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Winner Binary Signals

Today I am reviewing Winner Binary Signals a new options signal provider that claims their goal is to earn their clients up to 185% per day.

These systems are rampant, taking over the internet, I have had success with some and had major pitfalls with others. At this point you can see all of our testing of binary options systems in our Binary Options Lab. Here we do reviews and tests of all the latest options trading systems.

Now back to Winner Binary Signals. This system costs $49 and the developers claim the signals operate with an 80% level of accuracy. At the top of the page they claim a 96% accuracy rate so there is a little indecision in what their accuracy really is.

There really isn’t very much to the website, when it comes to the winner binary signals live trading proof they give a table with a bunch of trades made on the same day. The trades are for GOLD, USDJPY, Coca-Cola, Boeing Company, Bank of America, Silver, GBPUSD and USDCHF. Seems like the signals are really spread around many different pairs and they give around 10 a day.

The results from one day of binary signals.
The results from one day of binary signals.

So what is the final verdict?

At this point I have to say I DO NOT recommend the winner binary signals. I think that this developer has to prove himself and I hope to hear more from the Forex Robot Nation users and staff.

We will be providing more information to the review as we get it, most of it coming in comment form below so look for that and leave your opinion.

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  1. disqus_RspvkK2ojN

    I’m not sure what the point of this vendor is. Days ago I subscribed to this service, paid my money and gained access to their members’ area. And that’s it. NO email trade alerts, NO trade alert updates on their website and NO response to my emails. This vendor provided absolutely nothing. What’s the point? I did, however, receive more promotional emails from them promoting their service….ridiculous. I submitted my refund request to Clickbank.

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