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Ultimate Pro Scalper

Ultimate Pro Scalper is a new indicator by Karl Dittman which is been created to make easy profitable trades on the M1 and M5 timeframe’s every single minute.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know whether or not Karl has put together a strong system for us today.

Ultimate Pro Scalper Review

The developer of the ultimate Pro scalper has been in the Forex market for years now. Karl Dittman has been putting together indicators on a bimonthly basis but in recent times has not put together a real great winning system. With his reputation on a steady decline I do hope that Karl is able to turn it around give us a winning solution which is exactly what we’re looking for from him.

Karl believes that repainting signals are one of the main factors and hurting Forex accounts in short periods of times. He has created the ultimate Pro scalper for this reason so that there is no repainting signals and that his bundle of Forex tools work together to filter only positive trades. Karl provides a couple of screenshots that show his indicators working on a short-term basis scalping that there is nothing that shows any long-term gains.

Today I will not be able to recommend the ultimate Pro scalper. While Karl seems to be working harder to give us quality it is hard for me to give a full recommendation because I’ve yet to try the software. The system also does not provide us with significant results or any real trading history. If you’re looking to succeed in Forex feel free to leave a comment on this article or go to the contact page and send me a personal email. I am always around to help. Thanks again for coming to read my latest review and please spend some time on the site looking around.

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  1. Tell me that the tool has an original program in relation to the demo version you are currently trying out and if it works on the H4.

    • I have used this indicator and it works great. Uh,,, but you have to readjust your thinking to not look at the “diamonds” as when to go up or down. Instead, wait for the “diamond” to appear and then also wait for the price to pull back then enter the trade. In other words, if going long, often the indicator tells you to go long, then it will turn around and go against you. Use a channel and wait for the pull back then enter, it works great….. Don’t ever just wait for the diamond to appear and immediately after the close of the candle take the trade……. no no no…if will not work……

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