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Pivot Trader Pro

pivot-trader-proPivot Trader Pro is a Forex robot that uses invisible market levels within their unique trading strategy. The developers of the software tell us that they’ve taken $5000 account and turned it into a $49,000 account in less than 12 months using this fully automated software.

In my review today I’ll be taking a look at their money back guarantee, their verified trading accounts and anything else that I find relevant.

Pivot Trader Pro Review

The pivot trader Pro robot is getting a lot of attention and really rose from obscurity to popularity in the last two days. The software provides traders with an automated and manual version of the software so that the strategy can be utilized in multiple facets. The developer of the software is a man named Doug Price. Doug claims to been trading for many years and hopes to be able to continue doing it for a long time. He tells us that he’s been gifted with enough skill and knowledge to create trading systems that make huge sums of profits in short periods of time. I find it odd that I’ve never heard of Doug considering I’ve been a power player in this market for over 5 years now.

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Regardless, the pivot trader Pro has an impressive verified my FX book track record. We can see that the automated version of the software boasts a 900% gain on a real account with synergyFX. The account started with just under $5000 and is now over $50,000 at the time of this review. The trading history is not disclosed which is probably the only element that concerns me because I would hate to purchase the software and then find out that there is a huge drawdown potential. The software trades multiple pairs and looks to pull in pips in the 10 to 30 range with some aberrations going below and above this. There have been 262 trades as of today which means you can expect around one trade per day. There are points in the trading history where the system will trade for weeks on end so don’t expect trades to come rushing in on a daily basis despite the average.

At this point in time I can’t give a recommendation to the pivot trader Pro because I haven’t used it myself. I’m leaning in the direction of getting myself a copy to test on the Forex robot nation website this week. My main reservations about the software are that it’s very new and unproven in the eyes of the Forex community and that the price is heavy at $799. I plan on sitting on the sidelines at first and waiting to see what the Forex community has to say about this robot . If you month from now all the customers are having success and my FX book is flooded with pivot trader Pro accounts then we can jump on board.

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  1. Ok, I bought this EA for the ridiculous price back around 5/22. I started with a 2k balance using the suggested MM which started me out with .06 lot sizes. It started out pretty good and my balance grew to $2378 pretty fast which is where it still sits today because it is currently holding onto 5 open positions with a negative open position balance around $900. It opened these trades on 5/27, 6/2 and 6/9. It is very obvious now that this system is one that has a lot of small winners but the potential for large losers because some of my open positions are down hundreds of pips and they are still open. The actual S/L posted on my MT4 order line for all trades is 1000 pips. I thought that was just a way to hide the actual stop losses but after sitting here watching my open negative balance go to -$900, I am starting to think that is the actual stop losses which potentially trigger. However, I could never get to these stop losses with my open positions because the balance would get to zero before the stop losses would trigger. My equity is down to $1500 right now and if these open positions move against me in a big way then I will have bankrupted my account. I can’t stand systems that go along for 3, 4, 5 months or so with small winners and then one bad week or two wipes out your whole account. As of now, I am still holding waiting to see what happens but I have a bad feeling that I will end up bankrupt before these positions close since the stop losses are way too high. I think this is part of the reason the performance looks so good. You have to have a huge balance to withstand holding onto your losing positions waiting for them to come back because apparently the stop losses are set so high the system doesn’t manage them very well. It’s almost like they want to maintain that so called high winning % and will chance bankrupting your account to do it.

  2. You will use his auto copier ea so you will have the same trades as his broker.
    I have 4 winners so far and no losses in 2 days. It’s working great so far.
    I believe he is real.

  3. any feedback about the performance of pivot trader pro? I would like to know if the published statements of performance by the developer are reliable.

    Thank you

  4. we have seen this several times recently. Impressive stats on verified MyFxBook accounts, but they are always linked to these synergyfx accounts. Thats not nessecarily a bad sign, but I sure would like to see one of these EAs used with a different broker, and same results.

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