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EA Review: FX Flight Pro

FX Flight Pro is an automated trading system promising to revolutionize Forex trading by bringing market-leading innovations into the Forex robot industry. The software is being advertised as a complete trading package with a proven trading system that will allow traders to “invest today and start making money tomorrow.” Despite only being on the market for less than 60 days, the vendor claims that the latest edition of their software is providing extraordinary trading results on their real money account.

Much like many of our other recent robot reviews, this vendor provides no information about who they are, where they are located in offer is no context about their trading history. This lack of transparency is disappointing, and really puts the vendor on bad footing before the review is even truly started. First impressions are very important, and this is simply another vendor that isn’t taking the time to provide real details that the community is interested in hearing.

In order to contact support, traders can fill out a contact on the website. The team does not provide any direct email address or phone number.


FX Flight Pro Review

The FX Flight Pro service promises a handful of top features. They promise stable profits every month, compatibility with all MT4 brokers, 24/7 support, free updates, drawdown control and a trend following strategy that can be trusted. They believe that the software is so effective, that after a client purchases it, the software will pay for itself with winning trades in a single trading session.

The website itself is slightly unprofessional, disjointed and lacking real detail in almost all of the major areas of concern. It’s also poorly written, and likely put together by someone who speaks English as a second language.

In its current state, they will not be entered into best Forex robot contention.


The vendor does very little to provide any actual detail about the trend following strategy they claim to utilize. Instead, they tell us that the product is perfect for all levels of traders and that it will easily generate profits.

So, basically the vendor has decided to go with what explanations instead of giving us any real methodologies.

We expect much more from Forex robot developers and 2019, and while we seen this with many other robots like the Forex Alpha EA, or Arbitron EA, it’s still not an excuse.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $175-$255
  • Strategy: Trend following
  • Timeframe: H1

There are currently 3 plans available for traders interested in purchasing the FX Flight Pro EA. With all of the plans, you get access to the same trading system, but there are additional fees for clients that want more licenses. For $175 traders get access to 2 licenses. For $250 traders get access to 4 licenses, and for $255 traders get access to unlimited licenses. The 2 and 4 license accounts are for demo and live.

The price differential between 2 licenses and unlimited licenses, is only $80, which is quite surprising and not this the upsell you would expect from an expert advisor vendor.


The vendor provides two FX Blue accounts as proof of the FX Flight Pro EA’s performance. As you likely know already, we prefer Myfxbook and find that there are many FX Blue accounts that don’t offer the true transparency that we are looking.

The main trading account provided is showing a 100% gain over the course of 57 days. During this time, the product is placed 16 trades per day with a risk reward ratio of 5.82. The average trade length is 25.7 hours, and the trading winning percentage is just below 70%.

These numbers are acceptable, but there are a couple issues with the results that are notable. The drawdown is 63.5%, which is incredibly high, and means that over half of the account was at risk at one point. Generally, we hope to keep drawdowns below 30% when dealing with automated trading systems. Another issue is the fact that the system is actually lost over 1700 pips in total. Despite this loss, the account is up, but that seems suspicious as well. Generally, accounts that are losing pips, are also losing money unless there is some strange money management system being utilized.


As it stands, we have very little interest in the FX Flight Pro software for multitude of reasons. The trading strategy isn’t provided, the trading results are shaky at best, and the vendor has a real lack of transparency wrote the entire presentation.

If you have anything you would like to add review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

FX Flight Pro $215
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


FX Flight Pro is a Forex robot that comes with free updates and built-in drawdown control.

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Drawdown control
Free updates
MT4 broker compatible
FX blue account


No myfxbook
Little strategy insight
No client feedback yet

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  1. It is SCAM. It is same free martingale EA Ilan.

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