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TWP VIP (Exclusive Forex Signal Group)

If you want real analysis and winning Forex trading signals, my exclusive VIP room is for YOU.

Now, just over 3 years in business, the TWP VIP FX & GOLD (Trade with Pat VIP) signal rooms have over 2400+ loyal members, and this comes from word of mouth only. I don’t do any paid advertising. Which is a testament to how happy the VIP members truly are!

Trades on my Live Account.

If you’re interested in the Strategies we use in the VIP group, this video shows the brief breakdowns of the conceptsthat our Forex analysts utilize providing 1-3+ signals every day.

UPDATE: Just added a FREE Copy Trader available for all VIP members. The copy trader can automatically place trades in your MT4 account, modify them, and close those trades when you aren’t available! So, you can now use the VIP signals anywhere in the world.

The goal of the service is to provide transparent, effective trading opportunities that traders can use and also learn from during the process.

I also provide a few free trading signals each week in my free channel. So, you can see if my trading style meshes up with yours for free before you join our exclusive group of traders.


TWP VIP Signals 🏆

The VIP group utilizes the free app telegram to provide signals. This way you can receive signals on your computer, or your phone with immediate alerts.

There are multiple ways that I provide trading signals in the VIP group.

There are the day trading signals, which are faster trades that are usually complete within a single day, and I post directly in the channel like this one:

Then I provide updates on those signals. Telling you what we are doing with the trade as it’s active.

If the trade is triggered, we move the stop loss to the entry point, whether we are holding for more profits, I’ll let you know throughout the trade.

Then, when the signal is complete, I’ll provide you with the result, whether that’s a win or a loss. I’m completely transparent and tell you how things are going at all times. This is what VIP trading signal win looks like here:

Recent Trade Breakdown

The second type of trading signal is a swing trade which can stay open for a couple days, which is probably about 10-15% of the trades we provide. So, the majority of the trades you get, are day trades.

This is what a swing trade looks like:

The trade will link you to the website, where there is more in-depth information about that signal. This is where you can learn a bit more from our trading strategies.

Signal Statistics

Here are some of the important details you need to know about the VIP signals room.

  • Signals are sent mostly during the London trading session.
  • I send on average 3-4 signals every single trading day.
  • 90% of the signals are on Forex pairs, and 10% of the signals are for crypto trades.

Recent Crypto Trade

This trade provided a 3.44% account gain, risking 1% of the account. I took this trade personally, in my Forex broker (see which broker I trade with here)

This Bitcoin trade banked me over $5,000, closing $1161 at TP1 and $3969 at TP2. There’s also another EURCHF trade in there, which was another VIP signal.

VIP Sneak Peek

If you want to see what the VIP room looks like without signing up, here is a short little video I just took on my phone, showing what it looks like.

Just click the play button above this text to view.

Performance Results

In terms of results we are very transparent. We don’t win every single month, but in recent months we have really turned a corner.

It’s becoming apparent that our new strategies are really in-line with consistent, winning trading.

Here’s all our trading results in chart form for you to analyze:

All results are based on a 1% risk per position. So, if a monthly gain is shown as +10%, but you risked 2% per position, the result is actually +20%. In trading, every positive month, is a GOOD month.

FX ROOM (best month)

FX ROOM (last month!)

TWP VIP FX Results

We are going on 3 years in the FX room, trading all Forex pairs.


The Gold room is our newest room, where we provide trades only for XAUUSD.

All results are based on the best conditions for a single position (terms and condtions for details)

May 2024 Expectations

Expected Profit & Loss +11.5% (+1255 Pips) ✅

For more in-depth results, check them out in either the Free or VIP rooms.


The reviews for the TWP VIP room are really solid.

We have a 4.5/5 star rating. Sadly, two of the negative reviews are fakes, and I addressed that in one of my most recent videos.

For the most part though, traders are very happy with the signals and the VIP education.

Here’s a couple of the most recent reviews:

Here’s another review:

All of these reviews are taken directly from Trust pilot.

Joining VIP

Now, if you are interested in joining VIP, it’s a very simple process.

Just click on the button above, and it will take you to a telegram link. If you don’t have telegram just click the big download button at the top right as you can see here:

Next, once you click send message, it will take you inside the bot to make your purchase.

Just click subscribe, click Stripe to pay with credit card. If you prefer to pay with crypto just email

If you don’t see the subscribe button simply type /start and press enter, or click on the button next to the picture of a microphone.

As soon as you make your payment, you will get immediate access into the VIP group. If you ever need to know how much time you have left on the subscription, just go back to the BOT and click Status!

There are currently three plans to choose from. None of the plans auto-charge, so when the subscription ends, you will not be charged automatically.

