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TrendSignal is a Forex trading course provider that utilizes a “sniper trading strategy to trade FX, Indices, Commodities & Shares.” The group is focused on trading strategies, training courses and any other aspect they believe is beneficial to their clientele. They believe that traders don’t need to develop their own trading strategies, but follow their simple rule-based trading methodology to identify easy opportunities in just 20 minutes a day.

Launched in 2011, the TrendSignal Ltd. team consists of over 20 staff in order to fulfill the needs of their customers. They are located at The Innovation Centre, Cranfield, Bedfordshire,MK43 0BT, United Kingdom. They can be contacted via phone (UK) +44 (0) 1234 757 553, or email


TrendSignal Review

Our first thought, is that the TrendSignal website comes across a little busy, and old looking. That being said, the service does seem quite professional considering the amount of staff they have working for the company, and the fact that they provide specific location details.

Their vision “is to provide the means for anyone to trade the financial markets effectively with complete focus on the outcome for our clients.”

They feel they can accomplish this goal, the technical analysis indicators and trading strategies that only their team can offer. To get clients interested, they offer a free Webinar, which is where they generate interest, and sell their courses.

Trading Courses

The TrendSignal trading course comes with access to a handful of different services and helpful tools. Here’s what we know comes with the course:

  • Exclusive Indicators – The service includes Forex indicators and scanning tools that are built to give traders a unique edge when it comes to analyzing the market.
  • Proven Strategies – They provide strategies that consist of simplicity while remaining effective and actionable for every level of trader.
  • Personal Coaching and Mentoring – They offer one-on-one coaching sessions with a personal mentor, so they you can learn at case that is specific to your needs.
  • Online Interactive Workshops – The team often utilized live trading webinars where they analyze trades and provide interactive Q&A sessions with professional traders.
  • Structured Members Area – All traders get access to the members area which includes all of the course material, videos, calendars, interactive tests and trading manuals.


While they provide a brief statements about each service inside the TrendSignal trading course, they don’t go into any real detail. It’s clear that the team behind the system has a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to the Forex marketplace, but it is laid out in an easy to consume manner.

Most Forex trading course providers like The Lazy Trader or Traders Academy Club provide real detail about each module inside the program. This is definitely something you would like to see the vendor add to their presentation, as well as a few examples of sample modules for us to analyze before signing up.


In order to sign up with the TrendSignal service, or order a product, traders have to fill out a pretty detailed form, and then have a discussion with one of the representatives. The pros to this approach, is that you get personal service, and the team is clearly able to sort you out and provide you with the service that you need. The negative, is that you don’t really know how much you are paying versus other people.

Generally, we prefer programs that have a specific upfront price, so we know exactly what we are getting into, before having a conversation with any sales reps.

We have some pricing information, which comes from different reviews or areas online, but it seems the traders have been spending anywhere from £1000-£4000 in order to access the trading course. This is certainly a high price tag, but if the system works, it’s all worth it.

Client Feedback

The client feedback is sporadic with many positive reviews, and a handful of negative ones. We aren’t sure exactly who to believe, but we must admit that many of the are very persuasive, and come across as quite genuine.


At this point in time, we see both benefits and drawbacks to the TrendSignal service. We would like to see more information about the specific modules within the trading course, and more transparency when it comes to their pricing. After we see more of this information, we will come to a final conclusion.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

TrendSignal £1000-£4000
  • Price
  • Strategy
  • Results
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


TrendSignal is a Forex trading course that comes with Forex indicators and proven strategies.

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Large staff Multiple service options Free webinar


High price Some negative client feedback

Recent negative client feedback here

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  1. Risk to Reward

    I bought into this system and trade it successfully not following their rules entirely as you can’t just take signals a software give you because the software doesn’t know the real environment and real world at that time. Also you have to be discretionary on most trades taking other factors into account as trading is about risk management and risk to reward. I found the sniper risk to reward is horrendous on most trades, so why would you take those trades? The system is based on a high win rate, but if you have a choppy market then that win rate is out of the window and the drawdowns will be disastrous to one’s account if you don’t limit and reduce risk of account during choppy or sideways environment or after extended trends. The system is good if the coaching behind it is good, so your coach will teach you these discretionary trade set ups at Trend Signal. Why would you go short in a strong up trend market and vice versa even though the software is giving you a signal? You wouldn’t but if you followed those signals then of course you will not make anything on those trades and have a string of losers. Wishing you all good luck but it’s not luck that makes you money in the markets, it’s education, skill and experience accumulated from thousands of trades and controlling oneself, remaining disciplined and consistent and controlling your emotions.

  2. Deanna Goldston

    I have used Trend Signal for two years. I only used a demo account as it was never evident that I could make a profit using their Sniper strategy at all. This is the case with following the rules carefully. Its been horrendous. I am £5000 down due to course and subscription fees for their workshops. I would have lost a lot more had I traded live. I will try their Accelerator strategy but not hopeful. I have never actually heard of anyone making a decent profit from.the Sniper one. Only one person I know personally makes a very small additional income from Trend Signal Accelelator strategy. How many students must have beenbtaken in by TS. I do not know how they can stay in business!

  3. Having had some trading experience before buying into this, I can confirm that the negative reviews are the true ones. Having bought into this in March 2019 I can confirm that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have made money in the last 8 months. I have monitored the strategy EVERY day. I stopped trading with my cash after 4 months and losing 10% of my trading account. Putting it politely I have serious doubts about the positive reviews on various websites during the time I have been using it. These are the monthly results from my experience. I have kept to the rules to the letter. As you can see there are some seriously bad months here and no good ones:

    Cumulative: 326 trades = (6113) pips (including an estimate for Oct)
    TS D1 Results All valid trades
    Month Trades Pip count
    Jan-19 46 1,049
    Feb-19 46 (2,129)
    Mar-19 37 738
    Apr-19 26 185
    May-19 32 (109)
    Jun-19 36 (375)
    Jul-19 46 (2,923)
    Aug-19 37 (1,141)
    Sep-19. 20. (120)

    Oct currently looks like showing a LOSS of 700 + pips.

    The only edge that this system gives is a Cliff Edge and you will very soon go over it if you buy into it like I have.

    I am now £4500 the poorer and very annoyed that I was sucked into it.

    It does not work!

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