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Broker Review: KayaFX

Today I’m looking at a new Forex and CFD brokerage that wants to make trading accessible to everyone, KayaFX. They claim to provide traders with professional help from experienced traders and powerful tools, “which are designed to meet and even surpassed the requirements for high–profile trading.” It’s clear that they want to make traders feel comfortable, and confident in their ability to succeed.

Owned and operated by GammaTech Services OÜ, the head offices are located at 14247106, Roosikrantsi 2-K 284, Tallinn, Harju Maakond, 10119 Estonia. To get in touch with support, traders can either email or phone +442037699927. There are other phone numbers as well, for different countries, and traders can access all of these via the contact page on their website.


KayaFX Review

My first impression is that the KayaFX website is professional and well put together. As for the service itself, they are currently offering 3 trading platforms. Traders can access the broker, and place trades via their web trader, their mobile trader application, or my personal favorite MetaTrader 4. Even though I do almost all my trading on the computer, it’s good to have multiple options, for traders that are on the go, and want to monitor their trades in real time.

Currently, the main promotion on the front page of their website, is advertising the fact that traders can trade crypto currencies with their brokerage. They also claim that traders who sign up looking to trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Daschoin and Ripple will get access to “an account manager specialized in crypto currencies.” Personally, I don’t recommend using any sort of account manager with the brokerage. My experiences suggest that really good traders, and analysts work for themselves, and not for brokers.

Below the main promotions, are a couple of statistics. They boast that they have over 135,000 active accounts, over 1.2 million trades per day and over 84 countries represented in their client base. There is no way to verify these numbers, but it does serve to make their brokerage come across as a very large business, which is likely the intent.

I haven’t reviewed many brokers lately, but the most popular reviews I’ve done have been Forex Grand, and FXOro.


  • Type: Forex Broker
  • Founded: 2016
  • Location: Estonia
  • Minimum Deposit: $300

Multiple Account Types

KayaFX offers 4 different account types, mini, bronze, silver and gold. Generally, each account type requires a specific deposit amount in order to qualify, but this amount is not presented to us on the account types page. We are shown that the most popular account, which is best for newcomers is their silver account, but again we are not shown the size of deposit that is required in order to qualify for this account.

The only difference in the accounts, is that you get access to webinars, daily market alerts, one-on-one trading, a personal bonus and personal trading conditions. Some of these aren’t specified, so I’m unsure of what type of bonus you can receive and I’m also not sure what personal trading conditions are. I assume this has something to do with prices or ToolsTrades.

With that being said, there isn’t much of a difference between any of the account types. I see no reason to invest more than your comfortable with in order to upgrade to the silver gold packages.

It is also worth noting that all 4 account types allow Forex Expert Advisors on their platform.

KayaFX Client Feedback

As always, I’ve scoured the Internet for reviews and information on the KayaFX brokerage, but I haven’t come up with much. There are a couple of reviews from Forex review websites, but nothing really from clients.

There was only one review, from an unknown trader that I found in a forum claiming that this investment company is a scam, but I’m not really seeing anything to verify these claims. This could easily be from a competing broker as it’s not substantiated.

The impression I get so far, is positive.


While this isn’t my first choice for broker, and I already have more than enough brokerage accounts, the KayaFX service comes across as helpful and professional. I like most elements of their offerings, and appreciate the fact that they’ve increased their assets to include crypto currencies to serve the ever-growing needs of the marketplace.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to this review, please leave your feedback below the article now.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. I invested in this setup ($300) I was continually phoned by a guy called Thomas who he said was based in Dublin, I was then told Thomas had moved to another arm of the setup and Charles became my personal advisor. My account was at $400 the same day over roughly 12 months it rose to £700 from dollars. This all started in 2017 not been able to make contact since, do these names ring a bell with anyone?

  2. Kaya fx is definitely a scam. do not fall for it. account manager oliver brooks persuaded me to borrow from the bank 70k and after 2 months, he disappeared. he left me a note saying that his wife and daughter died in a car crash. Kaya fx hotline and email nobody was replying…. Definitely a big fat scam. do not fall for it!

