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Robot Review: Expert Advisor Company (exaco)

Expert Advisor Company (exaco) is the creator of a MT4 robot that’s built to trade the EURUSD or GBPUSD on complete autopilot. They claim that their software is currently “the best investment for yielding a return of your capital.” In our review today, we will sort through all of the information provided, and conclude whether or not this is a viable opportunity, or one that is still in the process of getting there.

The company is located at Via Carlo Vellani no. 22 – 41012 Carpi, Italy. With a Company register entry no. 03834440368 and REA number: MO – 421702. We do appreciate that the vendor is providing us with information about their whereabouts, and registration numbers, but outside of this there is no information about the traders or what type of history this company has in the Forex marketplace.

The product was first launched on December 12th, 2018. Support can be contacted via


Expert Advisor Company (exaco) Review

The Exaco sales page is quite simple, consisting of license pricing, a few factors about the system, and an introduction to a referral program for traders to earn money by referring new clients. The Expert Advisor Company should certainly expand their sales page to provide more detail, as the best Forex robots in this market all provide valuable insight. In other markets content isn’t as important as it is in Forex, where clients want to know just exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Trading Strategy

There are a few tidbits of information, but nothing that gives us a clear and precise vision of the Expert Advisor Company (exaco) trading methodology.

They tell us that the system is completely automatic, is in compliance with all ESMA 2018 regulations, and will adapt automatically to the available capital in your trading account. So, really the only parameter we are aware of, is money management, which is available in just about every Forex robot in the marketplace has by default.

In this section they also mentioned you different numbers including a promise of 8% maximum drawdown, 75% winning transactions and an overall profit percentage of 30% per year. These aren’t overly aggressive claims, but we will analyze their trading account in the trading results section of this review to let you know if they are measuring up to their expectations.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: €150 to €2000 per year
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

The price point for the Expert Advisor Company (exaco) is quite high, and is based on your account size, which is probably the first time we’ve seen it done this way. If your account balance is under €5,000, then you pay €150 per year. If your account balance is above €5000 but below €50,000 you pay €1,000 per year. If your account balance is above €50,000, you pay €2,000 per year.

Generally, we prefer expert advisors that use a much simpler payment process, and generally one that doesn’t require yearly payments like Forex EA Trader, or Forex Trading Robot DAVE.

Trading Results

The Expert Advisor Company (exaco) provides a single real Myfxbook trading account. This account is with ActivTrades, and using a 1:30 leverage. It’s gained 14.78% since it was launched in October, 2018, with 344 trades, all on the EURUSD pair. Despite claiming the EA works on GPBUSD as well, they don’t seem to utilize this pair on their only trading account.

The drawdown is 11.22% which is 3% higher than the maximum drawdown they promise, but this isn’t an issue as far we are concerned. As a whole, the results appear to be stable, but we aren’t sure if they are impressive enough to pay the exorbitant rates for.

In 2019 the system is showing a gain of 1.71%, which is quite low and a far cry from the 12% gain the system showed in just 3 months of 2018. That being said, there doesn’t seem to be anything suspicious or untoward with the numbers being provided.


It’s a good sign that the Expert Advisor Company (exaco) provides a high level of transparency, when it comes to their trading results. For this they deserve credit, but that doesn’t mean we are providing a recommendation today. As it currently stands, we find that the profit numbers in 2019 are quite low, and we worry that the system may have peaked in 2018. It’s very possible that they are just dealing with a downturn in June, but we would like to see the system performed much better before we decide to invest.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below the article now.

Expert Advisor Company (exaco) €150 to €2000 per year
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Expert Advisor Company (exaco) is a Forex robot promising a 75% win rate.

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Live myfxbook account
Low drawdown


Low profit numbers in 2019
No strategy insight

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