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Forex Review: Social Trader Tools

Today I’m analyzing a new web-based platform built to help traders manage an unlimited amount of accounts from any MT4 broker, all in a single platform, Social Trader Tools. The entire platform is hosted in the cloud, and doesn’t require traders to utilize a virtual private server, any special software or complex configurations. All traders have to do, is upload their account credentials and then the account can be managed directly via this platform.

The platform is owned and operated by Titanium Financial Technology. There is no information on their past trading experience, or their location, but they can be contacted via email at The website comes across as very professional, saw not as inclined to challenge their trading credentials.


Social Trader Tools Review

The purpose of the Social Trader Tools platform is to help traders manage multiple accounts. For the most part, this tool isn’t for your average trader, and is much more suited to service providers that are looking for a platform to serve the community.

The platform can be used for account managers, trade copiers, signal providers and they even offer a white label solution so that service providers can brand the platform with their own logo. For account managers, this platform would enable the master trader to load multiple accounts into his platform, and then trade on their clients behalf. The trade copier is a very similar process, with the main advantage being that they offer “the fastest copier in the market with an average replication speed of 50ms.”

When it comes to the signal providers, there is a built in signal page. The signal page can be utilized to simply show your trading performance, or offer a service “in which users can follow your signals either paid or for free.” This platform gives the average trader the ability to market their abilities and sell their signals, if they have an interesting group of traders willing and available to follow their trades.

This service is really unlike anything I’ve reviewed in the past, but it does give traders the opportunity to create their own Forex Social Trading Network, like Alps Social, or Myfxbook Auto Trade.


  • Established: 2018
  • Company: Titanium Financial Technology
  • Type: Cloud MT4 Management Platform
  • Price: $20-1000/month

While the Social Trader Tools team reinforces the idea in their sales page that traders can add as many accounts as they like, this does come with a monthly fee depending on how many accounts you would like to add. For 2 accounts, it’s $20, for 5 accounts it’s $60, for 10 accounts is $120, for 20 accounts it’s $220, for 40 accounts $400, for 60 accounts $600, for 80 accounts it’s $800, and for 100 accounts it’s $1000.

So, this is certainly not a cheap platform to get involved with. If you are running an account management service where you manage 5 accounts, it would cost you $60 per month in order to manage these accounts. Considering the platform is the backbone of the entire business, it does make sense that they charge a pretty aggressive fee.


Currently, the Social Trader Tools platform advertises 12 significant features that they want the community to be aware of. There are no limits for the amount of MT4 accounts that can be managed, it’s a web-based interface, which requires no hosting and provides peace of mind. The platform can be accessed by multiple users, which means you can have the signal service or account management service being run by multiple people. You can sell signals, send email alerts, push events, share accounts and even give traders the opportunity to copy your trades directly.

These are all the features that I would expect from a service of this nature, so it’s good to see that they are all included.


There really isn’t much in terms of reviews yet online, but there are a couple five star testimonials available on the website.

One is from Alex Kinsman, of eHawk Partners Ltd, and he says that “we are in algorithmic software development company. To enable our products to be live tested we needed to import the expertise. Social Trader Tools has totally owned that process.”


I like what I see from the Social Trader Tools platform. While this certainly isn’t for your average trader, this does give advanced traders the ability to start their own service and provide the community with account management, trade copying or Forex signals. Everything comes across as professional and seamless, but I do recommend that anyone interested in the platform applies for a demo so that they can see if this fits their requirements.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave your questions and experiences below the article now.

Social Trader Tools $20-1000/month
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Social Trader Tools is a service that offers copy trading, account management and Forex signals.

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  1. Bad customer service

    I used their platform and they are pretty good, website is easy to manage and the system works really well and fast, all is good apart from the price, which is not cheap but when you manage bigger accounts with time makes absolutely no difference.
    They wont allow you tho to add new accounts (slaves) one by one, instead they make you pay, 20 USD for 1 Master and 1 Slave, 50 USD for 1 Master and 4 Slaves and then 10 for 120 USD and so on which is not the best for new traders / account managers but its not a big issue.

    To resume they are pretty good and the customer service takes its time to answer our emails… and no copy paste answers…. before we actually pay for the subscription, once you do things change.. i had an issue with them and at some point they simply start ignoring me and this went for a long time and after i quit since i wont accept a company that wont reply to the customers questions. So i went back to Duplikium.

    • Ben - Social Trader Tools

      Hi Fabian,

      Sorry to hear you had trouble with our platform and customer service. Our pricing is what it is because hosting each account in the cloud is expensive. We opt for the best servers for the best performance, we don’t set the costs. The packages we use offer most users what they require, however we understand moving to a larger package may result in some unused slots initially. The hosting packages are also not 1 master and many slaves, the system doesn’t care whether your accounts are masters or slaves. You can use any combination of master and slave. Unfortunately we won’t be changing our pricing model as this has worked very well for most people in the last 5 years of service.

      Regarding our customer service, I fundamentally disagree that “we ignore and take our time when replying to customers”. We are a small team but we respond to all enquiries usually within one hour during business hours. I’m sorry to hear your questions weren’t answered, unfortunately I don’t have your email address to search the system and investigate. Please do contact us again and we will look into your enquiry.

  2. Thank you

    Thank you very much for this information. I was thinking about signing up to make money by posting my trades 🙂

  3. Hi ,
    Do you know any other alternative platform to do the same

    • Hello, I’m using Duplikium website, the concept is the same, hosted in the cloud and the advantage is that you can use it not only for mt4, but mt5 and ctrader are supported too. And trade looks to be copied faster, they claim 3-5 ms instead of 50ms for Social Trader Tools.

      • Do you have any slippage data you can share from Duplikium? I’ve been testing Social Trader Tools and think it is fantastic. However, it does not work with some trade strategies due to latency slippage. The back end allows the ability to configure a minimum slippage, but we have found that under 3 pips trades are not executed.

        • Hi Brad,

          Using a trade copier I guess that the slippage depends mainly of two factors:
          1. Broker performance and reliability
          2. Trade Copier internal latency. I had asked Duplikium about the latency on my trades copied and I can see that copy is made with an average of 2 ms (even faster that what they claim). So I don’t suffer so much slippage, but you cannot it completely. Otherwise you can use pending orders with predefined entry price, with Duplikium you can copy them directly on the slave account.

          I hope it helps you.

      • Has anyone make any good profit like consistently

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