  • Monthly FX: $55
  • Monthly GOLD: $50
  • New Monthly FX & GOLD: $99
  • Yearly FX: $265
  • Life GOLD: $400
  • Life FX: $500

I hope you will join the VIP room. Out of all of my many projects this has grown to be my favorite. As much as I love robots, I feel that for the average trader, this is way easier to use.

Our analysts can dig into every single trade opportunity to make sure you get the best possible trades. It’s the lowest risk Forex trading service that I’m apart of to date.

Thanks for reading, and join here.

TWP VIP Signals $40
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


A proven VIP trading room with over 1200 members. Three analysts including Trade with Pat contribute multiple Forex signals every single day. The analysis helps traders learn while profiting simultaneously. Currently, the VIP room uses two main strategies using price action and smart money concepts.

Comments Rating 4.93 (14 reviews)


3 Trading analysts

1200+ Members

Proven track record

Real trading strategies


No copy trading functionality (coming soon)

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. ***WHAT % RR do u suggest to safely use for ur signals to pass a prop? Would .25% be good or .5%?

  2. for the gold vip, do you use multiple TP or just 1 TP?

  3. Whhich prop firms would you recommend? Because a lot of them dont allow 3rd party copy trading or have some maximal capital allocation…

  4. Dear Pat!
    When do you upload the December result? Thank you and Happy New Year!

  5. Hi Pat, After watching your videos and reading reviews I am contemplating joining the VIP room. However I have noticed that 2022 was a great year with great profits but 2023 has been bordering on breakeven most of the time. Did you change your strategy for 2023?We like the 2022 results more. is it possible to be more consistent on those results?

    • HI Pumza, I disagree with “bordering on breakeven.” Any positive month is a great month. I do believe 2024 will be a huge year, like 2022, and we have the best analysts in the world that will get us there.


    Hi pat,

    I just got my funded account so i joined in both VIP&GOLD room
    So the problem is i cant copy trade both of em
    And while using the TelegramConector i got a warning
    And if its possible could please explain how trailing SL&TP works

    Thank you so much 🙏,


    • I don’t recommend using the trailing stop, I think the way we manage trades is best. If you want to test the trailing stop you can, but do so on demo to find a way that you want to use it. Additional features that we add like trailing stop, are requested by clients, and those clients come up with settings that they prefer.

      • Hi Pat. Does your copy trader work with the Prop Firm Alpha Capital Group which uses MT5? I just found this found the following Answer on their site so I’m not sure if I can use your copy trader without risking my account with them being closed.

        Below is what I found in their FAQ section.

        Written by Alpha Capital Group

        No, we do not allow copy trading from other groups.

        We don’t not allow traders to copy other traders’ trades either.

        No Group copy trading is allowed.

        The only copy trading allowed is that from your own external account to your account with Alpha capital group limited, we also require proof of ownership of the account you are copying from to ensure that you are not copying from a 3rd party manager.

        Any traders found copy trading other traders’ trades will be subject to review and potential breach of agreement, You may lose the rights to continue trading on any accounts provided to you.

        • HI Leo, if the firm says it doesn’t allow it, then they don’t allow it. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t though. It sounds like a crappy firm. Every firm should want you to be successful, and if you do that through copy trading, robots, manual trading or a combination of all, I don’t see how that’s anyone’s business except yours. It sounds like they don’t want you to succeed, and they just want you to pay for challenges.

  7. Hi Pat,

    I joined your VIP group and installed the copy trader using the instructions you provided ont the PDF step by step. I left the “TelegramtoMT4” terminal open, my laptop running, and my Hankotrade account (pc desktop version MT4) software open and I can see the two trades you sent this morning (11/28/23) showing up on the “TelegramtoMT4” screen but it did not open the trade on my Hankotrade demo account. Could you please help me in figuring out why the connection did not happen. I also have my telegram account open on my pc. The signal was clearyly recieved in the terminal but never actually opened the trade on my demo account. Any help is appreciated.

  8. Hi Pat,
    Greetings for the day, I’ve been following you for couple of years, despite of all those scammers on telegram your the best out there and your new strategy videos on YouTube really helps to gain some basic knowledge for beginners, I have tried and breached multiple funded accounts on my own, you are my one last hope to get this done, I kindly request you to name your preferred prop-firm that any of the VIP members passed and that allows your copytrades without an account breach.


  9. posso usare la vostra sala segnali VIP GOLD dall’Italia?????????????

  10. Nice signals

    I am in both of your VIP forex and gold signals. Both channels are profitable. But I’m not sure how you calculated and mentioned “In the past 2 months, the VIP room gained 54.19%” at the very beginning of the page. Please explain

  11. Hi, can i you addd october results

  12. Hi, if i use copytrade EA in VIP room, is the SL and TP will automatically update in my side when there is signal for the changes ?
    Or the SL and TP i must update all manually ?

