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FXStreet Signals Review (Premium Account)

FXStreet Signals are an interesting new service that provides both free and premium signals. The creators of this service state that “every time there’s a signal, there’s a trading opportunity.” Today we will be taking a closer look at the service, and let you know if it’s a worthwhile investment opportunity or not.

The FXStreet website is a very popular Forex trading authority, that’s been active since 2000. Their headquarters are located in Barcelona, where they have 30 team members including “news editors, trading session leaders, advisers, translators and content assistants.” Their core values include teamwork, innovation, vision, transparency and feedback, as they are always looking for ways to improve. Again, this is one of the largest Forex websites in the entire market, which makes this new offer very intriguing.

To get in touch with support traders can fill out a contact form on the website.


FXStreet Signals Review

The FXStreet Signals landing page is quite simple, consisting of some basic signals information, a helpful video, and a section for premium pricing. While there are free signals, our main purpose of this review is to analyze the premium service.

The free signals aren’t very helpful because there are a limited amount of them, and there is a “data delay of 15 minutes.” So, you really can’t use the signals considering how late you would be trying to trade them. You can only use them to verify how accurate the premium service is, which is helpful if you are interested in the service.

Whether or not the service will make our best Forex signals list will be based on the same criteria as always. While we appreciate the reputation that this vendor has, we will still want to see information about their strategy, analysts and verified trading results.

Trading Strategy & Analysts

In this section of every review, including this review of the FX Street signals, we look at their over all methodology, and trading staff. We are not introduced to any of their trade analysts which is disappointing, but we do trust their reputation and their staff for the most part.

In terms of strategy, they make mention of an “exclusively designed a series of Strategies based on parameters such as Price Level, Time, Economic Events and Market Trends.” These strategies all use dynamic take profit, and stop loss. For trade length, they can be intra-week and sometimes long term.

Outside of a couple of sentences the strategy isn’t really disclosed in much detail. This is common in the signal marketplace, as you can see in our reviews of, V12 Trading and SV3 Trading. Though, while this is common, we still prefer a long form explanations, so we know exactly what we are getting into.

The premium version does provide actionable strategy descriptions though which is a major plus. We would like to see what these look like as well.

Signal Analysis

  • Type: Signals
  • Established: 2020
  • Price: €35/month
  • Strategy: Multiple
  • Trading Time: 24 hours
  • Signal Frequency: Frequent

For traders interested in the premium FXStreet Signals, they can be purchased at €35/month, €31.66/month on a 3 month plan, or €26.66/month on a 12 month plan. The premium service comes with access to the FXS telegram channel, info on trade management, analysis, actionable strategies, monitoring, guidance, and timframes for market impact signals.

Trading Results

The FXStreet Signals team does not provide verified trading results, but they do still appear accurate. They show the different strategies being utilized, their win rate, net profit, average profit, duration, trades, winners and losers. The numbers do not appear to be manipulated, and considering the reputation of this vendor, we do believe the numbers they are showing us.

The win rates vary from 33.33% to 83.33% depending on the strategy, though the strategies with the highest win rates also appear to have the least amount of trades. As this is a very new service still, you will want to monitor these results for a significant amount of time to see which strategy you would like to follow. We also recommend analyzing the type of market conditions each trading strategy performs best in. As this will help you profit in the long term.


For the most part, we like what we see from the FXStreet Signals service. We appreciate a vendor with such a stellar reputation getting into the game. That being said, we would like to see more from this service in terms of strategy and trading results. This is not a slight, but just the fact that the system is very new to the markets. We are unsure about providing a recommendation at this time, but we are confident that the vendor is being completely transparent with their results.

If we missed anything or you just want to leave a comment, please do so now.

FXStreet Signals €35/month
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Feedback
  • Support


FXStreet Signals is a trade alert service by a reputable company with a long history in the Forex market.

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  1. They often ignore losses on signals.
    Example today NZDCHF signalled a buy with a stop loss 0.6269
    Price has been down 0.6233 and the signal is still showing open.. no loss mentioned.
    Apart from the late signalling I would take this site with a pinch of salt.

  2. Tried this one out because of the ratings and reviews, when I signed up, by paying for a one month subscription to try it out, the order went through but that was it. I didn’t receive a confirmation email, a welcome email not even a complimentary text to conform that you are now connected to a legit signals group. I left a message in the main char on telegram, all I got was a person asking me how I paid, I told him through paypal on the sight and asked him if this was the right room to be in for the signals. H esteemed only interested in where did I pay and if it was through his site and that was it. He disappeared. I asked further questions in the chat for some sort of direction and I know the message was seen by this individual but no reply. I think this company is a scam, I also never received any signals. Good thing I only paid 35 bucks.

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