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Vega Rider Review

vega-riderVega Rider is a new expert advisor that focuses on trading short-term trends. The developers are specific and wanting to inform us that the software does not use martingale, scalping or technical analysis type strategies.

Today I will review the potential of this software and let the Forex robot nation community understand if it’s a hit or not.

Vega Rider Review

The developers of the Vega Rider system believe the most technical analysis indicators are flawed because they misrepresent the usage of volatility. They inform us that moving averages crossover during high volatility whether there is a trend or not. In order to avoid this their system looks at volatility and then uses it to distinguish standard deviations in the market so they can make adjustments. The description of the strategy is brief but intelligent and it shows that they are serious company.

The downside of the Vega Rider is the trading results. Considering the in-depth nature of the strategic discussion I’m quite surprised that this developer is not providing us with an adequate amount of trading results. At the top of the page we can see a live test which shows a profit of 762 pips over 244 trades. The problem with these results is that they stopped in 2013. Considering we are just weeks away from 2016 this pretty much makes these results inadmissible. They have a back test that continues from 2013 until the beginning of October 2015 that this is just a back test so we can’t really put all our eggs in this basket.

At this point in time I won’t be providing a positive recommendation for the Vega Rider robot. While I am impressed with the direct nature of the sales page and the transparency behind the strategy the lack of updated trading results negates my interest in this product. If you are using this software live right now please write a comment and show me your my FX book account. I really am interested in how the software works as I’ve always preferred EURUSD H1 trading robots. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope that this review serve you well. I plan on updating this review page with more information as long as the community shows interest.

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to hear more updates. Volatility is a problem now…..Thanks ..

  2. Interested to hear more about this software if they provided the requested information.

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