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Course Review: Platinum Trading Academy

Today I’m reviewing a Forex trading course that uses knowledgeable institutional Forex traders to help the community beat the brokers, Platinum Trading Academy. They claim that they are different from the other gurus and trading courses in the marketplace, because their “Forex mentors have a collective experience of over 50 years in the financial markets.”

The service is owned and operated by Platinum Investments Associates LTD, with Company Registration NO. 07870184. They are located at 6th Floor City Gate East, Toll House Hill, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 5FS, United Kingdom. To get in touch with support, traders can call +44 (0) 207 193 2931, or email


Platinum Trading Academy Review

One of the most important aspects of the Platinum Trading Academy (also known as Platinum Trading Systems) is their institutional approach to Forex trading. They see that brokers and large financial institutions are always making the most amount of money in the Forex marketplace. So, they believe that the best way to trade, is to trade like the institutions do, and not like retail Forex traders.

They feel that the Forex indicators, and different trade setups are relatively useless, because the “Forex trading markets move each day based on the institutional order flow.” This institutional approach, is something that they teach in their many different Forex training courses.

Forex Foundation Progamme For Beginners

The first Forex trading course review, and the most popular Platinum Trading Academy offering is the Forex Foundation Progamme For Beginners. This course is advertised as the “online resource for the world of Forex for beginners.”

The course covers many different topics. They explain why traders should trade in the Forex markets, and different ways that each trader can benefit from Forex trading. Their tutorials include the following:

  • What is Forex trading
  • Forex principles
  • Forex trading examples
  • Forex trading charts
  • Forex technical analysis
  • Forex risk management 
  • The psychology of Forex trading

The course also comes with access to the platinum live trading floor, long-term analysis charts, platinum algorithmic system, platinum trading television and one to one personal mentoring. According to the course sales page, the live trading room “has a verified 78% success rate.” This room also comes with 5 key trading strategies “that it been proven to produce more than 7000 pips he year.”

Trading Results

Despite claiming a 78% success rate, there doesn’t seem to be any verified proof anywhere on the website.

They do offer trading videos, and a trading television program where clients can take advantage of live daily trading sessions. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be any trading results associated with any of the programs being sold. It’s great that the vendor is providing knowledge to the community, and in some cases this knowledge is provided for free via videos or free ebooks, but this information only goes so far.

At a certain point, I vendor has to be able to prove that their services viable, and the best way of doing so is providing account statements, and Myfxbook trading accounts. The Platinum Trading Academy fails to do so. This is quite common in course vendors, as we can see with Forexia Pro, Trade Empowered and Online Trading Academy.

Platinum Trading System

On top of the Platinum Trading Academy, this group also offers a Platinum Trading System. This system “studies 18 indicators and combines them with the institutional orders flow.” It’s essentially an indicator system that works with multiple strategies including intraday, long term, extreme zones, end of day and banker trades. There is a chart that specifies how much traders can potentially earn using the system.

In the chart, the potential pips range anywhere from 1200 to 5000. There is also a results section, with a chart that shows the pip growth of the platinum system from 2014-2018.

While these numbers are impressive, they can’t be relied upon. None of this data is verified or substantiated with any real trading statements or proof.

Customer feedback

while there are a handful of reviews from Forex blogs, there is very little information provided from actual clients. There’s really only one review on FPA, which came in late July, 2018.

This reviewer claims that he’s been losing around 60 pips a week, but the vendor claims to be making pips. Essentially, he seems to believe that the vendor is lying about their trading performance.


In watching some of the videos, and reading the free e-books provided by the Platinum Trading Academy, it’s clear that they do have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to the Forex marketplace. The only issues or concerns that I have with their service, is the real lack of transparency when it comes to their trading results. Despite providing trades via their live trading room, or their platinum system, they are unable to provide any verified proof that their products are making any pips.

If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please leave your questions and remarks below the article now.

Platinum Trading Academy
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 60%
  • Trading Results - 30%
  • Client Feedback - 50%
  • Customer Support - 75%


Live trading room
Indicator system
Trade videos


Lacking strategy insight
No verified results
No pricing information

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  1. I want to learn Forex through mentoring

  2. I used platinum trading academy for a couple months.

    I followed their live trading room, and used the indicator system too, but I never had much success. Just like the customer feedback, I found that the results provided weren’t in line with what I was seeing. I don’t know how they can say they are winning, when we aren’t…

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