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Wildcat Forex – In Depth Forex Robot Review

wildcat forex

This next post covers Wildcat Forex an under the radar Forex robot by an unknown developer.

The EA’s trading approach is based on technical indicators, volume, time frames and capital management.

The software costs $75.00 and is being sold on the RegNow payment processor which provides a 30 day money back guarantee.

Tagline: All the trades you need and deserve.

So Is This Forex Robot Worth Your Time

Wildcat Forex is interesting in that it is as I mentioned before a very unknown system. That can mean one of two things, it is well hidden or it doesn’t get good enough results for people to spread the word.

One thing I hate is grammar and spelling mistakes, it always worries me because these are financial products and in the end professionalism is very meaningful.

I did find one right at the top of the content which leaves me concerned about how serious this system can be if they haven’t even read their sales pitch over.

“Wildcat Forex looks for many indications supporting a pair’s probably direction.” Should be probable.

Are There Any Real Results Provided

Sadly, there are no results provided for Wildcat Forex, just an explanation of how it trades, no proof that it actually does well within it’s strategy.

Although, doing a little research I have found that FPA has had decent success, albeit in a limited time, they are earning monthly.

After taking a look at the results you can see there can be some pretty large floating deficits but their account thus far is winning, which is the main goal.

wildcat forex results
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I am not 100% sold on this Forex robot as there has has been a very limited trading history but I am not going to rule it out completely.

I hope you don’t feel I was too easy on this Forex provider.

Let me know what you think and contribute to the conversation about Forex Wildcat.

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