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TWP VIP (Exclusive Forex Signal Group)

If you want real analysis and winning Forex trading signals, my exclusive VIP room is for YOU.

Now, just over 3 years in business, the TWP VIP FX & GOLD (Trade with Pat VIP) signal rooms have over 2400+ loyal members, and this comes from word of mouth only. I don’t do any paid advertising. Which is a testament to how happy the VIP members truly are!

Trades on my Live Account.

If you’re interested in the Strategies we use in the VIP group, this video shows the brief breakdowns of the conceptsthat our Forex analysts utilize providing 1-3+ signals every day.

UPDATE: Just added a FREE Copy Trader available for all VIP members. The copy trader can automatically place trades in your MT4 account, modify them, and close those trades when you aren’t available! So, you can now use the VIP signals anywhere in the world.

The goal of the service is to provide transparent, effective trading opportunities that traders can use and also learn from during the process.

I also provide a few free trading signals each week in my free channel. So, you can see if my trading style meshes up with yours for free before you join our exclusive group of traders.


TWP VIP Signals 🏆

The VIP group utilizes the free app telegram to provide signals. This way you can receive signals on your computer, or your phone with immediate alerts.

There are multiple ways that I provide trading signals in the VIP group.

There are the day trading signals, which are faster trades that are usually complete within a single day, and I post directly in the channel like this one:

Then I provide updates on those signals. Telling you what we are doing with the trade as it’s active.

If the trade is triggered, we move the stop loss to the entry point, whether we are holding for more profits, I’ll let you know throughout the trade.

Then, when the signal is complete, I’ll provide you with the result, whether that’s a win or a loss. I’m completely transparent and tell you how things are going at all times. This is what VIP trading signal win looks like here:

Recent Trade Breakdown

The second type of trading signal is a swing trade which can stay open for a couple days, which is probably about 10-15% of the trades we provide. So, the majority of the trades you get, are day trades.

This is what a swing trade looks like:

The trade will link you to the website, where there is more in-depth information about that signal. This is where you can learn a bit more from our trading strategies.

Signal Statistics

Here are some of the important details you need to know about the VIP signals room.

  • Signals are sent mostly during the London trading session.
  • I send on average 3-4 signals every single trading day.
  • 90% of the signals are on Forex pairs, and 10% of the signals are for crypto trades.

Recent Crypto Trade

This trade provided a 3.44% account gain, risking 1% of the account. I took this trade personally, in my Forex broker (see which broker I trade with here)

This Bitcoin trade banked me over $5,000, closing $1161 at TP1 and $3969 at TP2. There’s also another EURCHF trade in there, which was another VIP signal.

VIP Sneak Peek

If you want to see what the VIP room looks like without signing up, here is a short little video I just took on my phone, showing what it looks like.

Just click the play button above this text to view.

Performance Results

In terms of results we are very transparent. We don’t win every single month, but in recent months we have really turned a corner.

It’s becoming apparent that our new strategies are really in-line with consistent, winning trading.

Here’s all our trading results in chart form for you to analyze:

All results are based on a 1% risk per position. So, if a monthly gain is shown as +10%, but you risked 2% per position, the result is actually +20%. In trading, every positive month, is a GOOD month.

FX ROOM (best month)

FX ROOM (last month!)

TWP VIP FX Results

We are going on 3 years in the FX room, trading all Forex pairs.


The Gold room is our newest room, where we provide trades only for XAUUSD.

All results are based on the best conditions for a single position (terms and condtions for details)

May 2024 Expectations

Expected Profit & Loss +11.5% (+1255 Pips) ✅

For more in-depth results, check them out in either the Free or VIP rooms.


The reviews for the TWP VIP room are really solid.

We have a 4.5/5 star rating. Sadly, two of the negative reviews are fakes, and I addressed that in one of my most recent videos.

For the most part though, traders are very happy with the signals and the VIP education.

Here’s a couple of the most recent reviews:

Here’s another review:

All of these reviews are taken directly from Trust pilot.

