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Wall Street Cloner – Forex Signals Review

wall street clonerWall Street Cloner – Forex Signals Review

Hey traders, looking at a new system here that is hopefully going to provide us with some winning signals from a winning forex trader. This is not related to the other wallstreet product, this is the Wall Street Cloner.

Clone the trades of wall street investors and make the forex income that you deserve.

At this point in time there is currently very little information on the wall street cloner. I will be adding more information to this review as I get it. Currently, I can tell you a little about the products provided.

  • Wall Street Cloner Signal Service – $49
  • The Automation Software – $147
  • Scalping Signals – $297
  • Email Signals – $29 per month

From what I can see right away is that there are a lot of upsells. Many different ways for these people to get your money, hopefully the wall street cloner performs.

So that is really all I can say right now about this software. Obviously I will be adding more information into the wall street cloner review as I get it. If you have any information about this software then feel free to leave a comment below. Even if you just want to discuss your expectations feel free this is an open forum for you.

Lately there have been quite a few systems coming out and wall street cloner is another one to add to that list. The systems we have been testing lately have been doing a pretty good job. You can go see the list of systems we have tested here to see if it is the best forex robot.

Try Wall Street Cloner

wall street cloner

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Wouldn’t waste money with these turkeys. For the same amount ($197pm) you can get a quality trade-cloning from the Iaccino-Ribakov team – that’s likely to generate profits.
    I’ve been experimenting with Forex Pro Cloner and they are no better than any of the amateurs who’ve managed to get their hands on the standard MT4 trade-cloner package (Auto-Pips Profits [tragic], Hybridpips [cataclysmic], Hercules [laughable] 1ClickPips [pathetic] etc etc)

  2. You are right Snultz,
    the affiliates page is a giveaway. Maybe if they passed on the benefit to the direct buyers, they could avoid all the hardsell and give us real product.
    By the way have you tried Forex Fusion and Million Dollar Pips? I believe you get some mindboggling results from them????

  3. Hi, in looking for an impartial review on this product, I found this link
    – it sheds light on what the new focus is for the robot marketers. They keep having to provide refunds on the ‘fixed code’ robots so are going to concentrate on ‘signals’ instead. Judging by the commissions paid – easy to see where the real cash is. Also, take a look at the prepared e mails that are pre-prepared for the affiliate – seem familiar? As a member of the Forex community (!) all that I seek is a reasonably priced automated programme that makes more money than it loses. the search goes on……

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