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EA Review: Trading Manager Pro

Today I’m looking at an interesting opportunity for Forex traders to build their own strategies with Trading Manager Pro. According to the developers of the software, they provided over 1000 customizable strategies that can all be automated and used as a Forex robot. The software also comes with default settings, and built-in strategies of other robots that can be picked from.

The developers of the software are located in Signal Hill, California and can be reached via email, or phone, 0817175678. For all of our Forex robot reviews, feel free to view our rankings here.


Trading Manager Pro Review

It looks like there’s quite a few moving parts involved in the Trading Manager Pro system. They’ve certainly taken on a very large project but believe that it is still fun, simple and smart. In watching the video, it looks very simple to choose a strategy, set a few different settings and then have the robot trade on your behalf. Yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the strategy you are creating, or that every setting available is going to work in perfect harmony.

As software like this one, is going to take a fair bit of talent and trading knowledge in order to truly get the most out of it.


  • Type: Forex Robot/Builder
  • Price: $599-1599
  • Strategy: Multiple Strategies
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Pairs: Any

Default Setting / Results

Trading Manager Pro EA does come with a default setting which can be used by traders but it’s really too early to tell if the strategy is viable or not as it’s only been running for one week. During this week the robot has shown some significant pip losses, but it has somehow continued to grow as the lot sizes seem much larger on winning trades.

It’s so early, so it’s hard to tell but I’ve never seen the strategy able to balance major pip deficits in the long term. If the EA is setting larger lot sizes for winners, maybe it should only take these trades. As, if the robot makes a mistake and one of the large lot size trades turns into a large pip loser, this could be quite devestating.

Pricing / Strategy

The pricing model for the Trading Manager Pro is quite aggressive. You can purchase a starter pack which costs $599 per year or you can get lifetime licenses starting at a one time cost of $997 all the way to $1599. Considering how new this robot is, it’s really difficult to say that this system is worth $1000.

Each package is pretty similar, providing traders with anywhere from 1-5 live accounts and 1-2 demo accounts. Considering how the software requires traders to build their own strategies, it would make sense for the developers to provide unlimited demo accounts. With just one demo account it could take months, if not years to fully gain confidence in a personally manufactured trading strategy.

The platinum account (retailing for $1599) comes with set files, that make the robot trade like Delton Pro, Sniper Suite or Spartan Bolt EA. Which makes it likely, this is from the same developer.


It’s really too early to say if the Trading Manager Pro robot is going to be a valuable service or not. The default account has been running a very short period of time, and we haven’t seen any real customer accounts either. It will be interesting to see if customers of this program will be able to create strategies that can truly have a positive impact. On this aspect, I am quite skeptical because it takes a very talented trader, or team of traders to come up with any positively performing trading system.

I’m going to provide a 3 star review for now, and then check back and see what the community is saying as we continue to learn more. Thanks for stopping by please let me know what you think.

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    Would like a update on Trading Manager pro please as your review is out dated.would like a response asap please
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