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EA Review: FXHelix

FXHelix is a new Forex EA utilizing a grid / trend strategy in order to earn “stable profit every day without long drawdowns.” The team believes in putting forth a minimum effort while still achieving maximum results on the AUDUSD pair. We will provide you with a full review and analysis, so you know whether or not this is the type of system you should add to your trading accounts today.

There is no information about the vendor, a side effect the website claims to be powered by Forex Store. We assume this means that the product is owned by the Forex Store, but their website also has no real information about their location or trading history Forex marketplace. It would be beneficial to everyone, for the developer to provide some of this information as to add some clarity and much-needed transparency.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form located on the website. There is no direct email address or phone number.


FXHelix Review

Our first impression of the FXHelix website is that it’s well put together, and quite unique looking. There is a couple of back tests, a Myfxbook account, and some short descriptions about the robot, and how it approaches the market. So, let’s get into that now.


This grid / trend based approach, opens approximately 1 trade every 3-4 days. Is built to analyze “the history of price movements in order to notice of price movement that goes against the expected average movement on currency pair.” Using this data, the robot will make a final decision before opening a trade.

As we can see in the Myfxbook account, the vendor does explain that the trades can stay open in the market for a long time, but claims that this does not prevent the software from being profitable.

The last aspect of the strategy we want to point out, is that the system will utilize martingale tactics in 10% of the trades in the hopes of achieving more profit. Generally, martingale systems don’t make our best Forex robots page, but at 10%, we won’t remain close minded on this just yet.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $210
  • Strategy: Grid / Trend
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Pairs: AUDUSD

The FXHelix is currently available for $210. At this price, traders get access to one lifetime license for any account, free lifetime updates, 24/7 support and a full user manual. The only issue we see with this approach, is the traders only get access to one lifetime license. So, you can either utilize the license either demo account or your live account. Generally, we prefer it least a handful of demo accounts as well, so that we can run more tests, and find the most profitable approach suitable to our needs.

It’s our recommendation, that the vendor adds some demo accounts to the license package.

Trading Results

The FXHelix provides a single live Myfxbook account with the FXOpen brokerage. This account is showing a gain of just over 300%, and a drawdown of 52% since it was launched on July 2nd, 2018. During this time, the robot traded 94 times, with the best rated coming in at 103 pips, and the worst trade losing 464 pips. Even with those numbers, the risk reward ratio is still effective with the average win coming in at 45 pips, and the average loss at 81 pips. This makes a risk reward ratio of approximately 1:2, which is certainly viable, especially when you are winning around 70% of the trades, which this system does.

The only notable concern when it comes to this trading account, is the fact that they suffered a large drawdown of 52%. It’s surprising to see such a large drawdown, because the system is advertised to have an incredible drawdown control. Obviously, this number speaks to a higher level of risk than most other trading systems we’ve recently reviewed, like Algopound and Exaco.


FXHelix comes across as a professional trading robot, with an efficient strategy that doesn’t trade often, but focuses on quality over quantity. This point in time, we are still on the fence when it comes to our recommendation, so we will wait to see more client feedback in real client trading accounts before we come to a final decision.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your comments and experiences below the review now.

FXHelix $210
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
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FXHelix is a Forex trading robot with a grid trading methodology.

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Lifetime access
Myfxbook account
30 day money back guarantee


High drawdown
Trades infrequently

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