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Western pips is a new Forex scalping EA. The developers of the software claim that it’s been running since 2009 and is the only robot in the Forex market that’s capable to make maximum profit and very little time.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at the software and informing the Forex robot nation readers of all of my findings.


Western Pips Review

The developers of the Western pips software claim that they have expanded their staff and headquarters and are conducting a number of new developments. They are actively working on high-speed robotic futures and looking to establish communications with major banks so that they can offer a higher quality of service to their clients. There’s a video on the front page of the website that shows their software trading with the AlfaForex brokerage. During this video we can see the software takes trades at a very quick pace but they show us a trade history and we can see that the software tanked the account at the end of the equity curve. I’m not sure why they would show us this.

What is it?

The Western pips main software is a Forex arbitrage EA. In order for the software to work properly the robot needs a fast data feed and a slow latency broker. They feel using the strategy that they are able to learn the price 100 to 300 ms before will actually appear in the NT for brokerage. This is a very interesting methodology and we can see that they have quite a few real and demo accounts showing their arbitration system picking up winning trades that last only a minute long. The reviews I found online for this EA have not been very positive at this point in time, they currently have a one star rating on Forex peace Army which makes it very difficult for me to invest my funds.

2019 Update

It’s been a very long time since we’ve visited the Western Pips website, as we wrote this review originally in 2019. Since, quite a bit has changed. They’ve raised their one star rating on FPA to a 3.6, but in looking further, it does seem that the positive reviews they received was all during a short period during April. These reviews don’t seem real, and the last 10 reviews are all saying it’s a scam. It doesn’t seem like this group has stepped into the best Forex robot arena, just yet.

One of the most concerning reviews was from a man who claimed that the WP team threatened him, physically.

Product Line

When we first reviewed the services, it was much less flashy, and they didn’t have as many offerings. They’ve certainly expanded their product line substantially.

Here is the current product line:

  • Trade Monitor 3.7
  • FIX Trader 3.9
  • Crypto Trader 1.7
  • Analyser 1.3
  • Web Clicker 1.9
  • Private 7 Multiterminal

The sales pages for each of these products are wildly confusing and convoluted. Filled with loud images and all sorts of different claims. Honestly, it’s really difficult to figure out what’s what. They should consider simplifying these pages, like other developers, such as Forester Forex EA and The Wave Scalper.

Trading Results

The trading results are just as confusing as the rest of the website. Their Myfxbook account is filled with a whole bunch of strange trading accounts, that don’t have a clear product associated with them. Many of the accounts show huge gains in a single day, and then are never traded ever again.

It’s also worth noting that all of the trading accounts are not verified, and with brokers that either don’t exist, or can’t be signed up to. It really comes across as if there is some sort of deception or trickery involved in their trading results, which is rare when it comes to Myfxbook.

It just doesn’t make sense why the accounts aren’t verified, and why so many of them are only 1-2 days of trading, then disappear.

The Western Pips group need to take whatever product they are selling, tell us exactly what it is, then put it up on Myfxbook on a known broker and verify the account. Until they do this, we will have to stick with our old conclusion.


I will not be recommending the Western pips arbitrage EA to the Forex robot nation readers today. With a handful of negative reviews and a price tag of $2000 there is just not enough information for me to pull the trigger here. If I could get a trial version of the software and it truly is as successful as they claim then I would gladly sign up. If you something you would like to add to this review please comment with your opinions below the article now.

Western Pips $2000
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Western Pips is a Forex robot using a classic arbitrage algorithm.

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Many services
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No verified myfxbook accounts
High price
Bad client feedback

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  1. niccolo' taveggia

    i have westernpips and is very very good

  2. hello, what really ea westernpips including scam, many discussion forums say that this ea including scam, and can only run on a demo account only

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