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YANS Review: Yet Another Night Scalper

Today I’m looking at a new Forex robot is being sold on the MQL5 marketplace, YANS, or Yet Another Night Scalper. The name of the software sums up the type of trading system that it is. This robot “works between the end of the New York and beginning of the Asian session,” when the market is ranging and scalpers have a high probability of winning trades.

The EA is developed and updated by Timo Shroeter. There is very little information on Timo in his MQL5 profile, or anywhere else online. It seems that this is the only community he has ever frequented in the Forex marketplace. For support, traders can either message Timo via private message or take advantage of a WhatsApp support group that he has created for his clients.

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Yet Another Night Scalper Review

There is very little information made available in regards to specifics of the Yet Another Night Scalper strategy. We know the basics, that the robot does not utilize martingale, grade or any hedging tactics. Like any other scalper, YANS requires that traders take advantage of a low spread broker and a virtual private server. We are also told that the software does not require a large bankroll, and traders can start with as little as $100.

The robot utilizes a 20 pips hard stop loss, and the software does a pretty good job to avoid hitting this on a regular basis.

Hopefully the system can continue to run, and avoid regular stop losses.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Price: $800
  • Strategy: Scalper
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Pairs: EURUSD

Yes, you read that correctly, the price for YANS is an exorbitant $800. Traders can test the system on demo for free, or rent the software for $60 a month. These are good options as they let you give the system a try before signing up. Yet, with the looming $800 fee at the end of the rainbow, I’m not sure I even want to give this a shot.

Trading Results

Outside of the strategy tester report, there doesn’t seem to be any real verified results for the Yet Another Night Scalper EA. With the system going for such a large price tag, I’m surprised that there isn’t a Myfxbook account attached to the sales page somewhere.

It’s difficult for me to recommend or even want to try a trading system in today’s day and age that doesn’t have some sort of longform trading statement for me to analyze. I really don’t like going in blind when it comes to my investments, and that’s how it feels in this particular case.

I certainly recommend to Timo that he spends the time and uploads his trading accounts to a statement sharing service so that we can get a better understanding of how this works. This would give me a much higher level of confidence moving forward.

Client Feedback

There are currently 16 reviews available for the Yet Another Night Scalper robot. Out of this 16 reviews, there are ten 5 star reviews, four 1 star reviews and one no rating. 2 of the negative reviews have come in the past 3 days, which I can’t say I’m surprised with.

Early September has been a tough time for scalping systems, and it looks like the YANS EA has been unable to avoid many of the large losses. One of the complaints is from a man who believes that the software doesn’t work on large accounts, and the traders should stick to small trading accounts if they are going to use the software.


If you know one thing about me, it’s that I really like scalping the markets. So, with that being said you would think that I would want to jump at the opportunity to purchase Yet Another Night Scalper. At first, I was really excited and wanted to sign up, but as I saw the price tag, my opinion started to shift. If this was a cheaper system, I would likely tested and be happy doing so. However, in this scenario the price is large, there are no trading results, and the reviews are a bit erratic.

I’m going to have to wait and see what the community has to say, before I give this a shot or not.

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  1. Pure greed from the sellerr of this EA. Don’t buy it.
    If you want a Night Scalper that works and I have nothing to do with the EA but it annoys me when someone tried to flog somethiing for 800 bucks look at the following
    The cost USD 258
    A bit better that the pile of crap trying to be sold here

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