  3. Kayafx scammed me big time all good . But when i asked for my 20600 euro back after I found out they scammed
    other people .and asked for no more trading they lost the lot in about 48 hours I hope they rot in hell the dont answer phone or emails

  4. KayaFx is a scam company. I invested 23,000 USD and they denied me access to withdrawal and later blocked my account. I have called them and emailed them as well , they never respond to my calls and emails. I have reached out to a recovery expert yingyue at yandex com to help me recover my funds from them. I have recovered 18,000USD and still hoping I will be able to get the rest. Stay away from KayaFx

  5. KayaFX take scaming to new level. This firm is totally corrupt and has no morals at all. After requesting on multiple occasions for a full withdrawal of my funds they eventually processed three losing trades that charged swap amounts in excess of 3000 Euros which wiped out my account. This firm is definitely not a true broker just a scam artist ripping people off.

  6. KayaFX is a scam broker. A lot of binary options brokers are out there to scam people of their money, I was lucky wealthchargeback -.- com was able to help me get my $300,000 back,without upfront fees, after months of trying to withdraw and not getting response.

  7. KayaFX is a scam company.I lost $80,000 to this scam broker and I am lucky wealthchargeback dotcom got all my money back.Stay away from this broker

    • Did you pay first? Because one consultant asking to invest in bitcoin then 2% from recovery. But we what to pay after and we can give more than there service if they really recover.

    this is the second video I made from the call recordings I got a call from the quality insurance department and a guy called himself Brian Jen and later Stein and the infamous scam broker Philip Schmid where trying to push and blackmail me to remove my comments from the internet and stop the recall process from my bank, they told me I only get money back when I do that and also they admit that they stopped working soon as I didn’t invest further.
    during the phone call they find all sorts of ridiculous reasons why they don’t pay out my invested money ,if you invest with kaya be sure they are a scam they are only nice and friendly if they expect you to invest more but soon as you don’t do that or you make a withdraw they show there true intention
    if you get a similar call don’t fall for it they only want you to take off the recall and you never hear from them or your money again.

    Here is the first video from the call recordings between me and my broker Phillip Schmidt from Kaya FX I hope it helps some of you to identify him in when he calls you with a different name he told me he is head of the German desk so he will probably talk to you in German as well. For the English viewers, I have a few subtitles about what happens in the vid but whatever this guy speaks he is no real broker and only wants your money its a scam beware !!!!

  10. This is an update of KayaFx Philipp Schmidt Scam Broker!
    In March, I had a profit of more than 15.000€. I sent 4 withdrawel requests to Kayafx: 5.000 Euros, 3.000 Euros, 15.000 Euros, 4.804 Euros. But my Broker Philipp Schmidt blocked my account, I did not get a cent. Instead Philipp burned my account. He placed trades, although I had told him, not to place any trades. Last month I showed my trading history to a Broker in my neighbourhood. His investigation had a surprising result: All trades that had burned my account did not exist. That meant, Philipp had invented the trades to make my money disappear . I think he put the 15.000 € in his own pocket. And my invested money? He told me it is gone, too.– Philipp Schmidt is really the worst broker at Kayafx. Kayafx live chat Jessica closes as soon as I get online , the support does not answer my requests they just block off, do not give an answer or anything , Philipp Schmidt wants to talk to me at the phone, but he does not call me. This company simply steals the money.

  11. Luis Romeo – the name of my account manager. Since letting him know that I want to close my account with KAYA FX I have all sorts of trades being done on my account resulting in my balance plummeting from 550 euros to 283 euros in 2 weeks. Luis is not responding to whatsapp messages and support said he will not be available for A FEW WEEKS! I sent an email to support requesting they close all trades and then close my account – I highly doubt if I’m going to get anywhere, learnt a valuable lesson though!!


  12. This company is a complete scam I invested around 10,000Euro and first I made great profits but after a while I wanted to withdraw my invested money with some profit so I told my account manager that I wanted to do that ,but instead filling out the transfer he didn’t stop talking about an event that will happen soon on the market and if I would invest further 15,000Euro he could make me to a millionaire I told him that he could easily make this much with my money on my account in a week cause it already double by this time and he could work with twice as much now but he just talked around and persisted on more money and talked for further 30 minutes about that he is the best and I would be stupid not to invest more. but I didn’t want to invest more and after reading some reviews about Kaya fx I just wanted to have my money back so I didn’t invest and told him that I didn’t want to trade anymore and I wanted my full balance played out. after that he changed to rude and aggressive and still persisted on more money but I didn’t pay after he ended the call my account lost on every trade even I told him I didn’t want to continue until it was below zero in around 2hours, in that time I couldn’t reach anybody at kaya .

