ll review Doug, his new system and give the Forex community a place to leave their comments.

Price: $799
Type: Forex robot
Results: Myfxbook
Timeframe: M5

Max Scalper Review

The developers of the Max Scalper are asking traders whether or not this is their only change to earn over $100,000 in 2016. I’m not sure Doug’s system will be able to provide anyone with over 100k this year. One thing is true of Doug Price, he knows how to make an account grow on myfxbook using the Synergy FX broker. For some reason every single robot Doug puts out only has results on this brokerage. Considering the reviews for Synergy FX this is a dangerous prospect. On FPA I’ve read that the broker essentially tried to black mail them in order to have bad reviews from clients taken down. I don’t know the reliability of this claim but it’s certainly one that makes me think twice.

The Max Scalper looks just like all the other systems Doug Price has released. Yet, while each one of them has successfully gamed myfxbook, the clients of these systems never seem to write positive reviews. Quite a few of the reviews claim that all the profit history is faked in conjunction with the broker but I have no way of proving that. All I can really say here is that we should be cautious and patient when approaching this system.

Until I can see Forex Robot Nation readers myfxbook accounts with the Max Scalper I don’t see myself promoting it. Doug puts out new systems every few months and while they all look great on myfxbook there isn’t any proof that they work for the clients. I hope that this one is different from the rest but only time will tell. If you would like to leave a comment please do. I’m always interested to hear from the readers here. Your experiences make this blog possible. Thanks for spending time here.

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