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Verified Trader

Verified TraderAnother new Forex robot just hit the shelves today by Charlie McMillan, the EA is called Verified Trader.

This “complete trader’s toolkit” comes with the MT4 EA, indicators, strategy guides, ebooks and experimental new concepts. Charlie is providing all of this for a shockingly low price of $49 and it is being sold on the Click Bank payment processor.

The first red flag I see is that the price is very low for what he claims to be providing so I will look deeper and see if I can find a reason for such a low price tag. Often a low price means they want to get a few quick sales and disappear but that is merely an observation of the current trading market. I will verify any claims before I make them of this Forex product.

Verified Trader Video

Please watch this short video where I go through this web site with a fine tooth comb for any hidden details on this new Forex software.

So in looking over the site I have found a few things and can start to piece this together. As usual I look for verified results, and I have really high expectations considering the name of this product. Sadly, I did not come across any and was really quite disappointed in the screen shots that Charlie has put together for us to peruse. Let me show you an example of the results on the web site.

verified trader results
This is the type of results provided by Charlie McMillan.

As you can tell, disappointing. It is fine to provide screen shots as long as somewhere there is a link to the results. From what Charlie is providing I can’t even see what pairs this system trades or figure out any details I would like to make a better judgement on the software.

Verified Trader Conclusion

I wish I could be more positive here and tell you this is certified, verified and ready to be tested but it just doesn’t pass my approval.  While I would like to believe Charlie when he says “it’s time to turn the tables on them and use even better technology to win $615,975 in under a year” but I just can’t do it.

If you have any comments as always, leave them below.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. I am very interested in buying your robot, but I have been ripped off so many times I don’t trust screenshots or even video anymore. Can you please provide me with invester password and login details asap. I can’t wait to buy this robot.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Hi all, I have nothing to share but just wanted to say a big thank you to this community for the wonderful reviews 😉

  3. Hi again, I’ve been very suspicious of this vendor so I did more research and I have totally exposed this one. The trades on his live account were noy made by Verified Trader but by a $1500 ea called Arbitrage FX Robot. (you get what you pay for) You can verify here: scroll down near the bottom of the page and there it is, Same FXCH acct, same password etc. I logged in and it’s good ol Churls McMillan (whoever that is). This joker is a complete SCAMMER. Don’t waste another brain cell thinking about buying this. I’ve put in for refund

  4. First thing you should suspect is his “broker”. Looks incredibly suspicious to me.

  5. Try it on FinFX. If it does not perform on there, it won’t perform anywhere. Most brokers will heavily penalize traders who trade with this level of aggressiveness by kicking you out. It will only work with a true ECN DMA broker. And who gives out 1:1000 leverage accounts these days anyway? I know… shady brokers.

  6. Look at the trades. Tell me, what broker will allow such scalper to run on their brokerage account? And even on FinFX ECN Pro, TP of 1 pips will hardly be all that profitable taking into account the commission. Now, if you are 100% confident that reputable broker will allow what is going on with his “broker”, by all means, buy it. But think logically and intelligently first before going all gung ho about it. And vendors will say anything to peddle their stuff. You do realize this by now right? And how hard is it to hook up a myfxbook EA to the account?

  7. I bought this ea just to try it out. His live account is real, but he has 1:1000 leveage. Every trade is around 4-5 pips and there are many many trades per day. All of his trades open and close within the same minute. I am not getting anything close to that on my demos. In fact it won’t even trade on my demo accts. A few on Alpari but they’re missing the mark, slippage and then they never close. I sent a refund request, the vendor replied that he is updating the ea to fix these issues. If it works the way it does on His account I’ll keep it. otherwise, refund. Oh, and fyi: the instructions suck, 4 pages of nothing. I just copied all the indis and ea where they belong.

  8. I keep getting account disabled error. But a person was able to get this info when the site went live. Apparently, people were allowed to login when the sales page went live. No longer.

    “His name is Charlie McMillan yet when you login to the account the name on the account is Churls McMillan. I wonder what kind of photo ID he used to verify this with his broker. Speaking of, his broker is unregulated and is allowing things that most brokers would never let fly. His account isn’t being charged and commissions, swaps or taxes and trades opening and closing in under a minute with just a few pips gain. I would love to find a broker that would allow all that long enough for me to bank $600k. Then the fact it’s being sold for $47 is just the cherry on top.”

  9. Again, how hard is it to load the myfxbook EA or MT4i EA? Very easy!!!

  10. So? I don’t think that account even exists. Try logging in! I can’t login at all.

  11. They offer a investor password so everyone can follow the trades of the EA.
    What do you think about this?

  12. Yup. Zero proof of any thing!

  13. I’ve noticed today that there is now indeed a login to his Live account with investor password. I did login and had the account open for most of the day and I did see it take 5 or 6 trades. One loser, but it was small compared to the winners. Most trades are quick, short term scalps.. 3-4 pips and he has leverage of 1000:1 allowing for 3.5 lots each!! I’m in the US (50:1) max. Anyway, it is a live account (not demo) and it looks pretty impressive. I will continue to watch for a while… 🙂

  14. i want to buy your software,but I can only afford to open just a hundred dollars acct. Pls I need your advice on this.

  15. Did you look at the live account? It’s my live trading account, and all you needed to do was finish the video. I will happy give investor access if you need it!

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