  13. mr melvyn briggs

    KAYAfx are scammers through and through.their banker DAVID COOPER made such a fuss of him being the best friend i would ever have with all the money he was going to make for US (he said the more money he could make for me, the more there was for him ). when my £250 pounds doubled in a couple of days i was interested in going a bit further.unfortunately my computer got a few viruses and it was almost useless
    David cooper said if he could take over my computer he could fix this,
    he did fix it. while he was in there he had a look around my bank account.
    he then started too encourage me too invest more money, eventually it added up to £45000 i kept getting a update every now and then and less contact from David cooper. he suggested that i should buy a scooter from my balance, even sent a email with scooters i could choose from. unfortunately being 75 yrs the scooter i wanted was o mobility scooter.i asked him to arrange for me to withdraw some funds to put a hoist in my car to lift my scooter in and out,
    Big mistake!!! from then on my account has plunged into the red. hardly any funds left.they close the contact desk down’ have emailed the help desk but when they see who it is it goes off my screen. i have requested for them to stop trading and return my money to be totally ignored.
    I managed to contact david cooper but when i tried to call him back i got a call saying that his phoneline was not compatible with my system. still have not had any funds returned except my original £250,nothing of the other £45000. have reported them to the uk police. they are being investigated

    • They like to go in peoples computers one of their scam brokers who called himself Phillip Schmidt was trying really hard to convince his client to download any desk “to help with the computer work”

      also on the demo account, it asked to install or update the Adobe player like some spam sites.I even heard about a case when somebody letting kaya access their computer and they stole their bank details and transferred more and more money without permission.

      make sure your computer is clean now and just to make sure tell your bank to put a limit on the account.

  14. You have to see the whole picture GammaTech Services OÜ is the main company and behind all evil they use Kaya FX as a sub-company now Dojo FX, same scheme just a different name. next month there is probably another forex broker with a different name and new web-page just to hide the criminal activity, so you don’t find many scam warnings.

    You have to also go against GammaTech not just Kaya they are responsible what kaya does Kaya FX Dojo FX are all owned by GammaTech Services OÜ so they can hold responsible for the scam.

  15. Now almost 2 weeks after the last call from Kaya FX I didn’t hear anything from Philipp, Brian, the support or anybody. I’m still waiting for my money but nothing so far, maybe they are all busy to set up Dojo FX and need to make up new names and stories for their brokers.

    I will keep you all up to date if something happens and if I get my money back from Kaya FX / GammaTech.

  16. Last week I was called by Brian, another guy from Kayafx. He tried to blackmail me, I should cancel the recall from my Bank, otherwise I do not get any money back. Philipp Schmidt, who was my broker, interrupted the call several times and defended all what he had done with my money ( lost of nearly 18.000€ ). They talked to me 1h, 30 min.
    with no result. They persist that it was just bad trades and they didnt do anything wrong. It was all my fault, because I didnt want to invest more.
    When I wanted to withdraw my profit, they scammed me the same way the other clients were scammed: they burned my account. These people stole my money and they are still trying to find reasons, that it was my own fault. Philip still wanted me to let him work as my broker, but after what had happenrd that is a effrontery.

  17. Two months ago I invested 750 euro and have profits around 200 with one of the brokers. I requested and received my profits, but I did not receive my first monies sent to them. My friend also works with them and has no had such problems. Is it just me? The guy who is trading with me told me they are in London, but my friend says they are operate under the group MaxiMarketing in Kiev.

  18. hey ,

    kaya fx = rax media sofia Bulgaria they are not in the uk or Estonia !!!!!!!

    few month ago I made an investment with kaya fx.

    when I tried to place a wd they simply got into my my account, change my password and lost everything without my permission .

    I found out that kaya fx is not in the uk!! the company real name is rax media 
    and they are working in Sofia Bulgaria 

    please help me to get my money back they simply stole my money .

  19. Don’t scare me! Due to my health issue, I intend to terminate my trading account with them. I’ve invested Eur11,521.00 and used my credit card to payout. OMG! How am I able to get back my money!!

    • Ooops! 😮
      So sorry to hear that.