Joining VIP

Now, if you are interested in joining VIP, it’s a very simple process.

Just click on the button above, and it will take you to a telegram link. If you don’t have telegram just click the big download button at the top right as you can see here:

Next, once you click send message, it will take you inside the bot to make your purchase.

Just click subscribe, click Stripe to pay with credit card. If you prefer to pay with crypto just email

If you don’t see the subscribe button simply type /start and press enter, or click on the button next to the picture of a microphone.

As soon as you make your payment, you will get immediate access into the VIP group. If you ever need to know how much time you have left on the subscription, just go back to the BOT and click Status!

There are currently three plans to choose from. None of the plans auto-charge, so when the subscription ends, you will not be charged automatically.

  • Monthly FX: $55
  • Monthly GOLD: $50
  • New Monthly FX & GOLD: $99
  • Yearly FX: $265
  • Life GOLD: $400
  • Life FX: $500

I hope you will join the VIP room. Out of all of my many projects this has grown to be my favorite. As much as I love robots, I feel that for the average trader, this is way easier to use.

Our analysts can dig into every single trade opportunity to make sure you get the best possible trades. It’s the lowest risk Forex trading service that I’m apart of to date.

Thanks for reading, and join here.

TWP VIP Signals $40
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


A proven VIP trading room with over 1200 members. Three analysts including Trade with Pat contribute multiple Forex signals every single day. The analysis helps traders learn while profiting simultaneously. Currently, the VIP room uses two main strategies using price action and smart money concepts.

Comments Rating 4.93 (14 reviews)


3 Trading analysts

1200+ Members

Proven track record

Real trading strategies


No copy trading functionality (coming soon)

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. hi, when will you post april VIP ROOM results?

  2. Hi, are you able to provide a myfxbook account with all your signals? I’d like to know the drawdown you’ve had as I use FTMO.

  3. What is the funding account passing chance with your VIP signals?

  4. Hi Patrick.

    I have joined to the VIP group recently. I can say i like the group but i would like to see trade signals with your strategies like: 3 EMA (25, 50, 100), Supertrend, Order block etc. Is possible? Thanks

  5. Pat bro, Can share March results?

  6. What’s the minimum amount to start a copy trader account on HankoTrade?

  7. Hi Pat. I joined VIP once a month. Telegram banned my phone number. Can you help me?

  8. Hi Pat – I joined VIP but cannot get to it to work – I am getting the signals to the telegram blinking cursor page and bot is installed on Mt4 with auto enabled but no trades are actually being placed? Any ideas

  9. Hi Patrick, I would like to autotrade my FTMO accounts using your VIP signals. Will FTMO see that I’m copytrading your signals. And if so, will they have any issues with it. Thanks.

  10. Hello, I clicked on the subscribe button but it doesn’t load, is the link broken?

  11. In the VIP room group , the signal will be visible direclty on the telegram channel or it will be visible through links such as the “swing trade” ?

  12. I got invite to VIP room and choose paypal paying but it does not say where to pay to?

  13. Can you share march results

  14. Hey Pat, Is there a video that shows me exactly how to enter one of your trades you give on hanko? Id just feel more comfortable knowing I am doing it right before I do it at all.

    • At this point I let the copy trader take all my trades, so I’m not even placing trades manually. The copy trader does it for me. There’s videos on this in the VIP members area.

  15. Quick question

    Hi Pat,
    I would like to open an account on Hanko trade for de VIP group and the copy trader.
    But I don’t know which account type is the most suitable.
    What kind of account type is the most suitable for the copy trader: STP, ECN, ECN Plus or ISLAMIC?

    Hopefully you can help me 🙂

  16. Hi Pat, absolutely love the signals and the copy trader! I’m trying it out on a $1k account and I keep getting the notice saying the trade wasn’t executed due to “not enough money”., even when only risking 1% . Do I need to increase my starting capital for the trades to be filled? (I’m in Australia where we are restricted to 1:30 leverage too).

