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Easy Forex Strategy (MACD & EMA)

In this video, I’m going to hook you up with an easy Forex strategy that made me nearly $9,000 in just six trades. 

You don’t need any robots or signals to use this strategy, just a brokerage account and two free indicators. A lot of people have been asking me about the strategies that I use to grow my trading accounts. So I think that this simple, easy Forex strategy is a great foundation, a great place to start. And before I give you this strategy, before I reign these pips on you do me a favor, hit the like button, comment, subscribe to the channel. You know, if you do all three of these things, you get a chance at winning Forex Fury or my VIP signals. Now let me show you the trading results, the strategy and everything you want to see about this strategy. Let’s go.

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Easy Forex Strategy (Setup)

Now you can see I’m on a chart. This is an easy Forex strategy. We’re only using a couple of indicators. I’ll show you how to install them. Obviously you can use MetaTrader 4. You can use MetaTrader 5, but I use trading view, trading view is just better. Go up here, Click indicators, then put EMA. You want the moving average exponential. Just click on that twice. We want two of those, perfect. And then go over here and click MaCD boom! Now we’re in business. This is all you need on the chart. We’re doing a one hour timeframe, works on any single pair. You just use a couple of the indicators and then you use a little bit of price action for setting your take profits for setting your stops. Nothing difficult. I’ll go through all of it right now. 

The first thing you want to do is adjust the moving averages. We want the length on one of them to be 50. So just double click on it, change it to 50. We want to double click on the other one. We want the length on that to be 25. We’re all set up. Now I’m ready to show you some trades. 

Easy Forex Strategy Trade 1

So let’s take a look at the first win I had using this Forex strategy last week, this made me $3,300. It was a decent risk reward ratio somewhere about 1.75%. I’m trying to keep the risk reward ratio two to one, one and a half to one somewhere around there. Now let’s take a look at this trading opportunity and show you the rules that you have to follow in order to use this. You can see here, we have the two moving averages. We have the 25 moving average crossing over top of the 50 moving average, which is what we’re looking at right here.

This is telling us that this is a sell opportunity. There’s only one other thing we wanted use for confirmation, which is the MaCD right here. We want to make sure the MaCD is below zero and the MaCD is definitely below zero. The middle line rate here, this is zero. So anything below that is below zero. 

So now we have multiple confirmations. And for this strategy, the third confirmation, if you want to use a third confirmation is to use key levels. You can see here, we have this key level set because of these candles. It keeps being tested. It keeps being tested here again. And if this key level is broken, like we see right here. Now we are looking at a great trading opportunity. As you can see the trade went in our direction immediately, we hit the take profit. 

Now you’re wondering how I set the take profit, how I set the stop loss.

This is easy. You can use a key level like you have right here. You can see, we are testing right here. We were testing right here. So this is a decent take profit area. Or you can just do it based on the stop loss. For the stop loss, We just want to place it above or below based on, you know, if it’s a buyer or a sell. So you put the stop loss above or below both these lines. So both these lines here. So we put our stop loss right here. 

You could also put your stop loss here, or you could put your stop loss here, but I prefer having it tight to the trade. I don’t care if I take losses. I just want a good risk reward ratio. 

And so bad is how you set the stop loss. And then if you want, you can say, Hey, the stop loss is right here. Let me just put a two to one. And then you just stretch out your take profit somewhere around here, and then you win the trade like I did.

If after one trade, you don’t get this easy Forex strategy. Don’t worry, I’ve got a bunch more strategies. I’m going to show you exactly how this works multiple times. So you can use it on your live accounts. And then hopefully comment below the video showing me some of your trade examples using this. Some of your wins, don’t show me your losses. Okay, whatever, Show me the losses too. 

Easy Forex Strategy Trade 2

All right. So let’s look at this second trade. We have a bullish crossover, again, B25 is going over the 50 right here. So we’re looking for buy opportunities. The second thing we’re looking at is the MaCD we want to make sure it’s above zero and it certainly is above zero right here. So we have two confirmations, but I always get that third confirmation. You can see, I have this key level here. It was tested right here, and it’s tested along this line a whole bunch of times. And when it finally breaks through right here, that’s when I’m looking for my opportunity. I’ve got my three confirmations, and then I can just click on this right here and you can actually see exactly what happened with this trade. Let me just pull back right here. You can see the trade went in our direction. It was a very, very good wind. It was a good take profit. You can see, I just set a stop loss based on the key level, the stop loss was set based on just a risk reward ratio of somewhere around two to one on this trade. As you can see here and here, and it was a solid win. This made me another couple thousand dollars. Let’s move to the next trade example.