    • Not sure how, but you better get the account manager on your side..
      Normally as soon as they “smell” that you don’t trust them, your account will make a dive.
      You will be flushed with bad trades and high fees until your account is ZERO, or below..

      Have seen many trading-logs that shows this..

      So sorry, but it’s your account-manager that execute this “crap”..

    • dont let them blackmail you to invest more if you dont you will loose all your money. Its a trick,

      the money gets stolen in the minute its on their account so dont be shocked if they put your account in minus in less then 2 minutes, as soon as you make a bigger withdraw or they think you not going to invest more.
      There are a few steps that could help:
      first try to make a small withdraw, tell your account manager a litle storry, why you need money now quickly, but after its solved, you will invest even more with them probably he tries to talk you out of it, but stay focused.
      If that doesnt work at all, tell the company to stop trading on every possible way: email, telephone to you manager and company. Make a full withdraw what they just ignore and then anyway, they put your account in minus but after that, you can report them to the police and with that your bank can make a recall. My experience: they fear a recall, they have been trying hard to bring me to cancel it, and post it everywere here and on other pages.

  20. They use many different names, but their deception is always the same. At Kaya, you first make good profits, then they call you about an event or something big in the market, etc. They urge you to invest more and more, but you’ll never be able to withdraw any of that money, they try to talk you out of it because you would loose money. If this doesnt works, they get rude and afterwards, if they think that there is nothing left to steal, they set negative trades and you can see how the money goes down until nothing is left in the account. The Kaya Site is probably just a demo to hide your money being stolen the minute you transfer it.

    and now to warn Spanish people from this Scam

    Usan muchos nombres diferentes, pero su engaño es siempre el mismo. En Kaya, primero obtienes buenas ganancias, luego te llaman por un evento o algo grande en el mercado, etc. Te instan a invertir cada vez más, pero nunca podrás retirar nada de ese dinero, lo intentan para convencerte porque perderías dinero. Si esto no funciona, se vuelven groseros y luego, si creen que no queda nada para robar, establecen transacciones negativas y se puede ver cómo el dinero baja hasta que no queda nada en la cuenta. El Sitio Kaya es probablemente solo una demostración para ocultar que te roban el dinero en el momento en que lo transfieres.

  21. I already made a complaint at the police. If all victims of their scam do the same, there must be a few hundred complains, so the authorities have to react, before they disappear with all our money.

  22. Please publish the name of your broker and try to describe him, e.g. something remarkable about him, did he have an accent, … My broker, Philipp Schmidt, talked to me in German with a Turkish or Arabian accent.

  23. KayaFx Philip Schmidt Scam Broker!
    They do not pay any money back. I started with 250€. At once I got a call from Philipp Schmidt, the head of German counter to add several thousands more. I added 1.750€. With these 2.000€ I wanted to test the company. But Philipp called me each day several times. He talked and talked without an end. He talked about events that are bringing much money, e g. Fang. But I could not join with only 2.000€. At last he had 18.000€. I wanted to have the profit: 5.000 after the first week, 3.000 after some more days, …Philipp sent me confirmations about the withdraw requests, but I never got a penny. I was alerted and told Philipp not to place any more trades, but he ignored my order. When I stopped to transfer more money Philipp burned my account. Every single trade was negative. I saw it on the PC and sent him a message to stop trading, but he continued and even continued the next day until there were Minus 2.700€. on my account. Since that time I did not get any call or message from he. He did never answer my mails.

  24. After reading some of the responses, some observaitions:
    – Never succumb to pressure, stand strong no matter what you do in life!
    – Follow your gut, 9/10 you’re right and there’s no use second guessing yourself
    – Do your homework before investing
    – KayaFX have been good to me so far, maybe because they know where I stand and know I won’t be bulled

  25. Hi everyone what shall we do now it is no good writing these comments about Kayafx as we know they are fraud, cheater dodgy and crooks. Is there a Estonion law or Goverment or Councillor we can talk to and get an answe or anyone in UK we can try to solve this problem!

  26. I’m using it and although the profit aren’t that high, it’s pretty to withdraw which is pretty nice.

  27. Scam!! Do not think if you invest with this company you will get your money back ever. Yes you will invest and maybe gain some profit but you will never get it back. I am trading for more than 4 months and i wanted to take my money back but they keep refusing with ridiculous reasons and at the end stop replying to my e mail. One of the traders “burned” my account and stated i did it by myself, and i was not even near by computer all week….. Absolute scammers. Do not trade with them . Do not invest even a dollar.

