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US30 SCALPING: How To Make $19,875 Trading This Strategy In 4 Days!

I made $19,875 in four days with a US30 scalping strategy. I will tell you how to do it before returning to my vacation!

This one-minute US30 scalping strategy somewhat differs from what I usually do because I’m going for a high reward for little risk. That means I want to risk 1% to win 4% or put $1,000 on the line to win $4,000 on every trade.


US30 Scalping Strategy

I placed a US30 trade at the beginning of the week.

Successful trade with the US30 Scalping Strategy. Patrick Ryan in a circular picture at the bottom left corner.

I was in a bit of a range, but the price started to jump in my direction, eventually smashing my take profit, banking me over $9,000.

You can see this trade in my FX book account below.

It is the only trade I’ve taken today, and it took two hours to bank me $9,469

A lot of people are struggling with US30 right now. We’ve been on a down-trend because of increasing inflation numbers in the US.

However, I have a couple of indicators and a US30 trading strategy to help you get better entries and resolve some of those issues.

How To Install The US30 Scalping Strategy

Follow these quick and easy steps to install the strategy:

  1. Change the timeframe to one minute on TradingView.
  2. Open the indicators tab and search for the first one – the Hull Suite by InSilico. Click it to appear in your chart.
  3. The second indicator to install is the Least Squares Moving Average.
  4. We need to make a few adjustments to the Hull Suite band, so click it and head to the “Inputs” tab to uncheck the “Show as a band?” box.
  5. In the “Style” tab, increase the brightness of the “MHULL” Color 0 and Color 1.
  6. For the LSMA, make it more easily visible based on your preferences to see when it crosses quickly.

Those are the only two necessary indicators. You don’t need TradingView Premium, only considering the US30.

US30 Scalping Strategy Rules

As discussed, I use the one-minute timeframe for the US30 trading strategy, and there are only two indicators.

For buy trades, I’m looking for the cross between both indicators. I want the (white line) LSMA going up through the (green line) Hull Suite, indicating I can enter it.

I’ve seen people do it the other way, where they want the LSMA going through the Hull suite when it’s red, but I prefer when it’s green. I find I have more success like this.

Once I have that entry point, I want the candles to close above both lines. That’s the third rule, where I will set my long position.

For the long position, I will just put my stop loss below the recent swing low, and then I will place my take profit to a level equal to a 4:1 risk-reward ratio.

As you can see, we smashed the take profit, making me over $9,000. Easy to do, right?

However, I wanted to show you one other thing.

I was using additional technical analysis here, and we had a price break of a downtrend line when our indicators signaled a trade, so that’s just extra confluence I used to win this trade.

In summary, we’re looking for only three things for buy trade:

  1. LSMA crossing the green line
  2. Candles above the closing
  3. Place the trade

It’s really that simple.

For a sell trade, it’s just the opposite.

The LSMA should cross over the Hull suite when it is red in the downward direction. We should have the candles below, where we’d enter the trade from, before putting the stop loss at the recent swing high.

I’m setting a risk reward of four to one, and my sample trade in the Youtube video I’ve shared above smashed the take profit

Again, if you have any other confluences you want to add, like trend lines like double bottoms, double tops, etc., please do because it’s quick and will help you win more of your trades.

PS: I’ve shared a free forex bot you should consider if you never have enough time to take these trades yourself.

Live Trade Examples With The US30 Full Scalping Strategy

I’ve been taking live trades all week to help you understand how to use this US30 trading strategy better and how much money I made this week.

First Trade (Sell)

I already won that $9,000 trade and showed you that, but then I had a couple of losses like this following one.

You can see here is one of those losses, right?

I got the cross I wanted (the LSMA going through the red line in a lower direction). However, this just happened to be a bad trade.

It smashed my stop loss, yet I’m not too worried because it’s only 1%, and I was already up 4%. It wasn’t a terrible trade because we were in a decent downtrend.

It just happened that this seemed to spark a bit of a reversal.

We went down somewhat lower, but then the market completely shifted upwards. Hence, that would’ve been an excellent buy trade.

Second Trade (Trade)

I lost the second trade (two in a row), and against neophytes’ popular opinion – yes, I do lose trades. That’s part of the business. 

The white line went downwards and through the red line. I had the candles below where I wanted them, so I entered the trade. 

Sadly, this was the worst trade I had. It just happened to reverse and smash me out.

Like the first trade, we were in a downtrend at this time, but it just happened to have a complete reversal, which happens sometimes. It’s not the end of the world.

However, remember I’ve taken three trades at this point, and even though I lost two and won only one of those trades, I was still up 2%, which is fantastic.

Third Trade (Buy)

It gets a bit better with my third trade as the price smashed my take profit and banked me over $11,000 (another 4%).

I have two wins and two losses, but I’m up 6% and a significant amount of money because I’m risking a fair amount on these trades. 

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They respond incredibly fast. They provide my withdrawals incredibly fast, and that’s all I care about. Thus, if you’re looking for a broker, check here

The white line (the LSMA) crossed the green one (Hull Suite), so we were looking for buy trades. The candles were above both lines, which was what we also wanted.

As for momentum, it seemed we were in a short-term uptrend. Hence, I’m happy to let the market continue in my direction. As discussed, I set my stop loss at the recent swing low.

Fourth Trade (Buy)

For my last trade of the week, I had another win.

The price started in a bit of an uptrend. I had the lines crossed, with the green line telling me we had a buying opportunity.

The price came close to my stop loss, but we pushed along for a significant time, and I manually exited the trade because I had better things to do and didn’t want to wait.

However, that was still a solid win.

It was still about a 2:0.5 percent risk-to-reward ratio, making me over $5,000 from this trade alone.

If I were more patient with this trade, it would’ve eventually hit my 4 percent as it went in my direction. However, sometimes you must make executive decisions that won’t always be perfect.

I didn’t make the perfect decision in this case, but I was happy with that $5,000 and thrilled with the general week’s outcome. 

You can see in my verified, real Myfxbook account with Hankotrade I started at $6,000.

On the second day, I was at $17,000. I came down a little bit to $14,000 with those two losses. Then, I ended up with almost $20,000, which covers my entire vacation for the month here in the Florida Keys, which is fantastic. 


I took five trades, as seen below, and won three.

However, when you have an excellent risk-reward ratio, as I had, you’re making a lot of money on your wins and losing small amounts on the losses because you’re just risking less.

I won three out of three longs and lost both of my shorts, so that’s something you may want to consider if you’re testing this strategy. Maybe this is a long-only strategy, or it works much better for buys than sells.

In terms of average trade length, mine was 5 hours and 8 minutes, according to Myfxbook account, but that’s not really true. The average trade length should have been around two hours, which isn’t, particularly scalping, but I used the one-minute timeframe.

I lost a $2,700 trade, won the next $9,400 trade, and the next for $11,000. Then I lost one for $3,000 before pulling out a win on the last trade for $5,000, banking me over $19,000 over four days of trading US30.

I liked this trading strategy, scalping US30 all week, and I hope it helps you grow your trading accounts too.

If you have any questions about it, leave a comment right now.

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Much love.

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