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Delton Pro Review

delton-proDelton Pro is a Forex EA with a major price tag. One real account license for this robot is going for nearly $6000. The developers believe that the software is worth this price because they have found a strategy that achieves and 89% win ratio.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this new robot and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand if it’s worth breaking the bank for.

Price: $5997.00
Type: Forex EA
Results: Myfxbook
Pairs: “Most Pairs”
Timeframe: Unknown

Delton Pro review

To start, it’s very important to understand if the Delton Pro is suitable for you. With one license being sold for $6000 I can’t imagine this software being worthwhile to any trader with a Forex trading accounts less than $20,000. It really wouldn’t make sense for Forex trader with a $2000 account spending $6000 for an EA considering the amount of time it would take that EA to actually pay off. So, unless you have a huge bankroll I suggest you look at other options.

The people behind the Delton Pro software tell us that we don’t have to worry about risky strategies anymore. Their system doesn’t rely on martingale trading, averaging, switching or hedging. They don’t use any lagging indicators and the software focuses on using real-time prices and current market movements. The EA is a combination of harmonic patterns, naked candle trading, Fibonacci trading and another secret ingredient they are telling us about. The software comes with free updates, ECN support, money management and is NFO, FIFO and MT4 Build 600+ compatible.

On the Delton Pro website the developer has to my FX book accounts, each of which show very impressive gains. When I see my FX book accounts with thousands of percentage point gains I do have to be somewhat skeptical. It’s been my experience in the past that I have a very hard time matching up with the developer accounts when the percentages are so high. Whereas, systems with more modest gains and small percentages tend to perform better. I’m not saying that’s the case with this robot but it certainly something we have to take into consideration before making our final determination.

At this point in time I can’t come to a final conclusion about the Delton Pro EA. While the my FX book accounts are impressive this robot is missing community feedback and community my FX book accounts. I would like to see how this robot performs for real people before I can make a final decision.

I will say this, I find it very hard to recommend any Forex EA that is going for $6000. I believe that this price point is way too aggressive for the Forex market and the average daily trader. Please let me know what you think about this system by writing a review and leaving a comment below. Hopefully we get some real testimonials and trade accounts in here soon.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. i am getting an error message “global initialization failed” what do i do with this error message

  2. I don’t believe it. Scam.

  3. Hi there guys and thanks to forexrobotnation for this life saving info. wow!
    Was checking this Delton Pro for quite some time now and didn’t find such elocuent data about it anywhere.
    Serious questions that need to be answered like the chicago office and the giy behind this ea. to say the least.
    Thanks to all who shed some light to this forum.

  4. Hello, can you help me? You can tell me the right parameters for Delton Pro V2.2?

  5. i makes with this ea on demo account 100% per week used recommended pairs and MM 0.50 and i will test the filters and will see

  6. Hi All,

    I have been given Deltonpro Evolution 3.0 today and am running on a $240 account lets see how it goes.

    You should be able to see it via links i have previously posted. start date for this robot is 23 / 8 / 2016 after nzdjpy last trades i have done i will run on suggested pairs with the presets loaded i was given

    Thanks Daniel

    • Are you not the same Danial who told me a month ago that I would need a $1000 deposit for a lot size of .01? What are you doing with only $240 deposit, or are you just wanting to see what happens and maybe get lucky and build up the acct. from that small amount?

      By the way, I did increase my demo balance to $10,000 with .1 size lot.

      After 3 weeks I am up over $1500 in profit and this EA withstood pretty large drawdown on 3 pairs at the same time. It took awhile but came out of it in good profit.

      • HI Dennis,

        Yes i am hoping tol build up account again with the new version not the old one its different not holding my breath either lets see what happens

  7. Hi Admin,

    The below is what delton pro sent me via paypal.

    Can you help with refund of this purchase please this is what i was told i followed instructions never told to put the other 2 filters on for refund please advise.

    Thanks Daniel

    Hello Daniel,
    With our refund policy, market like yesterday a one big trend movement of more than 100 pips can’t include as valid position Refund Policy: In order to request a refund, clients must provide his/her Forex Metatrader 4 account investor password for genuine investigation that the account losses is caused by our Expert Advisor program Refund is not valid if the failed of the account is caused by trader’s psychology such as using too high risk to trade or technological failure such as trader’s VPS or Broker loss connectivity and when the market trend is more than 100 pips without trader turning on RSI and ADX filters

  8. Hi All,

    Sad news today Delton pro versio 2.20 has wiped me out only left with 2.20 form an 8k account not bad for a few months wow.