  28. Leon van Rensburg

    I have also been caught by these scumbags! Started by asking for €250 , but was soon approached for €10k and then by a “senior advisor” for €250000! It was then that I started looking into this company and tested them with a request for repayment of a small amount. This was refused and the the sparks started flying when they refused completely to repay my whole investment! At present no responses to any of my emails and requests and my investment that has grown by 50% initially has now been completely depleted. All withdrawal requests were met with aggresive sales calls, and the email promise of refund within 7 days never materialised.
    The fools on this site who reported good service and gains are all working for KayFX! They really think everybody is that stupid to believe them, but their time is up and the word is spreading. I am also reporting this to the police and financial regulators and bodies in the UK, Estonia and EU.

    • I am in the same position as you, in that I deposited £1,000 and to start off with I was making good profits. In fact I nearly doubled my money in one month. However, when I wanted to close the account because I decided to invest in something else, the trouble started.

      My so called broker was very hostile toward me and said I would have to wait 7 days to get my money refunded. Thereafter, I watched as my whole investment went down to nothing without me giving any authorisation to alter the system or continue trading. All I am getting now is stupid excuses and basically any old reason not to pay my money back. THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THIS IS ONE BIG SCAM AND ALL THEY ARE OUT TO DO IS RIP YOU OFF. BE WARNED!!!!!!

    • They stopped replying to my email and not receiving call as well. How to report to police or other authorities i am in UAE. Please help

  29. Withdrew 200 Euro today without a hitch. Be wary of the reviews you read online (positive and negative). If it sounds fake (too much hatred or too much love) it probably is

  30. Dear all becarful! I invested £10000 listening to a sweet and chatty men called Edward Loen about 3 months ago and haven’t seen any dividend and when I tried to look into my a/c it was blocked and tried several time to change my paasword and everytime I did, it wiil not let me in, for days I tried and also sent them many emails and try to ring them but no luck. I have also sent them an email to their support team and complaince team but no response, they are upto something and we need to investigate further and report to the internation finance board as soon as possible.

  31. I closed my KayaFX account today after trading with them for 2 weeks. My findings were, yes, they are a legitimate trading business however sorely lacking in the personable approach of longer trading brokers (its all a bit shouty and sales out the back of a van type approach).

    There is quite a hard sell to get you to upscale from the $250 to a $1000 initial deposit. I did deposit $1000 and they ran a few trades for me. I netted $150 profit in 2 days which seemed great, but then I received a call asking me to deposit another $4000 as they are delivering results which could make me “millions” in months. Im a new trader so whilst all that getting rich sales patter sounds great, its not the way I view money.

    When I asked to trade without the support of a broker (by myself) the news was not received well by them, they were clearly annoyed and advised me I would not see the same big money that they could make me.

    For me, I want to trade without being under a brokers pressure of depositing increasing amounts of money in a “get rich quick” trading but by learning to trade the FOREX myself and placing trades wisely.

    I submitted a withdrawal request to close my account and emailed the broker. Sadly I received an extremely nasty reply today so it only confirmed that I am making the right decision.

  32. Crypto currencies are the differentiation here. Not all platforms provide it, so it’s refreshing that they do. So far happy with the service

  33. I deposited £250 ,I foolishly succumbed to pressure from the broker over two days and raised the investment to £1900 , have I any chance of getting that money back? .

  34. i can only say kayafx is a fraud they are just scum stealing peoples money. I have an account with them and after doubling my original investment in the space of 6 weeks i was feeling quite pleased with the fact that i had invested with them. suddenly there was no winning only loosing and a phone call from them saying i had been assigned a new broker but they would not say why also told me my original broker didn’t exist so i demanded all trading be stopped, the new broker got upset as i asked the company to enlighten me as to what was actually going on to no avail. my account was stopped from trading but when i asked to withdraw my funds i received a notice from them to say this would be done within 7 working days it is now 13 working days and still no refund in fact i can no longer contact them as there ph no dont seem to work for me they have blocked me on live chat/help and have not responded or acknowledged any of the 10 emails i have sent to my original broker , new broker or the help desk. but thats not all after 10 days of my account being idle it has out of the blue started trading again without my help wishes or telling them to resume trading and you guessed it its is trading at a fast rate of loss. SUMMARY: DONT TRADE WITH KAYAFX UNLESS YOUR PREPARED TO LOOSE YOUR MONEY THE MIN YOU MAKE A DEPOSIT. KAYAFX IS A SCAM PLAIN AND SIMPLE. any one claiming to be receiving money from them i would call out as a lyre


