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Forex ZEON-X Pro Review (HFT Strategy)

Forex ZEON-X Pro is a new automated trading system that claims to blow all their competitors away “by generating an astonishing +155186.38% profit on real accounts.” They believe that this is all made possible thanks to their years of trading experience, which any level of trader can essentially download in 5 minutes. Today we will be providing a full review and letting you know if this is real, or too good to be true.

The developer of this new MT4 EA does not provide any information about who they are, or where they are located. All we really know at this point is that the website launched just over a month ago, thanks to the WHOIS information. Whoever is behind this service should do a better job at addressing these aspects of the service, because it’s important to know the reputation of the creator. We don’t want to purchase a software from a marketer, or someone with little to no experience trading who happened upon an ex4 file.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can submit a ticket on the contact page.


Forex ZEON-X Pro Review

The Forex ZEON-X Pro website is pretty basic, consisting of some trading results, a FAQ, and a few paragraphs going over some of the features. There is not a lot of detail, as most of the information provided is fluff. Sales pages like this are successful with new traders for being simple, but don’t give educated traders nearly enough detail.

There are a few elements they feel their clients should know about the service. They want traders to know that the system uses money management, broker protection, high spread protection and high slippage filters.

These are really basic aspects of most EA’s in 2020, and we expect just about every best Forex robot in the running to include them.


The creators of the Forex ZEON-X Pro robot don’t go into strategy at all. There are mentions of a few different features, but nothing about the underlying trading approach. It’s very difficult for us to recommend any system to our readers that doesn’t provide any strategy insight.

In looking at the trading results, we’ve surmised that this robot uses a high frequency trading scalping strategy. We believe this is the case because most of the trades placed last only between 1-4 seconds.

While we like the scalping approach, we have found that historically, high frequency trading robots don’t work as advertised. This could be due to the broker, or execution speed required, but until proven otherwise, we are going to be very cautious with high frequency trading.

We also prefer vendors be more up front with their strategies, as you can see in our recent reviews of Forex Sugar, ALA Forex Robot, and Super Forex Bot.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $199-$499
  • Strategy: High Frequency Trading
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

For traders interested in purchasing the Forex ZEON-X Pro EA, there are three plans available. The starter plan costs $199, providing 1 real account, and unlimited demo accounts. The Professional plan costs $299, providing 2 real accounts and unlimited demo accounts. Lastly, the Ultimate plan costs $499, providing 4 real accounts and unlimited demo accounts.

All of the plans come with a detailed user guide, lifetime support and a 60 day money-back guarantee offered by the ClickBetter payment processor.

Trading Results

The Forex ZEON-X Pro trading results are impressive, but a bit confusing as well. The website shows many different Myfxbook images, but only a couple of the accounts go to Myfxbook, while the rest redirect to FX Blue. All of the Myfxbook accounts are missing track record and trading driveler verification at this time as well. We would like to see these aspects sorted out, especially considering the very fast gains the vendor is showing.

The main account they provide is with the NDDFX Technology broker, a broker we have never heard of. This account is showing a gain of 537% since it launched on January 23rd. It has a drawdown of 31%, an average trade length of 6 minutes, and a risk reward ratio of 1:1.

Most of the numbers provided are very impressive, but both their live accounts haven’t traded in well over a month, which is quite strange for a service that just launched. So, while we are impressed by most of the numbers, there are a fair amount of questions that need to be answered before we can trust the results completely.


The Forex ZEON-X Pro offer is still a very new service so we really don’t have to make any rash judgements or rush into anything. Before we consider the software for any of our accounts there are a handful of aspects we need cleared up. We need to know more about the developer, anything about the strategy, and understand what’s going on with the trading results. When all of these questions are answered, we’ll revisit the reivew and a consider a recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to add to this review, please comment below the article now. Thanks for reading.

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Forex ZEON-X Pro is a Forex robot that utilizes a high frequency trading strategy.

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Broker protection module
High spread protection
Money management


No strategy insight
Confusing trading results

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