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EA Review: Apex Scalper

Apex Scalper is a Forex expert advisor that uses a scalping strategy in order to enter and exit the market quickly. First released on July 13th, 2017, the robot is now up to version 2.5 with the last update coming on November 6th, 2018. The vendor has updated the software on multiple occasions, which is a positive feature the service, and bodes well for the future of the expert advisor.

The robot is owned and operated by Cutting Edge Forex LLC, located in the United States, run by Joseph Smith. This Forex product producer is also the creator behind Legend, Sentry, and Ascent II, a collection of automated trading systems being sold on the MQL5 marketplace. None of these products are considered to be the most popular in this marketplace, but the vendor does show the necessary skill level required to develop proper trading strategies. In order to get in touch with support, traders can direct message Joseph via his MQL5 profile.


Apex Scalper Review

In terms of strategy, the Apex Scalper uses a “unique algorithm that detects emerging supply and demand areas as they evolve and then enters positions into the forex market at these levels.” This algorithm works in conjunction with price action in order to determine viable trade entries. The vendor also makes note that the software does not use any grid, arbitration, hedging or martingale strategies, because they prefer a low risk scalping approach. This methodology is one that we subscribe to regularly with the best Forex robots available.

Every trade is protected by a hard stop loss, and more advanced exits including break even loss prevention, smart trailing stop and partial closing positions when necessary.

You robot is developed for the one hour time frame, and just 3 pairs, GBPUSD, EURUSD, and USDJPY.


While it’s clear that there is a solid trading strategy and backbone to be trading software, it isn’t elaborated into much detail. The Apex Scalper developers do provide a list of their parameters though, which can give more advanced traders a look under the hood if you will.

These variables include money management, risk, lot size, sample period, look back period, order offset, max spread, take profit, stoploss, trailing stop, break even, use partial close and a handful more. Traders can also specify time restricted trading, in the exact hour of the software should exit trades on Friday.

It’s good to see vendors providing their parameters, as we can see in recent reviews of Daily Forex Robot and Worthy FX Trader.

Robot Analysis

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $199
  • Strategy: Price Action / Supply and Demand
  • Timeframe: H1

The Apex Scalper is reasonably priced at $199. Traders can also test the software on a demo account before purchasing which is certainly a recommended step in this case.

See the full analysis on the right.

Client Feedback

Despite being available since 2017, this robot only has two reviews. One of the reviews is a 1 star, and the other is a 5 star, so both sides of the spectrum are covered.

One reviewer claims that his back tests well, but it doesn’t trade impressively on live accounts. The other reviewer believes that this is the best scalper on the market, and that he uses it with pairs that are recommended by the vendor, XAUUSD and EURJPY.

You can peruse the feedback here:

Trading Results

The vendor provides a video, a backtest and an MQL5 signal page to verify their Apex Scalper EA trading results.

The system is showing a gain of 108% over 26 weeks, with a 3/5 reliability score. During this period, the max drawdown has been 17.3%, and the win to lose ratio is 86.9% wins to 13.1% losses.

The average holding time is 16 minutes, and the risk reward ratio is 6-1 which is in line with most scalping systems.

Utilizing a low spread broker would certainly be important for a strategy like this one.


The Apex Scalper shows some potential because the vendor looks to have a strong background in the Forex marketplace. Yet, the system hasn’t generated very much publicity, and nobody has even commented or reviewed it on the MQL5 sales page since 2017. It’s very possible that this is a standard robot, but considering the developer updated in under 6 months ago, makes us believe otherwise.

If you have anything you like to add to the review, please leave your questions below the article now.

Apex Scalper $199
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Apex Scalper is a Forex robot with a well-defined scalping methodology.

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