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Pips Station is a Forex indicator and trading system provider that aims to provide accurate trading signals that result in consistent profits. They currently have two products for sale, the Vortex Sniper Forex System and the FX Venom Pro Trading System. Both of these products are affordable, and promise reliable gains. In today’s review we will look at both of the systems, and give you a full break down of their potential viability.

The service launched on 2019-07-29, so as we put the review together, it’s only a few weeks old. The vendor does not provide their location, or introduce themselves. So, we don’t know who is developing or selling the program. Hopefully this information is provided in the near future as it’s the transparency we request in all our reviews.

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Pips Station Review

The Pips Station website is average in terms of design and presentation. They have frequent pop ups from Cartkit, showing that their system is popular and that quite a few traders have been signing up. These pop ups aren’t very annoying, but we do have to question their legitimacy.

The pop ups occur frequently, which gives the appearance that the system is very popular. Yet, it’s only been a few weeks since release, so it’s hard to believe they are truly making as many sales as this is reporting. Also, one of the popups claimed that a client purchased the “Algo Fibonacci Scalper Forex System,” but this page on their website doesn’t even work.

These are a few elements that the vendor should look closer at, to ensure the website is functioning properly, and transparently.

Vortex Sniper Forex System

The Vortex Sniper Forex System is the main offer provided by the Pip Station team. It promises “revolutionary signals generating technology” inside a package that is very easy to use.

The program provides pop up alerts, emails, phone notifications every time a new trade is available. Each alert will tell you if it’s a buy or sell signal, and come with specific take profit and stop loss levels.

The vendor provides a two minute video showing the system in actionm but there doesn’t seem to be anyone voicing it. In this video you can get a basic understanding of the strategy, but nothing in depth.

In terms of results, there are a handful of sample trades and a promise of “93% satisfaction” but none of these aspects provide any real transparency. Both the strategy and results need to be addressed and elaborated on by the vendor if they want to be considered for best Forex indicator ranking.

FX Venom Pro Trading System

The second indicator, or Pips Station Forex trading system, is the FX Venom Pro. This program “is a brand new trading formula designed for making maximum profit from major and minor trends.” Just like the Vortex Sniper, this indicator will provide you with Buy/Sell signals, to guide you in your daily trading.

There are six reason why they feel this indicator is a must have software:

  • Highly accurate signals
  • Smart risk management
  • No repaint technique
  • 100% plug and play
  • Built-in alert
  • Designed for all type of traders

This indicator paints bands on your chart, but the vendor doesn’t tell us the methodology behind the bands. So, we really don’t know the exact strategy or approach the trading system is utilizing.

The program, also lacks trading results, which seems to be the main problem with the Pips Station products. While this isn’t uncommon, as you can see in our recent reviews of Super EZ Forex and AIMS Stress Free Trading, that doesn’t mean our expectations aren’t warranted.


Both the Pips Station products seem interesting. We appreciate that they provide videos, trade samples, and offer their services at a very low price of just $37. Yet, there are many aspects in which the vendor fails to deliver.

  • Neither product comes with an in-depth explanation about how it works, and why it look at the market the way it does.
  • The vendor has put forth no effort in offering any sort of trade results to show us the signals are profitable.
  • The vendor doesn’t introduce themselves, or give us any idea of their trading experience in the markets.

These are all areas where the creator can better themselves and we hope that they take our advice, and do so.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Pips Station $37
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Pips Station is a Forex indicator with an interesting trading strategy.

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Multiple systems
Low price
Interesting strategy


No results
No reputation in the market

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  1. I need to have proof results FX book before I can make a purchase. All price action traders says indicators are lagging and never accurate.

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