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Zayla Forex System

zaylaforexZayla Forex is a new Forex system being sold for $120. This is not a strategy but an indicator that is meant to be used on any time frame or market. The developer claims that this is a proven system that’s been able to generate profit for years.

Today I will be providing a full review of this software so you know whether or not this is for you.

Zayla Forex Review

The Zayla Forex system is simple, you place a buy trade when the circle on the chart is not blue and the arrow is blue. You place a sell trade when the arrow is red and the circle isn’t.

This software uses a few different algorithms to decide when a an opportunity should be available. How the Zayla Forex system works isn’t fully described but they do provide us with multiple screen shots so that we can draw some of our own conclusions.

zayla forex screenshot

In this image we can see that there is a trade that earned 81 pips.

There is no specific pair or trading style. You can use Zayla Forex to scalp, day trade or swing.

Zayla Forex Conclusion

I would like to see more information on the Zayla Forex strategy before I give a full recommendation. At this point in time I am going to take a further look and see what some of the Forex Robot Nation users think.

They claim to have a long track record but there is no sign of this on the site. If there is something you would like to add to the Zayla Forex review please leave your comments below, I appreciate it.

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