    I don’t know of any real profitable eas around i dout very much i can trust after this on considering price i have requested a refund due to negative resluts lets see how i go i shell let you know.

    i did follow there instructions but this robot will wipe out if you follow with my account being 8k i dont know

  9. Think twice before you buy this EA….

    I used this EA for a short while(real), and i would warn everybody for this EA.
    It’s not all bad, under normal conditions the EA performs well, but in high-volatility times, things can and will get nasty very quickly.

    I was charmed by their good reviews, and had the idea that i would BE in short time, but this is not what happened.

    But offcourse losing is part of trading, so this was not really the bad part…

    Since i only used it short, after some bad losses, i asked for a money-refund, and was surprised about the reply’s i suddenly get from their support department. They used a lot of arguments, but did not respond to the actual fact that i had a bad loss with one of their recommended pairs. All to back-up their denial of the refund.

    For the money they ask for their EA, you can buy several different EA’s with a good straregy. The basic, and aggressive strategy they use is martingale. Martingale performs well, even very well under normall conditions, but in more or less extreme conditions, it can become a blood bath quickly!

    So, my honest warning to everybody is…..BE CAREFUL AND DON’T DO IT!

    • Dear Eric,

      The martingale feature we have is one step further than any other martingale strategy available.

      There is no a lot of argument on your account.
      It is important to not changing our martingale strategy setting that we have recommend you to use along with our MM rules so the Delton pro system will working well, because we have proven setting and strategy
      Yes it does giving you profit but as you see on your account eventually if you are changing the strategy, things indeed can go to an unfavorable way

  10. I’ve been running the demo for 2 1/2 weeks and I’m up almost 40% with a $1000 acct. The cost is actually $1599.00. Supposedly a temporary sale from the listed $5997.00, but it may end up to be the regular price.

    • Hi Dennis, glad to hear you are having success. Can you show me your account? My other readers aren’t doing very well with this software.

      • Hi,
        Is there a way to get an email notice when someone replys to my message?
        I often forget to check back.

        Anyway, I’m up to almost 60% in just over 3 weeks. From my general observation when trades open, drawdowns only seem to be about 20% at the most.

        I know there’s a better way of getting you my results statement.
        I saved it [webpage HTML] but when I email the link to this computer the link doesn’t work. I thought these statement could also be saves as a text file, but I don’t see that option. Any advise?

      • When I woke up today I see that the EA came back down to Earth. Had my first basket trade loss. My acct. was set to be about 80% profit in one month. I know that can happen but it’s not realistic.

        • Dennis i can see you set lot sizes to high for that deposit your account will 100% wipe out if you continue for a 1k account it needs to be 0.01 and increase each k so when you get to 2k lots should be 0.02 ect or you can increase once you reach 5k its safer.

          hope you read this before your account wipes out

          • I only just now read your reply.

            You’re right. That’s why, with my account rising again to 70+%, it was wiped out [to $132], early Monday morn.

            Although this EA depends on pullbacks to be successful, [which is very common in an up or downtrend],
            when it traded the EUR/AUD Sunday night / Monday morning, We had 12 candles [12 hours], without any pullback of any significance. The retracement happened starting with the next candle. By then it was too late.

            I’m glad I caught you message because I was going to give up on this EA. I can see now that this EA will be successful with smaller lots as you say.

            By the way, thank you for your concern, but this EA is on a $1000 DEMO acct. which I almost skipped and went right to a read acct. Thank you very much.

  11. It scammed me out of my whole account overnight .please for your own sake stay away from these guys. There is no office in Chicago, there is no jeremy delton. Its 1 asian guy living in Bali.

      • Victim of Delton Pro

        Jay is right…on your website it’s all fake numbers for Chicago and Bali office. What’s your trade license mention that if you can
        There’s no Norman Gale and no office in sears tower only the Asian guy

    • Hi Jay,

      I have had very good results in my accounts have a look this is the only robot i have purchased that makes money its a very good robot and should be up with the others instead of down here

    • We promise with the correct Money management and using our setting, you will have the exact result as in our real account running results

  12. I am starting real account with deltonpro v2.2 my account is in negative disregard nzdjpy as this is not deltonpro.

    Lets see if it can get a real account back into the positive

    The link is

  13. Well they are offering a demo for free now. I am on day on…8 different currencies and no trades so far.
    It does use martingale. Which is risky.

  14. HI All,

    I have downloaded a copy of the trading robot demo mode not real and am going to let it run for a while to see how it trades.

    Here is a link to see it work i will be letting it run all conditions not stopping with a starting balance of 3k here is a link to watch it work if they let the link work

  15. At this price i think he cooks and cleans the house to..

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