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Big Bang EA Review (MT4/MT5)

Big Bang EA for MT4 or MT5 is a new automated trading service “based on price movement and support and resistance levels.” The developer believes that focusing on a combination of simple settings is the best way to unleash the power of their trading techniques. Today we will provide a full review and let you know if this robot being sold on the MQL5 marketplace is worth the $1199 USD it’s going for.

The software is owned by Vagabonding Ltd. which appears to be run by a single person, Andrey Barinov located in Russia. Barinov is very active on the MQL5 market, offering 14 products, and it shows he’s completed 902 jobs for other traders as well. Some of his other products include Mission Automate MT4, Gridator MT4, and The Copier MT5.

There is no corporate headquarters as this is a single person, and there is no email support either. If traders require support, they will have to send a message through the Barinov’s MQL5 profile page.


Big Bang EA Review

The Big Bang EA product explanation is straight forward. The developer provides recommended pairs, timeframes, leverage and really everything a trader needs to get in line, in order to start trading.

There are also three recommended setups based on account sizes. The first setup requires a balance of $1000, default settings on the EURUSD and EURJPY pairs. The second setup requires a balance of $2000, default settings, except with the max pair parameter set to 2 or 3 on 5 different pairs. Lastly, the third setup is for $5000 accounts, running default settings, except with max additional orders set to 7 on 5 different pairs.

So, we can see that there are certainly a handful of ways to use the software, and it’s appreciated that the vendor provides clear instructions. This type of forward approach isn’t always used by the best Forex robots in the market, but it’s great for new traders.


The vendor doesn’t really go into the Big Bang EA strategy in much detail. We know that it is based support and resistance levels, but the brief statement made at the top of the sales page is all the information provided.

They do provide descriptions of each setting, as well as recommendations, but we need to see actual trading methodology information.

It is not uncommon for developers to forget adding this insight, as you can see in our recent reviews of The Skilled Trader, FXMath X-Ttrader EA and Forex Pro Island. That being said, we do hope that Barinov will consider adding more detail to his offerings in the near future.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $1199
  • Strategy: Support and resistance
  • Timeframe: M1

For traders interested in purchasing the Big Bang EA for MT4 or MT5, it’s going for $1199. This is a very high price, nearly over $1000 more than our top recommendations here at Forex Robot Nation.

There is an option to test the software on demo for free, and we highly recommend taking advantage of this for at least a few months before signing up. When purchasing a robot this expensive, you want to have as much information and experience with the system as possible.

Trading Results

Considering the extremely high price point, it’s a bit disappointing that the vendor doesn’t provide any verified trading results. The Big Bang EA vendor provides a screenshot from his MQL5 signals page, but doesn’t give us access to this page to view ourselves.

Really, if Barinov wants to be taken seriously in this market, he will have to upload his accounts to Myfxbook.

The screenshot provided is showing an account with a gain of 32% in just 3 weeks on a demo account. Sadly, this is all we know about this account at this time, and we really don’t even know when this image was uploaded. So for all we know this image could be 6 months old.


For the most part, the Big Bang EA presentation is impressive. We appreciate that Barinov provides us with detailed recommendations to follow, but aspects are missing. There are no verified trading results, and the strategy is not explained in any real detail. Both of these aspects need to be resolved immediately if Barinov wants to keep charging nearly $1200 for this robot.

If you have any questions, concerns or experiences, please leave them below the article now.

Big Bang EA $1199
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Big Bang EA is a Forex robot being sold on the MQL5 marketplace for a high price.

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Recommended setups
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High price
Limited results

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