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EA Review: AI Global Markets

AI Global Markets is a Forex robot developer with 2 systems currently on the market, Benjamin and Hamilton. Both of these products are labeled as “AI powered trading software” for there technologically advanced utilization of artificial intelligence. In this review, we will be analyzing both of these expert advisors, and letting you know if I should be integrated into your MT4 or MT5 platforms. As always, you will be able to find real customer reviews and comments below the article.

AIGM or AI Global Markets is located at 4555 Mansell Rd. Alpharetta, GA 30022, United States. Their office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm EST, and they can be contacted via email

In their about us section, they also refer to their money back guarantee policy, which is merely 7 days. If traders cancel the subscription within the first 7 days, they can receive a full refund. This is a very short return period, and really doesn’t give traders the opportunity to test the software sufficiently on a live or demo account. Even 30 days is short for trading as far as I’m concerned, but it’s much better than 7, which is really unheard of in this market.


AI Global Markets Review

The AI Global Markets website comes across as professional and well put together. Most of the information is little too succinct, but they do believe that they can be “a helping hand in a rewarding market.” This team created the automated software in order to open up the financial markets to everyone, and make it much more accessible. They believe that they have created 2 of the best Forex expert advisors, and have included 6 reasons why they believe traders should choose them ahead of their competitors.

These reasons include, total control of your funds, great for all levels of traders, mobile optimized, full control over the software, incredible support and performance. The vendor tells us that thousands of customers have already implemented their software. There really doesn’t seem to be any proof to back this up, and doing a few Google searches doesn’t help their cause, as there are little to no reviews about the service all. You would think, if this company and thousands of clients, that someone would be saying something about the product somewhere.

Benjamin MT4/MT5 EA

Built for both MT4 and MT5, the Benjamin EA is the first system the AI Global Markets team ever released. This robot is built to scan the financial markets including and “” which we would assume is in order to “replan the trading course.” At side of this odd sentence, the vendor doesn’t really give us much information about the strategy at all. We are told that the system utilizes artificial intelligence, and that the software carefully plans entry/exit points, but none of this goes into any real detail about the actual methodologies.

The vendor does provide us with some of the parameters of the robot:

  • Minimum percent change
  • Profit points
  • Lot size
  • Chart period for cost averaging
  • Trailing stop
  • Maximum number of trades
  • Cost averaging technology

From what we see, the system looks okay, but they need to provide more information.

Hamilton MT4/MT5 EA

Again, built for both platforms, the Hamilton EA is the second EA produced by the AI Global Markets team. Much like the Benjamin EA, the system isn’t explained in much detail. The overview is actually the exact same overview other robot, with the only changes coming in the different parameters. You can see them here:

  • Pips until 2nd trade
  • Profit points
  • Lot size
  • Take profit
  • News control
  • Maximum number of trades
  • Stop loss

The presentation is acceptable, but nothing that blows us away.


Both the AI Global Markets cost the exact same amount. They are each going for $199, and then $145 per month every month thereafter. This is a very expensive upkeep, and considering most robots give you the license for life, these expert advisors better blow us away with their trading results.

Trading Results

Much to our disappointment, the trading results for both the Benjamin and Hamilton expert advisors is lack luster. The vendor doesn’t have any verified trading accounts whatsoever. Instead, they provide a scroll of 3-4 text message images showing very small sample sizes, of 1 week trading in 2018.

These results are not acceptable, and they are certainly not in line with the level of professionalism the rest of the AI Global Markets website boasts. This lack of trading results is rare in this market, as you can see in our most recent reviews of Forex Cruncher, and Pattern Trader Pro.


With no demo or live trading accounts available, there’s no way that anyone should invest $145 a month in the AI Global Markets products. The vendor needs to drastically overall trading results, and provide us with some actual proof. In 2019, there is no excuse to be relying on 3-4 images, as it’s simply not viable proof or transparent in any way.

Outside of the results the website comes across as quite professional, but until they resolve this issue we won’t be able to recommend them. If you have anything you like to add to the review, please leave your comments below the article now.

AI Global Markets $199 then $145/month
  • Pricing
  • Strategy
  • Trading Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


AI Global Markets is a Forex robot developer selling two different expert advisors.

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Good customer support
Professional company


No trading results
Exorbitant price

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