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Forex Sugar Review (Brian Jones EA)

Forex Sugar is a new robot that wants to spread the message that “trading in the Forex market is profitable.” They believe that their software is a revolution in the automated trading market. Focused on a news trading strategy in conjunction with a few technical indicators, this system is a unique new addition going for $299. Today we will be providing a complete review to let the community understand the strengths and flaws of the system.

The robot is owned and developed personally by Brian Jones. While we appreciate that the vendor provided his full name, he does not provide any other details about who he is, or the type of history he has in the Forex market. The only information we’ve been able to find about Brian, is that he owns a blog on medium, that was just started a few weeks ago. The purpose of the blog appears to be promoting this new robot, so it doesn’t give any further insight into his reputation or skill level trading. We would like to know more about the developer, as we prefer purchasing systems from reputable sources.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email Brian directly at


Forex Sugar Review

The Forex Sugar website is pretty simple, consisting of a home page, about section, FAQ and area to login. The presentation starts with a few advantages of automated trading which helps give some detail about this service, and the mindset of the creator. Here are the advantages listed.

  1. Optimized automated trading helps traders profit.
  2. Robots are not influenced by human emotion. This system uses a decision making system based on calculations and indicators.
  3. Traders can make setting adjustments at anytime, and even revert to manual trading when deemed necessary.

These are 3 important aspects that we expect from all of the best Forex robots.


The main aspects of the Forex Sugar strategy consist of a baseline news trading strategy combined with technical indicators. The robot receives signals from the indicators to open positions exclusively in stable market conditions. It is built to utilize the news, in order to avoid any sort of volatility, as the robot performs best in calmer markets. The robot will “pause itself for certain duration during Low Impact News, Medium Impact News & High Impact News release.”

Traders can also be allowed to let the software trade through all news, but considering this is the main aspect of their strategy, we wouldn’t recommend it.

The strategy does seem a bit basic, but it’s more flushed out than most products we review, as you can see in our recent reviews of ALA Forex Robot, Super Forex Robot and FX Rapid EA.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $299-$799
  • Strategy: News Avoidance
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed
  • Pairs: XAGUSD

It’s odd that they don’t mention it in their strategy section, but the Forex Sugar system is unique in that it only trades Silver (XAGUSD). This is a pair that we rarely ever see robots trade, which makes it a bit more interesting.

For traders interested in the robot, it can be purchased for $299 which gives traders access to 1 real account license and unlimited demo accounts. There is a second plan as well, going for $799 and giving traders 5 real accounts and unlimited demo accounts. The second plan doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and they probably would have been better off having a plan with 2 licenses as 5 is overkill.


It’s a bit too early to do much analysis on the Forex Sugar trading results, as they’ve only been active for 22 days at this time. Though, we will do our best to provide the facts.

So far, the account is showing a return of 24% with a risk reward ratio of 1:1. The average win is +42.53 and the average loss is 42.54. The trade length is 85.8 minutes, and the worst drawdown is 6.2%. We are unsure about the drawdown numbers though, as FX Blue isn’t very accurate with them.

At this time, the results look good, but the sample size is very small so we don’t want to put much value on it just yet.


The Forex Sugar software is still in its early stages. We appreciate different areas of the presentation, but obviously want to see much more when it comes to the trading results, and company detail.

If you have anything you would like to add to this review, please do so now.

Forex Sugar $299-$799
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Forex Sugar is a Forex robot that relies on indicators and news events to provide trading opportunities.

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  1. Hello to everyone,
    I’m Brian from ForexSugar.
    Now we have released version 1.06 of this EA and it is doing great. We are continuously work on Forex and on this EA to make it more n more enhance and robust.
    Wish you a happy Forex pipping.

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