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Dex FX Markets Review

Dex FX Markets is a bit of a catchall Forex trading service, as they offer trading signals, trading, consultation, automated trading and web-based tools. They believe that their goal in the Forex marketplace, is to help traders find their ideas of success. Today, we will review this community and let you know if the services they are providing are viable and proven opportunities.

The service is owned by Our City Investments, LLC, located in Landing, New Jersey, USA. In our additional research, we found very little information about the company, or the type of trading history they have in the Forex market. In order to get in touch with support, traders can call 1-603-369-6875 or email


Dex FX Markets Review

Unlike most services that we review, the Dex FX Markets product line is much more widespread and all-encompassing. Despite providing quite a few different services, the vendor doesn’t provide in-depth information about any of them. Obviously, this makes reviewing each service difficult, especially because there is little to no client feedback on this community anywhere online. This is not uncommon though, as you can see in our recent reviews of LeapFX Trading Academy and FXTP Signals.

Hopefully, this review acts as a hub for traders that are interested in the service, and that have used the service, so we can get some real user client feedback.

TNT Challenge

One of the main offers provided by the Dex FX Markets group, is their TNT challenge. This challenge is built to help traders learn a simple Forex or Nadex trading system, using “custom indicators like support and resistance” to help traders determine manual trading opportunities.

This challenge provides the first month free, as long as traders create the trade Journal, completed video course, attend the regular webinars and set up a personal consultation. After the first month, the product costs $47 per month.

The service comes with a trading system, simple video trading and professional consults where you can speak with traders one-on-one to ensure that you are trading the system properly.


  • Type: Copytrading, Signals, Indicators
  • Price: $97-$247/month
  • Strategy: Multiple Strategies
  • Timeframe: Any

Depending on the Dex FX Markets service you are interested in, the price fluctuates anywhere between $97 per month, to $247 per month. The cheapest package, is the TNT challenge which goes for $97 per month, despite claiming to be $47 per month on the TNT challenge sales page, which is confusing and unorganized. The copy trading Step Bot software cost $147 per month which is quite expensive, and not really worth it because the vendor has only shown that it’s capable of making $700 over the course of 7 months. Which means, if you followed their provided account set up, you’d be down around $300 in total.

For all the packages combine, is to hundred and $47 per month, which again we believe is too steep given the information and trading results we been provided to this point.

Step Bot

The Step Bot is the second most popular service provided by Dex FX Markets. This is a copy trading system that the vendors described as “the most consistent, highest yielding Forex trading bot ever.” This program is built to copy trade in any MT4 platform, and provide consistent trading results.

There is a 17 minute video, which is supposed to show how the Step Bot can set up a five-year millionaire retirement plan, but it doesn’t seem very realistic. We are much better off analyzing the Myfxbook accounts they provide, as that is a much more accurate depiction of the service. There are 2 Myfxbook accounts provided by the vendor, but 1 was removed from Myfxbook by the vendor. Hopefully this account didn’t bust.

The one account they do provide, is a demo with trader’s way showing a 34% gain, with 15% drawdown since it was launched December 5th, 2018. During this time, the account is showing a $691 gain, on the initial $2000 deposit. There have been 606 trades, with an effective win loss ratio, with the average win coming in at 16 pips, and the average loss coming in at 21 pips. The numbers are in line with the best Forex robots, but at a slower rate.

The results are pretty consistent, but they are on a demo account, and they aren’t very substantial. In fact, if you have a $2000 account, and you copy traded with the Step Bot this entire time, you would actually be down money, because the product is making more money than it costs to purchase the monthly subscription.


As it stands, there are certainly some interesting aspects to the Dex FX Markets services but we are unsure if it’s worth the exorbitant price tags. The best opportunity we see at this point, is to take advantage of the free month of the TNT challenge. This would be a good way of testing the service, and seeing if you agree with their trading practices. As for the Step Bot, the numbers just don’t add up right now.

If you have anything else you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Dex FX Markets $97-$247
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Dex FX Markets is a Forex signal service and trading robot developer that promises a 95% win rate.

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Multiple services
Myfxbook account


Little detail on services
High prices

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  1. They had some glitches last year with their robots, including the Stepbot, Dexbot and Xedan. Stepbot was doing well, but got blindsided in 2/20 with the market swings. Dexbot is v. risky. Xedan was based on historical nadex data – I always lost, however. They are coming out with a new Xedan system that I am waiting to see what the results are. I think Max tries his best, but unfortunately, the company has changed it’s product base and operating fees. They are quite pricey! I have not made any money after 2 years of working with them.

  2. We have had a revamping of the site and everything is included in one package right now for $127 a month which includes both the nadex side and forex side with the dex bot and step bot. The step bot copy service is just $29. We are a small staff so sometimes an email may get overlooked but we also have other way to contact us including the on site chat and when someone like walter gets charged after making a cancel request, they are immediately refunded and offered discounts if they would like to return. 95% of those who leave say it’s because of time or money restraints, Not our lack of service. We invite anyone who wants to have a look come join for free

  3. I paid for the signal service….try to cancel after two weeks…now they are still charging me for the service….e-mailed several times and did not get an answer….I am disputing the charge currently….and I am thinking about reporting it as scam…tried several times to cancel via portal…unable to do so…..I will be in for the long run to get this BS!!!

  4. Stepbot has been having some problems which the developer has ascribed to broker manipulation. I have been using their signal systems more and more. They are not bad, but as with all signal systems, one has to analyze the trend in the market before electing to use that signal. Sometime, there signals are flat wrong. For eg. the signal recommends buying when the market is trending the opposite direction. Their daily trade signal win more frequently but are rare.

  5. I subscribe to Dex. The President Max Fairo is a decent guy with a large following of people that have benefited from his Nadex training course. You can actually now buy into his company in return for lifelong access to his signals and bots. Stepbot looks like a good bot – it is not making as much as expected, but there has been no drawdown after a couple of months. He has a new bot called the Pres which is doing better. All-in-alll, Dex is a real entity that tries to help traders. Yes, it is little pricey – buying a lifelong package seems the cheapest in the long run. If you call him, he will always answer the phone or call you back.

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