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Forex 2000 Pips by Rita Lasker

Forex 2000 Pips is the latest trading robot by Rita Lasker. According to the sales page this automated trading software has a win loss ratio of 84.9%. Yet knowing Rita, the sample size for this data is likely way too short to be relied upon.

Today we will be reviewing this software and analyzing the performance of Rita Lasker’s past projects to give you way good understanding of what you can expect moving forward.


Forex 2000 Pips Robot Review

Every 2 to 3 months Rita Lasker comes out with her latest Forex trading strategy. This time, the Forex 2000 Pips Robot seems to follow the usual routine. Despite there being great advances in trade reporting and data analysis in the past few years in the meta-trader market, Rita continues to rely on screenshots of short trade windows. If you are a Forex robot trader then you likely know that short sample sizes never really tell a true story of how a robot will perform long-term. Almost every single Forex EA can put together a single month of profitability but this doesn’t predicate future results.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $99
  • Strategy: Limit Order
  • Timeframe: M30

Rita Lasker History

While I appreciate the fact that Rita Lasker continues to release systems like the Forex 2000 Pips Robot, it would be in her best interest to catch up with the times. Here you can see a list of a few of her older products. You’ll find in each review we provide helpful advice to Rita but she doesn’t seem to take it seriously.

I could list off more products because Rita certainly releases more than anyone else in this market but this is enough for now.

Trading Results
Lackluster Sample Size

The most important part in the process of figuring out whether or not the Forex 2000 Pips Robot is worthwhile is in the results. Much to my disappointment, Rita continues to provide us with lackluster data in this regard. We are provided with the trading statement that’s just over a month long from December 15th until January 20th. This is supposed to be enough information for us to determine that this is a long term winner, but it’s not. Not only is this sample size 2 short but this sample size is taken during the most erratic time of the year with Christmas holidays creating different market conditions than any other time of the year. Sure, Rita could be showing us this period of time to prove that the system works in all market conditions but one month of trading does not prove that.

There is no my FX book account to even verify the legitimacy of the trading statement. I’m not going to insinuate that the statement was doctored because Rita Lasker has been in this market for a long time but there’s nothing stopping her from doing so because she is not using an mt4 statement sharing service to verify the results.


It’s too early to tell if the Forex 2000 Pips Robot is going to be a profitable robot or a flop but considering the lack of results being provided, it’s hard to believe that this will be a major success. As I always do, I hope that Rita Lasker will take some of the advice in this review and start using statement sharing services to prove that her products are long-term winners.

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  1. I purchased the program forex 2000 pips ea and upon update it is not sent.
    I hope to send the update so that I can work on it

  2. Plz upload the latest results of this EA

  3. Good review.
    Now late August 2017 and I have just seen this robot and no more than te ititial few weeks. Obviously 8 months later than the results. I sort of guess the last 8 months DO NOT SHOW great results.

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