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Ultimate FX Machine Review

Ultimate-FX-MachineUltimate FX Machine is new Forex software by Stephen Smith. Stephen tells us that he’s making his system available to the public, the very same technology the he uses to make over $1 million a month trading Forex. The number sounds a little high to me and is a bit of a red flag right out of the gate.

Today I’ll review this machine and see if it has the potential to help the Forex Robot Nation community increase their trading accounts.

Ultimate FX Machine Review

Right at the top of the page under the Ultimate FX Machine headline is a video. I find it quite odd but when I click on the video I’m taken to an expired domain, named freedom blogging profit. I’m not sure why that is but it certainly doesn’t seem professional. Regardless, this system claims to be designed by a hand picked team of expert coders. Like most systems in this market there is a premium placed on the fact that traders don’t need to have any experience in Forex trading to be successful using this system. According to Stephen you can start trading with as little as $100 to finally start “making the money you have always wanted.”

The Ultimate FX Machine video is not very helpful. There are a few sample trades which I appreciate but nothing unique or out of the ordinary. Under the video there is a myfxbook screenshot that shows a real account registered to Stephen Smith that has gained over 4900%. Sadly, when I look at this image closer I cansee that the dates at the bottom are cut off and that when you try to find this account on myfxbook, it doesn’t exist. It is my belief that this image is forged because if this account truly existed, we would be able to access it.

I will not be recommending Ultimate FX Machine as I never recommend any system that uses fake myfxbook screen shots. I take investments seriously and so do the rest of the readers here at Forex Robot Nation. We cannot be wasting our time with unscrupulous vendors and affiliate marketers that are trying to make a buck by flashing falsified results. If you have something you would like to contribute to FRN please email me or leave a comment under the review now. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you have a great day.

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