    I had to hire a recovery solution company to help recover mm funds

  36. I started trading with KayaFX back in November with the minimum that was two hundred and somewhat euro. The very next week the broker told me I need to invest more. Honestly, there were losses, but there were profits as well. I learned how to Forex from babypips and was doing fairly well until one day I opened a trade with BTC and forgot to put my stop-loss.Almost my entire account was whiped in less than a day, and keep in mind it was not a small amount (almost thirty thousand or somewhat). My broker couldn’t do anything because I didn’t keep in mind risk management and was careless with my money. I’d give him 9/10 as a service. I got redirected to the customer care department because I wished to temporarely close my account with the promise to be back when I can. From them I didn’t recieve good services due to the many calls and emails that in my opinion were a bit too much for the withdraw of a few hundreds. I would give them 6/10 because they were polite and nice. At the end the bank transaction came with a stunning fee of over seventy euro and this made me reconsider rejoining KayaFX until they change their banking.

  37. I put like 1000 USD with them.. maybe I drifted a bit lol.. however I tried to get a small amount of my money out, and I was able to. I’m still testing it out, though. Once I try to pull out those larger amounts I’ll know better if they’re to be trusted

  38. Willem Vrendenbarg


    I started also with KayaFX, i put in my account 300€. After 1 day the broker wanted more money, because he can’t make money out of that bit.
    They trading only a few hours a week.
    I tried more emails to get them move.
    Finely I quit and the only money I get…………300€ , not the 436€ that i had in my account.
    I have also a lot of email…… don’t believe what they writing……


    Willem Vrendenbarg (NL)

  39. I’ve had dealings with kayafx, and I don’t trust them, I put 250 Euros across 3 weeks ago and it went to 305 Euros, took me over 2 weeks to get it out after many phone calls, at one point they put the phone down on me, had to email a copy of my driving licence, and a copy of utility bill, before they would let me withdraw, but they would only let me withdraw my deposit the other 55 euros is still in my account, so what’s the point if you can’t withdraw your profits. Cost me nearly 10 Euros for transfer fees so I lost a little money on the deal, even though I made 55 euros on my account. I’ve had to transfer all money out of that account to stop them taking money out just in case, going to my bank tomorrow to put a block on them..

  40. Mostly I’m satisfied with the service, having a monthly dividend really made it easy.
    Hard to live solely on pension.
    The only thing I’d say is that you need to wait some time for the support because they are overloaded in times.

  41. KayaFX is a fine company, i am very happy with my broker, he did amazing job over my investment. tested the withdrawal couple of times it took once 3 and once 4 business days , witch i am perfectly fine with.
    I recommended them to couple of my friends and they give us amazing treatment.

  42. I have worked with kayafx for 6 months and they have helped me change my life in a positive way!!!!
    Thank you KayaFX

  43. is a scam do not give these idiots your money they have set up a fancy homepage and made up reviews on the internet and facebook all to rob your money

  44. They are bandits for sure. Did an deposit of Eur250,-
    It all was nice an dandy until i requested payout, after lots of calls from them nagging me about deposit more money..
    After that they made only loosing positions intentionally, account is soon empty after hitting Eur350..

    Stay away from those scumbags..

  45. I am overall happy with their service. Return is modest so far but withdrawals are quick and spreads are fine.

  46. I work since decembre last year with kayafx. First I invest $250. Within 2 days they make $300 of it. Now I make a profit of more than 30% each day, with a capital of $10.000.
    They are very confidence and if you want money back, you get it.
    I am very glad with Kaya

  47. Thank you for this. I have been talking today to them and send 250,- euro to try this. But after this i read some sociale meda (yes I should have done it before…) but got only bad reviews… but as you say competition is high and competitive brokers can add such a comment.

    I just asked my money back to test this company….. Lets see what happens. The claims they make are. under the umbrella of Gatesway, 20 million customers over many many countries.

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