Easy Forex Strategy Trade 3

This third trade won me another $2,000. So let me get into the rules. Normally we’re looking for a cross, but if we don’t have a cross and all the other confirmations are met, we can have an opportunity. Now, if both moving averages are below the candles, like we see here, then we can have a trading opportunity. As long as the MaCD is below, sorry, above zero as you can see right here. And if the candles are breaking through our key level, which was tested here, and this is broken through, so this is a buy opportunity. Without the cross, you can see it’s not as accurate, but after the candles right here finished through, I decided to provide my buy order right here. So I got in the trade here, we’d shot up. We won the trade. It was a good win, but the market didn’t really trend in that direction, which is why I think having the cross is better. This did bank me $2,000. You can use it where if the candles are closing above your key level and closing above your moving averages, that you do have an opportunity, but I do prefer the cross. 

Easy Forex Strategy Trade 4

Let’s go to my next trade. I think it was a loss. This is the fourth trade. And it was the only loss I had in the two week experiment using this easy Forex strategy. You can see, it looks a lot like the last trade. I didn’t get the cross that I wanted, but the price was above both of these moving averages. I had the MaCD confirmation and I also had candles breaking through my key levels right here. So I thought this would be a good buy opportunity. What I didn’t realize is there was some bad British news. The CPI figures were bad. And so the market ended up going down. It hit me right here once the sellers got in control and the sellers gained control even further right here. As you can tell, the market continued to go down and continues to go down. So this was the only loss I had. I could have avoided this by looking at the Forex factory news calendar, but that’s sometimes just how trading goes.

Easy Forex Strategy Trades 5 & 6

After I l lost the $2,000 in the last trade, I didn’t worry about it. I just kept following the rules of this easy Forex strategy and banked myself $4,000 on the last two trades. So really making up for that loss, not a big deal at all. So you can see here, I have my key level. It’s getting broken by this candle right here. I have my MaCD right here showing that it’s above zero. So we’re looking for a buy opportunity as well as both moving averages right here, right here. These are below. You can see I set my stop loss at below this one right here, which is why it’s here. I set my win right here because this is a good risk reward ratio. It’s an easy take profit to set. 

You can see this trade was perfect. I got into it right here. I never came back to the stop loss line or even my break entry. I went all the way up. I hit this win. It was a really good win. The conditions were met. 

Let’s go to the last trade. I’m just going to flip over there quickly right here. And then here is the last trade that I had this trade I actually got out of early because I wanted to make this video. I think I got out of this trade. Let’s just take a look and see what happened, or let me show you the rules first. You can see here, we have the moving averages. Our price is above the moving averages. We have our key level, which is just clearly getting tested constantly here. It finally breaks through the key levels here. And so now I’m looking for the MaCD, the MaCD is also above zero. So we have our three confirmations. We’re looking for a buy opportunity. I always put my stop loss below these two lines. In this case, I used an old key level in order to provide this stop loss. And then I used the risk reward ratio to get this take profit. 

Now, if we zoom forward and see what happened with this trade, you can see here, we won the trade. But what I did is, I got out of the trade too early. It was a really good trade. It went all the way in our direction up here. But I think I got out of the trade somewhere around here, because I wanted to make this video. It is what it is, but it was $4,000. Let’s wrap it up, you know the rules, you know how to use it. You better make some money with this. Let’s go wrap up some of these trades.


So now you know, my easy Forex strategy, that made be almost $9,000 in just a couple of weeks in just six trades. And I only got one loss.

If you have any questions about it, put them in the comments right now, show me some examples of the trades you take with this strategy in the comments. I’d appreciate that a lot. And Hey, if you got to the end of the video right now, does anybody get to the end of these videos? I hope so, but if you did go to my Instagram account, DM me something like end of video. And I’ll see if I could get the first 10, 15 people. I’ll give them a week or two of free VIP access to my signals. And I just hit a huge 4% winner this morning. I’ve got three or four open trades right now that are looking really, really good. So don’t miss out on that. And that’s really all I got to say guys, thanks for watching the video. Peace.

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