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Zelta Forex

Zelta Forex is a new Forex indicator that is meant to generate up to 475 pips per week on average. The claims for this system are exorbitant as the developer says that his indicator makes up to 40% per month with 89% accuracy. For someone that I’ve never heard of these are pretty strong claims.

Today I will be providing a review on this Forex indicator and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand what approach to take.

zelta forex

Zelta Forex Review

Like most Forex indicators that come out these out the Zelta Forex system claims to be able to scalp, day trade and swing. The developer also says that the system is accurate on all time frames and pairs. This immediately gives me a hard time because it is hard for me to understand how this system is generating 475 pips per week when they can be used on anything at any time. My point is if the system can trade any market and any pair it should be able to make thousands of pips if it is truly trading with 89% accuracy. Sadly I don’t believe this to be the case.

Now let’s take a look at some of the Zelta Forex screenshots provided that show this indicator in action.

zelta forex trade sample

There are about 10 of these samples in specific that you can go over and see if you can draw some sort of strategy of these. I was not able to understand what strategy this system is using because quite frankly it isn’t described to me.

Zelta Forex Conclusion

I will not be recommending the Zelta Forex indicator today. There is nothing revolutionary here and I don’t feel like spending my $99 on this.

If you have something you would like to add to the review I would appreciate if you leave a comment below. As always come back soon and I hope that you appreciate the conclusions that I drew on this this Zelta Forex.

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