  13. VIP room

    Hey Pat,

    I joined your VIP room last month thinking that your signals were useless. But guess what I was wrong. Thanks to your signals I passed the two-step funding challenge in one month and now I am trading with a real funded challenge. I wish you and your team all the luck and huge trading profits because when you win we win too😉.

  14. Hi Pat,
    I just subscribed.
    Will this EA automatically set the stop loss to breakeven when it hits the tp1?

  15. I am about to sign up for the VIP room and copy trader. I just have one question…in the video you mentioned a couple changes to make in the settings of the copy trader. One being putting the suffix .HKT. But I will be using a different broker so I assume that I don’t put the suffix in. But will the copy trader still automatically enter the trade for me with TP and SL levels set? You also mentioned that when you send the signal to the VIP room, you can manage the trade for us. Is that done automatically also, or do we have to change something in the settings of the copy trader?

  16. Where in the VIP area are the instructions to install the trade copier on a MAC BOOK PRO computer? I see your reply saying a member posted the instructions in the VIP Members Area, but I can’t find their post. Please send them to my email address or post them here.

    • It’s in the download. When you download the ZIP file with all the files in it. There are instructions labeled “Adding EA onto”. These instructions were created by a MAC user, and have worked for hundreds of MAC users successfully.

  17. Hello, I noticed that it says you provide 3-5 signals a day for your gold room.. but in a video you said it’s 3-5 signals a week.. I just wanted to ask if you may clarify that before I subscribe.. Thank You so much!

  18. Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for the amazing trades.
    Have been following the TWP VIP Forex since last week. Subscribed for Lifetime.
    Just wanted to ask if there is any lifetime plan for the VIP Gold Room as well ?
    Kartikeya Singh

  19. I have a funded account with Hanko trade and VIP room subscription as well, please guide me how to get the copy trading Ex4 file to proceed further.

  20. Hello, I’d like to Join vip. But, before that, can we use the copier with free signal? Or the copier is only for vip members? Tks in advance and congrats!

  21. Hi Pat,

    I had the forex robot nation vip lifetime on telegram but I can no longer see that. Has it now become the Trade with Pat VIP group? If so, as a member of the forex robot nation vip lifetime signals on telegram can I have access to the new group?

  22. Hi pat,
    Can i use copier for funded prop challenge

  23. Hi Pat,

    Just joined the TWP VIP group and I’m a bit confused on where to go or start. Where do I get the copy trader for example?

  24. Hi Pat, My broker only uses MT5. Does the copy trader still work seamlessly with MT5 as it does with MT5? Is there a reason you prefer MT4 for the copy trader.

  25. Hi pat,I just signed up to be a VIP member, I use MT5, can i possibly use your copy trader on the MT5 platform ? do I need to follow the same instructions to make the copy trader work for MT5

  26. Hi. I’m from Nigeria, I would like to pay for the VIP group.. is it possible to pay via crypto ? The payment options on your telegram channel aren’t available in my country.

  27. Hi Pat,

    which broker do you use for the trading ?

  28. Hey Pat, I just tried to use the access code that you displayed in your Youtube video today, but it says that “Access code format is not valid.

  29. Lifetime Member :)

    Lifetime member here.. there’s no better SIGNAL room in the WORLD.

    IM trading in 4-5 rooms at all times.

    PATS room is always the MOST consistent out of ANY group.

  30. Hey Pat, what hours do you and your team trade?

  31. Hey hi ryan ur channel is awesome, wish to ask you for the signals which timeline should i choose? As signal usually shows entry tp1 etc etc but not timeline. Cheers.

    • What do you mean timeline? Do you mean timeframe? This wouldn’t matter when copying a signal. You can put the chart on any timeframe you want, it doesn’t change the TP, SL and price levels we send you.

  32. Ok. Stupid question. I haven’t traded forex since 2009, but I’m getting back in. (I was profitable for about 3 years in the 2000s, but took an obscene 5 figure loss in one single asia session…arrogance and emotions.) I quit forex forever that night. Well, never say never.

    I still need to open my acccount with Hankotrade. I’ve checked them out per your recommendation, and they seem great.

    But, I’m delayed cause I’ve never owned a single crypto coin and the only way I can open a Hanko account is with crypto. Will you guys help me through that process after I join VIP. Hankotrade support said they work with Coinbase (and most major wallets). But I know Coinbase doesn’t offer much customer support.

    Also, I saw that you only risk 1% per trade and that sounds great to me starting out. But what leverage do you advise for my copy trading account? I used to use 100 to 1 in the old days and that worked great (you know, until that one asia session).

