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FX Trader Kit Review (Trader’s Sun or Trader’s Moon)

FX Trader Kit ( is a new automated trading service offering the Trader’s Sun and Trader’s Moon Forex robots. These are 2 separate expert advisors with different trading strategies being promoted by the same vendor simultaneously. The 2 systems can be purchased on their own for $269, or together for $405. Today we will provide a full review and let you know if this is the type of trading system that you should be adding to your trading accounts.

The creators of the robot are the owners of the ForexStore, and the developers of several other expert advisors including FXEurGrid, FXHelix and ForexBot28. Oddly, the vendor for all of these products does not mention the connection anywhere on the website, as they routinely offer no information about their identity. This includes no address, names, or trading history in the Forex marketplace. All of this information would be extremely helpful when dealing with a development team that is clearly experienced. There doesn’t seem to be any reasonable reason as to why they would withhold all this information with each of their product launches.


FX Trader Kit Review

In order to properly review the FX Trader Kit, we will analyze both the Trader’s Sun and Trader’s Moon expert advisors. This way, you get the complete details about the systems and understand if either is more suitable to your current trading style.

Considering the Moon utilizes a martingale strategy, it’s more than likely that this is the version that most traders will avoid. The reasoning for this is simple, as most traders do everything they can to avoid martingale trading because of its history of blowing up trading accounts.

So, without further ado let’s get into the details of each system.

Trader’s Sun Strategy

The Trader’s Sun Strategy utilizes an algorithmic approach “based on determining support and resistance levels, as well as identifying the behavior and direction of the markets movements, in order to assess the strength of movements impulse and the probability of its continuation.” The program will trade from levels, and look for a risk reward ratio of 38-33.

This FX Trader Kit expert advisor does not use any martingale, averaging or hedging strategies as part of their overall methodology.

Trader’s Moon Strategy

The Trader’s Moon Strategy is much more high risk, as the main principle behind the approach is martingale. The system will open “positions based on searching for a signal using a series of indicators (Bollinger Band, Commodity Channel Index, etc.), as well as candlestick patterns.” It also includes multiple filters to help control the drawdown, number of open transactions and ensure that the software is performing accurately.

Generally, we don’t include martingale systems in our best Forex robot rankings, as the majority of the community has been converted too many times by this type of high risk automation.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $269-$405
  • Strategy: Alrogithmic/Martingale
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

There are 2 options for traders interested in the FXTraderKit robots. They can be purchased separately for $269 or combined for a special offer of $405. Each purchase comes with a lifetime license, user manuals, free updates and 24/7 friendly support. Only providing a single license is a little slim, especially for traders like us who want to test multiple different approaches to find the best Forex robot settings.

Client Feedback

As it stands, there is no real client feedback available for these Forex robots. Check back from time to time, as we will ensure that this post is ranked highly so that the community can leave their experiences and feedback.

Trader’s Sun Results

The FXTraderKit vendor provides a single live Myfxbook account on the IC Markets brokerage. This trading account is showing a gain of just over 240%, with a drawdown of 28%. It’s been trading since March 28th, 2016, and has placed 2451 trades during this time, with the average trade length of 7 hours and 16 minutes. The win rate is 73% with a risk reward ratio of 1:2, with the average win coming in at 9.67 pips, and the average loss coming in at -19.87.

From the outside, the trading account looks very impressive, but there is more to it than meets the eye. When looking closely at this trading account, we can see that it hasn’t really done much of anything in a very long time. While we appreciate the fact that it isn’t losing funds, it really isn’t doing much of anything in the past year and a half. In fact, in 2019 the expert advisor is showing a small gain of just 3.62%.

The majority of the winning came from 2016-2018, but the software doesn’t appear to be performing as admirably now. So, the question is really do we want to purchase a software based on past performance when it doesn’t seem to be showing very well in the present.

Trader’s Moon Results

As for the Trader’s Moon trading results, the FX Trader Kit team provides another live trading account, this one with the Alpari RU broker. This trading account is showing a 236% gain, and a 26.56% drawdown over the course of 1662 trades. The win rate is 76%, and the risk reward ratio is about 1:2 with the average win coming in at 17.61 pips and the average loss at -38.89 pips. The average trade length is just over 23 hours, and the worst trade ever recorded is -260 pips.

Much like the Trader’s Sun trading results, the software looks to have peaked early on in the process with the majority of the gains coming in 2017. It is still winning consistently in 2019, with most months coming in between 1-3%, but is nowhere near the big gains of 2017 or early 2018 that this trading account was built on.


Both of the FX Trader Kit systems, Trader’s Moon and Trader’s Sun show impressive long-term results. The only issue is that the majority of the gains happened years ago in different market conditions. As it stands now, the software still comes across as a consistent one, but not one that’s going to get the 200% plus gains that it may have shown a few years ago.

If you have anything you like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

FX Trader Kit $269-$405
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FX Trader Kit is a package that comes with two separate Forex robots.

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