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VIP Forex Signals (Win More Trades!)

There are so many VIP Forex Signal providers on the market, and each come with their own pro’s and cons. After thirteen years in the Forex market, my focus is on attainable growth.

In today’s video recap, I’ll show you some live trade examples alongside helpful strategy explanations so you know why I’m doing what I do!

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VIP Forex Signals

In this video today, I’m going to show you how you can consistently grow your Forex trading accounts using VIP Forex signals. 

You can have results like this, like this, like this, and like this all from real technical analysis, price action traders. So let’s get it going and let’s make some money. Okay. 

Now, before I start showing you some incredible Forex trading results, please first do me a favor, smash the like button, subscribe to the channel. If this video gets 500 likes, I’ll give 50 people in the free Forex robot nation telegram channel access to the VIP signals for a week. 

Say No to BAD Forex Signals!

In order to be successful with Forex signals. The first thing you have to do is say no to bad Forex signals. And trust me, that’s actually hard to do, especially for me because I have a proclivity to gambling. I love to let the dice roll. But when it comes to Forex signals, if someone’s promising 1000 to 2000 pips a week with 10 flame emojis behind it, you have to do your best to avoid that and change your expectations. 

I had a member of my VIP Forex robot nation signal group tell me that my signals were no good. I went back and asked them, what week were you with us? And show us how those signals did. He showed me one week of trading results that he had with us, where he gained 3% and he wasn’t happy because he’s looking at these other Forex signal providers promising 200%, but that’s how you crash an account. 

And if you don’t want to crash an account, let me just pull up the green screen. I’ll show you the trading results I’ve had in my Forex signal group for the last month, show you real analysis, real trades in real percentage gains on low risk, high reward trading opportunities.

Forex Robot Nation VIP

What you’re looking at here is my VIP Forex signal group. You can see, I provide signals every single day, and then I provide you with updates on those signals if I manually exit them, I tell you that. If a buy or sell order is triggered from the signal, I tell you that. And then if I won or I lost the trade, I tell you that too. You can see today, I already hit a 3% Euro/US dollar win, which is great. It’s a good start to the week. And I expect this week to get even better. 

As of right now, we have 277 members, and that’s just over a couple of months. So, you know the service is working well. And one of the best things about our service is that we use pending orders. We are not relying on market execution, like a lot of the other signal services. What that means is that you have time in order to place the trade. If you’re not sitting at your computer or staring at your phone, you can place a trade sometimes up to an hour later and still get the signal, still get the win, so you’re still making money. 

In terms of results, we are really rounding into form having great conversations behind the scenes, coming up with great signals for you. You can see in the last month we gained 9.49%. We did this by having a first week, 3% gain with 153 pips. The second week, we actually lost 0.10% for just -96 pips. The third week was a big week. We gained 3.89%, and that was 111 pips. And in the fourth week we gained 2.7%, which was 80 pips totaling 9.49% and 248 pips. 

To some people they’re going to say, this is not a lot. But it’s actually substantial. If I could get 9.5% to 10% every single month from just any sort of investment at all, I would retire. You would never see me again. I’d be on a beach. I’d be somewhere hanging out with Bezos or celebrities or something stupid. 

VIP Signals Trading Strategy

Now let me get into the trading strategies. So you see what we’re looking for when we’re looking for trading opportunities that we send you. So the foundation of my Forex trading strategy is very simple. I like to follow the trend. So the first thing I do when providing you a signal is, I take a look at the higher timeframe, like the daily chart. I make sure that we’re in an uptrend or a downtrend. You can see in this example, we are clearly in an uptrend. So I’m looking for buy opportunities. 

After I established the trend, we are looking for a trend based strategy.

So you can see, this is what we’re looking at here. You know, we’re going to go up and down, but we’re going to continue going up at each opportunity. 

What we’re looking to do in the Forex robot nation VIP group is not, you know, buy, and then sell and then buy and then sell and just hit every single swing. That is a terrible way of trade. You will definitely lose money if that’s the way that you’re trading. What we look to do is see if the market is going up, okay. We want it to come down. Okay. This is where we get our bit of a pullback. And then we’re looking to enter a trade right here. Okay. And get that sort of win. 

Same thing here. It’s coming down. Okay. Now we are going to enter the trade at the bottom and it’s going to be a buy. We’re not going to just place a sell and then a buy, you know, a sell, and then a buy and keep doing that over and over again. Obviously, we also use patterns and we resistance and support. And so you can see what we’re doing on a lot of our signals is using our support and resistance. You know, we’ll have a couple of lines like this, and then we’ll be tracking the candles. 

What we want to see is the candle break through one of our resistance lines and then retrace back, you know, something like this, kind of like the example you see above. And then, you know, it comes back a little bit and then we’re looking to place our trade here, shoot it up, take our take profit right there. And that is what we do with the majority of the signals that we provide.

VIP Signal Trading Example

Now I can show you some trading examples. Now I’m going to show you an example of the analysis that led to a 5.5% win and 132 pips for all VIP members. You can see, I always start on the daily timeframe. I’m looking for the trend. This is clearly in an uptrend. So I’m looking for buy opportunity. Once I’ve done that, I will often go to a lower time frame. But for this example, I’m going to show you on the daily timeframe as it’s really showing us a lot of different things. 

So what we’re looking at is what we saw earlier when I mentioned the trend strategy, right? It’s all like this. And then we’re looking for the trend up and then the pull back to take advantage of, and you can see here on the daily chart, we’re actually starting to get this trend, right? We’re getting it coming up and then we’re getting it to come down and then we’re coming up again. And so now we actually broke our key resistance level multiple times. So we’re looking for the pull back. We got the pole back here, which is why we decided to provide the opportunity. And then the market shot up. And we ended up with a 5.5% win. Look at the risk reward ratio on this trade. That is a lot of green right here for just a little red. So even if you got stopped out, you’re only losing 1%, but we actually gained 5.5%. 

And if I was going to do more analysis on this trade, I can actually show you that we had a flag as well. So if I just draw from the top here, we had a flag, and it broke through right there. This candle here, let me just move that away from my head. You can actually see that this candle broke through the flag, which was another indication that this was a good buy opportunity. This is the kind of analysis that we provide in the Forex robot nation, VIP group, where we’re absolutely kicking ass. We’re getting close to 300 members. We’re winning trades and everyone’s happy. 


Now we are up 10%, today we’re up 3% already. This is going to be a big week, a big month. We’re really getting it all together. So I hope that you join the Forex robot nation VIP group. I hope that you subscribe to this channel, that you like this video and that if you need any help with Forex trading or anything Forex related at all, feel free to shoot me an email. I actually answer my emails on a day like today when I’m filming, it takes a while, but show me some love. Let’s win some trades, Forex robot nation. I’m out.

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After you click on the link above you will be taken to a robot in telegram (click send message) that will take your order, and then give you immediate access to my VIP channel!


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  1. Hey there i was wondering about whats the minimum balance that one should have in order to subscribe to this service and also whats the recommended balance that one should have because as a student i want to start small

  2. Hello Pat interested in starting with the 1 month VIP signals via your Telegram signals. Do you send out the trade copier once you receive payment?

  3. I will join the VIP group but my first question is what happen to the Forex Furry ?? you were talking about?

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  5. Hi there, I signed up for 1-month VIP via the Telegram ‘Forex Robot Nation VIP’. I wanted to check – after the 1-month experience, a new subscription is required or will this auto renew? I just wish to understand correctly. Thank you.

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