  17. Hi Pat, how does your auto copy trade work? Which platform / system to use?

  18. Hi Patrick, I’m poorna from India🇮🇳 first of all your subscriber in yt two years continue . Twp India family waiting for 1million . How are you I would like to select which sessions is best like . And how to purchase monthly package India currency inr then only gpay and google pay , or upi transaction. then create one idea

  19. Hi Pat, I just joined the VIP signals room 🙂

    To calculate the 1% to risk I’m using

    After entered the data, shall I consider MINI lots to place on MT5, correct?

    (I did once with standard lots but the amount was very small)

    Also, any chance you could add also the stop loss pips when you share a signal? This would be handy to place quicker the trade.


  20. Hi Pat, just testing your signal service on a 2K Real account.
    Question: today you have closed a trade manually (EUR/GBP) but the trade stayed open on my account with its initial SL and TP.
    Will it be always like this, so that the trades closed manually from you will not close on the Robot handled accounts?

  21. Can i pay with USDT the VIP Singal!!!

  22. Hello, do you accept crypto currency for subscribtion to the signals?

  23. do i have to join the vbs service if i want to be in vib group by using ur own robot and does it work on mt5
    thank u

  24. how can i get the promotion discount.

  25. I missed the deal to join VIP on the 25th, I would have joined. I hope you run another promotion soon. Happy Holidays!

  26. Hey pat
    i live in iraq and it is not available to us paypal only visa and master can it be used to jion the vip group

  27. Hie Pat, thank you for this platform. I have been following your free group for quite some time now and I am really impressed with your results so far. My question is that can I use your signals to try out a funding challenge with say with FTMO and actually make it? Have any of your clients done this before?

  28. good pat, I would like to know if the bot that copies the trades is compatible with Ctrader as it is the platform I use for trading.

  29. Sir can u tell me that what about leverage? I can earn 7-10% with or without leverage

  30. Hey pat should I have been seeing your content for days now and I would like to purchase the life time access i have a doubt should I connect the bot to vps or is it already connected

  31. hi, i cant find the option to pay using my card, only paypal and stripe?

    • Sorry nevermind the query above as I see I can pay card with stripe. Anyway can you show a sample format of how a signal is given? Is it the same as in the free channel? Because I like the one in the free channel as it usually suggest a buy/sell stop or limit so to avoid the exact time to go into a trade. I have joined other vip channels and really dont like missing the exact entry point.

      Thank you.

    • PayPal and Stripe both allow credit card payments, they are both credit card processors. That’s their entire purpose.

  32. Hi Pat, please send me an email of how to join. I’m newbie!


  33. Monthly to Lifetime transition

    Hi Pat,

    If a VIP member transition from Monthly to lifetime, will the paid monthly amount be deducted to the 500$ lifetime payment?

  34. Hi Pat, please can you update the results to show September’s profit of loss please?


  35. Hi Pat why can’t I make payment on VIP through Nigeria bank with visa card or master card both are not working at all, pls update .

    • I’m not sure. I use PayPal and Stripe as the payment processors. So, they handle the payments, not me. I simply provide the services. You can pay crypto as well, email for details.

  36. Hey Patrick, would you happen to have a link to the myfxbook account so I can check out the actual figures myself? The screenshots and figures on reviews is all good and well but I like to do in depth research before subscribing to anything… also, if I do decide to subscribe and use the EA rather than taking manual trades, can the risk per trade be modified to 1% or x amount of $ if I want to trade safer?


    • Hi Sam, yes you have full control over the % amount when using the copier. I’m sorry I didn’t get to this comment earlier, but I try to spend time with my family on weekends. The only reason I’m answering this now, and not on Monday is because you gave the service a 1 star review without ever using it, because you thought I was ignoring your comment. When in reality, I was just living my life, and don’t think I should be held to such a high standard where I need to respond to every comment on my website within 24 hours. There is no Myfxbook at this time, we use 3 analysts, and there are differences in how we all manage our trades. This makes it difficult to have just one Myfxbook account.

