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EA Review: FX-Orbital

Today I’m reviewing a new expert advisor claiming to provide the community with a much-needed influx of professional meta-trader 4 performance, FX-Orbital. They believe that they can create something special for every single customer that they acquire, because their software is performance-based, and is built-in a way to ensure long-term trading profits. As much as they push the idea of their professionalism, the website isn’t very professional, and I’ll touch on that more than the review.

The developers provide us with no information about their whereabouts, or trading history in the Forex marketplace. We do not know who the creators of the software are, or what type of coding and trading experience they possess. A professional company would provide all of these details, instead the only information we have, is that they provide support via


FX-Orbital Review

The first thing I noticed about the FX-Orbital website, is that the developers are clearly using a theme, which they haven’t spent enough time editing. The 2nd title on the website reads “our creative team consists of the expert skilled in all areas of web design.” This is clearly a mistake, because they are selling a Forex robot, and not a web design service. Likely, the vendor is using a theme, and forgot to edit this headline, but considering it’s the 2nd main headline on the website, this isn’t a good sign. All this goes to show, is that the vendor didn’t spend enough time putting together the website, which is a pretty major oversight considering that this is the platform they are using to sell their system. The rest of the website is poorly designed as well, but I’m going to do my best to not let this influence my judgment drastically.

In terms of strategy, the aspect that I usually discuss in this section of the review, there is very little information provided. The developers tell us that they utilize a news filter, an invisible mode, and a market domination algorithm which uses some sort of trend signal strategy. Nothing is really explained in much detail, so we are left to make our own judgments and assumptions about the software.

This lack of information is often way too frequent in the Forex robot marketplace, as you can see in my recent reviews of Exreign, QuivoFX and Forex Dream Machine.


  • Type: Forex EA
  • Price: $109-137
  • Strategy: Grid
  • Timeframe: M30
  • Pairs: AUDUSD

While the developers don’t elaborate on their trading strategy, the most recent review on FPA claims that the FX-Orbital robot is using a grid approach. Grid trading is complicated and very risky, because there are few developers that can properly coded basket trading approach that doesn’t eventually empty outer trading account.

There are 2 options available for traders looking to sign up. The first option goes for $109, and provides traders with 3 meta-trader 4 account licenses. The second option costs $137, and provides traders with 4 meta-trader 4 account licenses. There are no differences between these options, other than the price and the amount of licenses provided. All of the licenses can be used on either demo or real trading accounts.

Trading Results

The developers of FX-Orbital are currently providing one trading account to the public. This is a live trading account with the Fort Financial Services brokerage, hosted on Myfxbook. The account is showing a gain of just over 300%, since it first started running in May, 2018. This is an impressive return, and make so to an average monthly gain of just over 50%. The drawdown is just under 50%, which is pretty high, but in line with the principles of grid trading, and the likelihood that there is a potential for the account to blow up.

It’s also important to note that the software had an incredible month of May, and hasn’t really done anything substantial since. In May the software accrued almost 200% in gains, while June, July and August have only combined for a gain of just over 30%. It is possible, that in this very small sample size we are analyzing, that the software will not return to past glory, and that it happened to be perfect for those market conditions.

This is certainly something we will have to analyze, as we watch the expert advisor performance over the next few months.


There are both positives and negatives when looking at the FX-Orbital EA. The trading results are pretty impressive, despite the 50% drawdown, and I appreciate the fact that they are hosted on a verified Myfxbook account. Some of the issues I have with the service, is that the developers are lacking professionalism, don’t provide any information about the strategy, and are potentially hiding the fact that this is a dangerous grid trading system.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and comments below the article now.

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