    John Sparks

    • Awesome John, look forward to having you on board! It’s very easy to use coinbase, or any of the big exchanges. Shouldn’t need help.

    • Hey John,
      I am in USA. Maybe you are too? I am kinda new to this wallet etc. I use coinbase and i got a coinbase wallet to move BTC. It took 3ish days to get the funds to my coinbase account from my bank and then 30 minutes to move from coinbase to coinbase wallet and then 30 minutes to move from coinbase wallet to hankotrade. start with small amounts $50 to get comfortable with the system. I am joining the VIP very soon. It should be a great ride.

  33. HI pat,
    im very eager to join your TWP VIP. Just wanted to know about the trades, I am confused about the stoploss to entry part when the order is triggered. Do i change the stoploss to entry as soon as the order is triggered or when the trade has reached tp1? Will my trade not close if there is a pullback, does not hit the sl and the price again go towards tp? Please teach me as i am a novice still.

    Thank you

  34. Your link to your “free channel” take us to the “Mark Invest” on the Telegram, largely known as a scam. Sincerely, I didn’t understand.

  35. Also, I’m located in the US. If I decide to use HankoTrade and your copier, should I expect similar results as what you post on here since we will both be using HankoTrade?

  36. Hi i have a question.
    if i join the TWP VIP the order will be placed only by the robot or i can chose which signal i want to trade in my MT4?

  37. Hi Pat,

    Is there any difference between MT4 and MT5 using copy trader? Will they do the same trading? You wrote in comments, that you prefer MT4, but I am using MT5 at the moment.

    Thanks in advance

  38. I am wondering whats been going on in the last couple of months? Before that you were averaging 10-15% per month but in recent months its been barely above breakeven. New strategy or what?

  39. Feedback on copier

    First of all the TWP VIP has been great so far. It’s great that the various price levels/targets in the analysis are working well. It would be great if these different pairs were traded with the signals/copier. Yesterday the only trade that came through the copier was USDCHF that stopped when the SL was moved to entry for me. I don’t know about others. I think the trades are great and the copier works well. I just wanted to give some feedback and I wasn’t sure where was best.

  40. Hi Pat

    You’re doing really great job. I have one question, after I purchase your VIP should I use hanko trade only? or can I use other broker as well?
    what are your suggestions I’d like to hear that.

  41. Karnell Triplett

    is the vip still open for new people I want to join

  42. It seems like it works best

    I hope it has best results. Just checking on the outcomes…

  43. Hi- I just purchased the VIP monthly subscription. How do I join the VIP telegram channel? I got the trade copier installed, but I don’t see where I can join the VIP signals telegram channel. I would like to manually follow the signals that you provide in your VIP channel well and not just use the copier, but do not have access to the VIP channel.


    • In the telegram bot where you paid, you get the join link immediately after paying. You can always go back into this bot, and click status to access this join link any time.

  44. Can your trade copier mt4 be used with a different telegram or only your ?

  45. I am trying to join but the telegram link just sends me to the channel with no join options

  46. What were the may results?

  47. Hi the trade copier works great but i have 1 problem. The copier will not close trades manually when i get a close manually signal from telegram. it does not transfer to mt4/mt5

  48. Hi, Got smiley face on Hankotrade and signed up through your link but having problems with Telegram Connector. I am using +1 and phone number but not getting a code. I already have telegram app on my laptop and had telegram connector some years ago and thought that telegram connector was free for one MT4 but need to sign up with their broker.

    My questions are: Is signing up and paying for a year of automated service include free telegram connection?

    I am using my laptop for your service and already have a Telegram App on my laptop. Do I
    need to somehow use the Telegram app on my laptop to connect? I also have the same
    telegram app on my Android. I still have the OLD Telegram password and ID number from
    before. Is this causing the problem? Maybe I need to start over paying monthly and
    continue to use my old information and the phone number since it is the same as is now.? THanks

  49. HI Signed up yearly TWP VIP last week still trying to get some answers. I signed up through your link with Hankotrade. Hankotrade says I can only deposit Crypto. When I am connected with you for your trading in Forex, does my crypto balance change over to Forex currency? I want to make sure I set this up right the first time. Hankotrade does not take Fiat for deposit? How does the exchange from crypto to forex currency work when I am connected with you? What crypto should I deposit in Hankotrade to get this started? Please advise. Thank You

    • I have no emails from you about this, so that’s probably why no answers. HankoTrade also has a live chat on the website you can sue to ask all these questions and get immediate answers.

  50. Hi Pat,
    I have just joined Hankotrade,
    How to use MT5 to copy your trades?
    Do i need to be a VIP member and do i need an EA ?

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