  37. Hi Patrick, I’m testing out the VIP service and like the results so far.
    The trade copy facility is a really nice addition and I’m thinking of running a separate account using it. (But still running a main account to hit some TP2 targets as well.)
    What happens if I receive other Forex signals on the same Telegram account? Will the signal copier place those trades too?
    Or if it doesn’t place those trades automatically, is it possible to configure it to copy third-party signals as well, if there’s another signal service I also like?
    Thanks and all the best.

  38. Having hard time trying to pay $40 via stripe used a m/c says declines insufficient funds snd i know that’s not correct. Please direct me what to do please

  39. Please I would like to know what the average or approximate time signals are sent out as I’m on the east coast of USA and just an idea on a win pct of vip signals please and thank you

    • Mostly London & New York session Howard. I’m East coast as well, and the overnight trades I just use the trade copier to place them for me. The Trade copier comes free for all members in VIP and works with both MT4/MT5 platforms.

  40. Hey! Is the trade copier still in testing stages or is it fully complete and optimized?:)) Planning on joining the vip group

  41. Ready to get started Will most Telegram forex copiers work with the signals Will consider that option until your trade copier it ready to go

  42. Hi, can I know what it means by -0.44% in the weekly trading results, does that mean you guys send a messge on the group to close the trade manually before hitting the full stop loss?

  43. Hi

    I subscribed to your annual VIP Signal last year, which just expired on the 22nd of July. I wanted to join a lifetime subscription. Is there a discount as I already paid for 1 year’s subscription? I am not getting a personal response via telegram bot. please advise.

  44. Results.

    Hi Patrick.

    I want to ask you about your results.
    Shouldn’t you count -2 % stoplosses?
    Because you count TP1 1 % and TP2 2 or more % for example.
    Thank you for your explanation.

    Dany B. from Czech Republic.

    P. S. Thanks a lot for your videos and all your other trading work.

    • Hi Daniel, there is a full video on this in the VIP members area about trade management. Every member should watch this video when they join. This answers all your questions.

      • Can you send me that video? I can’t find it? Thank you.

      • Hi Pat, you did not address his question in the video. The reported results do not seem to reflect the truth of the signals, since the SL is always reported as 1% while the TP is reported with the higher risk percentage., and therefore someone taking TP2 will lose more than 1% if their SL is hit. You seem to evade addressing this obvious skewing of the results in your responses throughout this forum. Can you please post the true results for the signals if, for example, we took 100% at TP1, as you suggest?

        • There is no TP2 anymore Z, and the results were never skewed. We never claimed two TP’s in the same Trade, we never claimed 2 SL’s in the same trade. Which means if we hit 2TP’s we wouldn’t claim +4%, we would claim +2%.

    • I agree that the work done and strategies are good but the results are not correct. It should be double the loss percentage in results from what I can work out. I’m currently subscribed to vip but I’d like a definite answer to this in order for me to continue subscription. Thanks

      • Hi Shannon, the results are reported based on 1 trade, trade management. This is discussed in the first video in the members area here. We just had one of our yearly members upgrade to lifetime after a year of using VIP, so we’re very confident our clients are getting long term value from the service.

  45. What do you recommend a minimum starting amount?

  46. Hi Pät, i am interested in VIP FRN, i want to know if you will also implement the automated copy trader here.
    If so, by having a VPS installed on MT4, will my account receive the forex copy trader automate signals.

  47. Hi Pat and team.

    A quick question, do you split your 1% per trade into 2 (0.50%) when you have 2 different profit targets?



  48. Hello any news on the mt4 copy trade option?

  49. why send signal at london open,you are from canada,i cant trade at 3 am,we sleep

  50. Hi Patrick, I would like to join vip but I have a question, my country is in Asia, what time do you send the signal? I recently joined the free signal and it sent out just in time for my bedtime, I missed it

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